Scuba Diving In Australia

Scuba Diving In Australia

Diving in Australia means a  boundless collection of marine life and beautiful islands that any passionate diver – both advanced or beginner – will never forget.

Diving In Australia is truly the ultimate diving experience. One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World can be found in Australia: The Great Barrier Reef. This attraction alone makes Australia one of the top countries in the world for divers.

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Check out 6 of the other major “must visit” diving sites in Australia:

1. Cairns and Port Douglas, Queensland

Abundant marine life mesmerizes divers and snorkelers making Cairns one of the top diving in Australia sites.

Go about 50 km off shore and you will find the best dive site in Cairns. Gliding through crystal clear blue waters you can see unending coral or explore wall dives (bear in mind that the Australian boats that frequent this area are the only means to access this).

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2. Lizard Island, Queensland

Want a spectacular view of connected coral reefs? Then plan a dive in Lizard Island. You will come up close and personal with the park’s marine treasure haven.

In addition to all-day dive activities, there are also inland diving services that accommodate visitors and divers for an unforgettable diving experience.

A diver viewing variety of colorful corals. Diving in Australia has some of the most impressive reefs
A diver viewing variety of colorful corals. Diving in Australia has some of the most impressive reefs
Photo by: Debra James

3. Lord Howe Island, New South Wales


Found about 770km northeast of Sydney, Australia, Lord Howe Island is one of the most dazzling islands in the world.

Lord Howe Island brags of abundant inland wildlife and plants. In fact 2/3 of its area is covered with beautiful natural forests.

4. Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Kangaroo Island is considered the 3rd largest island in Australia. It is quite well known around the world as one of the ultimate diver’s paradise.

Its picture-perfect waters, abundant sea life and spooky shipwrecks are among its top attractions for divers and snorkelers.

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A whitetip reef shark swims the Great Barrier Reef
A whitetip reef shark swims the Great Barrier Reef
Photo by: Pete Niesen

5. Esperance, West Australia

Esperance is a diver’s dream and is also a perfect getaway for the locals as well as tourists from across the world. The smooth beaches with electrifying blue water are regarded as the very best in the world.

The Rechereche Archipelago, an attractive stretch of islands, is located near the town’s coast. This is a wonderful place to snorkel alongside sea dragons, sea lions, and dolphins.

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 6. Albany, West Australia

This diving paradise is found between the hills of Mount Melville and Mount Clarence. Divers and tourists must check out the marine life on display in Albany, West Australia.

Divers can snorkel surrounded by whale sharks and turtles.

Love the idea of diving down to see shipwreck sites? They are common in Albany. In fact the naval ship HMAS Perth was intentionally submerged in November 24, 2001 to simulate an actual wreck site for divers to experience.

A giant whale shark in Western Australia
A giant whale shark in Western Australia
Photo by: Fred Kamphues

What about you!

Australia is best known by diving enthusiasts as one of the greatest diving sites in the world. Every year masses of people from all around the world come to visit Australia’s great landscapes and beautiful diving sites. Guaranteed…just one visit to Australia will not be enough!

Have you ever dived in Australia? Tell us your diving experience from Australia or tell us about your favorite dive Australian dive spot!

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