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Do you want to advertise to scuba divers from all over the world? Then is your media!
Each week we add new articles about diving, scuba guides of high quality and reviews based on real experiences. More than 15 authors contribute to and all of them are professional scuba divers with a huge passion.

We have more than 25,000 unique visitors each week, more than 84,000 fans on Facebook and beyond 30,000 newsletter subscribers. You can communicate your message to all these avid scuba divers with lots of options.

If your goal is traffic, increased sales, branding or more bookings in your scuba center/resort; we have the right solution for you!

Prices on advertising

Sponsored Post

  • Life time promotion on a post: USD $2,000 (onetime payment)

We'll create a post that promotes your story! Are you looking for more divers to your resort? Or maybe you'd like to promote diving in your country.

Together we'll create the best content, and we guarantee maximum promotion to your content and a huge engagement - because that's what good content does!

The article/guide will get extra exposure on our Social Media channels and is expected to have 5-10,000 visitors in the first month. After this we usually see a fair amount of visitors each month from search engines and repostings on social media.

Are you looking for good old fashion banners?

Large banner, right sidebar

  • 30 days with minimum 40,000 impr: USD $300

Banner in the sidebar

Banner in the right sidebar, prominent place. Can be in rotation between pages with up to 3 others. Price is per month, with a guarantee of at least 40,000 impressions. If you get more impressions in that month there are no extra cost.

Premium Leaderboard

  • 14 days with minimum 50,000 impressions: USD $800

 Large header banner

Banner in the header of the website giving your brand maximum exposure. You'll have the spot all to yourself getting a minimum of least 50,000 impressions. If you get more impressions in those 2 weeks (and that is very likely) there are no extra cost.

Facebook dedicated promotion - reach our 84,000+ fans

  • Reach our 85,000+ fans: from USD $2,000

Together with you, we will create a competition, a series of sponsored posts to our fans or other kind of publicity for you on our Facebook fans.

We have more than 84,000 fans that enjoys reading about scuba diving and we generally post a mixture of pictures, quizzes and links to articles/guides.

Prices starts at 2,000 USD but may vary depending on the final agreement. If we do a competition you will for example have the cost of the price for this competition - and it might be relevant to use payment to Facebook as well for extra exposure.

Readers at are Scuba Divers looking for travel advice, seeking inspiration or knowledge. They range from experienced to beginners. and they  are mainly from Europe, Australia and USA:

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