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"It's all about diving - and it's all about passion." - Torben Lonne

The DIVE.in Story

The Past of DIVE in:

In 2009, Torben and Nicolai Loenne launched Dive.In as the go-to website for divers of all abilities around the world. With quality, relevant content penned by active divers, the online magazine has flourished and spawned a vibrant community full of passionate divers who have at last found a virtual home where they can swap stories, offer advice, and simply chat with like-minded individuals all over the world.

The Present and Scuba Diving:

At last count, the Dive.In Facebook page had over 58,000 followers and growing, a testament to the need within the diving community for a site such as this. The site’s base of talented author/divers continues to grow, and the content bar remains impressively high, differentiating Dive.In from other, smaller sites sprinkled around the web.

Now, co-founders Nicolai and Torben plan to continue to give the diving community what it needs by creating a more formalized way for divers to share their opinions of sites, instructors and outfitters  around the world with anyone interested – from vacationers who have never dived before to professionals with decades of experience in the water.

“We want to create a Trip Advisor for divers,” explains Dive.In co-founder and certified PADI instructor Torben Loenne. “Many of these outfitters and instructors get their business solely from tourists and therefore may not provide the highest-quality instruction or best-in-class, safest equipment. My brother and I have set out to create a mechanism whereby divers who have utilized these services have a way to inform prospects of their experience – wonderful, awful, or anywhere in between.”

The Future of Scuba Diving:

With the addition of full review writing, reading, searching and browsing functionality, Dive.In is poised to cement its place as the indispensible source of information on diving in general and specific sites, outfitters and instructors in particular. The new functionality will further foster online community development by providing a more robust platform to allow divers of all stripes to share their experiences with anyone interested – from the next generation of divers to dabblers who are gauging their interest in the sport and are looking to avoid fly-by-night operations so as to have the most rewarding experience possible.

This deluge of user-generated content will also serve to broaden the Dive.In community as divers searching for information on a particular site or operator are directed to DIVE.in via search engines and online content aggregators.

“We couldn’t have come this far without our many thousands of online contributors,” says Nicolai Loenne, co-founder and marketing, technical and business development director. “And now we’re going to put them in the driver’s seat and let them bring our site from a simple online magazine to a full-fledged diver’s paradise portal with no equal on the web.”

Meet The Co-Founders:


Torben Lonne

Torben Lonne, Editor-in-chief, PADI-Certified MSDT Instructor:

Torben began diving at the age of 15 – as soon as he could legally do so in Denmark – and has never looked back. His ability to bring like-minded divers together goes back to the first dive club he started, which dove in Denmark as well as elsewhere in Europe.

Upon finishing school, he set out for Indonesia to begin his diving career. He completed his Divemaster and instructor course in Bali and decided to stay a few years longer in this tropical diving paradise. In 2008, his work as an instructor brought about the idea for DIVE.in.

Both dive students and certified divers were coming to him looking for recommendations regarding where to dive next, and he lamented the lack of a repository for information regarding dive operators. He hadn’t been everywhere, so it was difficult for him to make a 100% recommendation of any particular operation. With help from his brother Nicolai, the idea for DIVE.in came to fruition. Catch him at [email protected], Twitter or Facebook.

Nicolai Loenne

Nicolai Lønne, Director of Marketing and Business Development, PADI-Certified Rescue diver:

Nicolai was travelling with his brother in 2008 when Torben began formulating the idea forDIVE.in. Realizing that his experience as a digital communications consultant for corporations such as Saxo and Aller could be of immense benefit to the project, he put his efforts into bringing the idea of DIVE.in from the drawing board to reality.

Nicolai’s  experience as a more casual but still passionate diver complements Torben’s more extensive qualifications as a dive instructor. Together, they form the backbone of DIVE.in and have combined their unique skill sets to make Dive.In the popular, accessible website it is today. Catch him at [email protected], Twitter or Facebook.

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