About us:

A passionate adventure into Gear for Scuba Diving, Outdoor life, Watersport and Lifestyle

DIVEIN.com was started around 2009 by two brothers with a huge passion for scuba diving and ocean protection.

What was initially a blog about diving, grew to a lot more over the years. As we moved from just blogging and into doing reviews of scuba gear, and as more passionate people joined the team, so did the areas we cover.

Today more than 18 experts contribute to our guides and reviews!
And more than 650’000 people visit our site every month.

If you wish to get in touch with us, you can reach us here.

What powers DIVEIN?

At DIVEIN, we’re working on one thing: to become the best and most trusted review guide for the gear you need.

Our passion for Watersport, Diving, Outdoor Life and Travel, takes us to all parts of the world and no matter if we’re on a liveaboard, Paddle Boarding in a lake or sleeping on a backpack in a busy airport, we bring back new experiences and knowledge.

We have carefully curated reviews and information on, travel, diving and snorkeling destinations, scuba diving lessons and certification, getting scuba gear that’s right for you and everything else in between.

Meet the founders

In 2009, while diving in Bali, the two brothers Torben and Nicolai Lonne launched the first version of DIVEIN (named DIVE.in back then).

With an ambition to become the best online Scuba resource, they quickly started to recruit experts and experienced scuba instructors.

Over the years, more people joined the team and the combined experience and knowledge grew to also span watersport, hiking, outdoor life, boating and many similar activities.

This has turned DIVEIN into a huge collection of reviews and guides – all written by people with a passion for the activity!

Torben Nicolai Loenne Divein

Meet our team

More than 18 experts contribute to our guides! And more than 650’000 people visit our site every month.

Bradley Editor Divein
Bradley Axmith
Editor at DIVEIN.com

Bradley grew up feeling more at home in the national parks of Canada than in the city. Having an affinity for the seasons and a penchant for finding second-hand gear, he embraced the philosophy that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

Canoe tripping throughout Algonquin park for longer periods of time without meeting other souls or standing on the backside of a Rocky Mountain at dawn, looking down at a fresh snowpack drew him into the outdoor industry.

And from canoeing to sailing, the tack was also natural. He sailed dinghies since he was a boy, on the Great Lakes and up and down the St. Lawrence river. When he met his Danish wife, he was drawn into a Viking ship club where he spent 17 weeks building a copy of a 72-foot warship out of oak. He now sails and cruises as much as possible.

Getting hired at DIVEIN has given him the opportunity to test and research gear as a full-time job. He thinks this is awesome.

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Hunter Editor Divein
Hunter Bierce
Editor at DIVEIN.com

Consummate amateur and true master of none, Hunter specializes in throwing himself in over his head and figuring it out along the way. Beginning his career as a PADI-certified scuba instructor at 19, he soon crawled his way onto land and discovered a love for mountains, culminating in 2016 with a hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.

While finishing a BA in Creative Writing at the University of Washington, Hunter picked up climbing, trail running, and skiing. He then spent 9 months leading youth and adult conservation corps crews in Washington’s national parks.

With an odd 30 days of skiing under his belt, he moved to Crested Butte to teach 4-year-olds the finer points of the wedge turn, earning the distinction of 2018-19 “Rookie Instructor of the Year.” Spending summers teaching youth how to climb granite friction slabs and weaseling his way into empty seats on whitewater rafts, Hunter started learning the basics of backcountry skiing on the stable summer snowpack.

He continues chasing certification, furthering his formal training to make better decisions and have more fun outside.

Now located in Bellingham, Washington- Hunter spends his time riding in the North Cascades, running in the Chuckanuts, reading Michael Moorcock, and searching out obscure 90s death metal releases. You can read his seldom updated, fiercely beloved outdoor blog at https://inthebight.home.blog/

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Christos Editor Author Divein
Christos Nicolaou
Editor at DIVEIN.com

Hailing from the island of Cyprus, Christos could swim before he could walk. He found his passion for water sports with scuba diving at 15 and has ever since been interested in water sports. As a Divemaster, Christos has over 200 dives in Mediterranean and Caribbean waters.

Christos spent his high school years living in Portugal, where he became an experienced surfer. He also learned kite surfing in Morocco and is always on the lookout for opportunities to try new water sports.

After moving to Spain, Christos picked up paddle boarding and became an amateur SUP racer who currently loves to race his SUP on the weekend. He also enjoys adventuring by kayak, especially on longer excursions. Due to this, Christos is our expert on all things paddle, especially SUPs and kayaks.

Most recently Christos has developed a passion for electric surfboards.

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Torben Lonne Divein
Torben Lonne
Editor and Co-founder at DIVEIN.com

Torben traveled to South East Asia for scuba diving and never really stopped his search for new adventures. His affinity for gear that works and his generosity for guiding people on their own path match his energy as editor-in-chief at DIVEIN.com.

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George Editor Divein
George Kakas
Editor at DIVEIN.com

Growing up in Cyprus has allowed George to develop a passion for the ocean and its mysteries. As a kid, he spent most of his days swimming in the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean. What he didn’t know back then was that there is so much more to the oceans than beautiful beaches and clear skies.

After finishing his military service and becoming a licensed PADI Divemaster in 2014, George joined a research team in the Indonesian and Indian Oceans carrying out field research on their coral reef ecosystems. In 2018, he received a BSc in Oceanography and Sustainability from the prestigious University of St Andrews, Scotland. The following year, he migrated to the warmer Brighton waters where he swims on a daily basis and volunteers as a Lifeboat Crew Member with Brighton RNLI, obviously taking any opportunity to be in the ocean, through hell or high waters – sometimes literally.

Wanting to pass on his passion and knowledge for the open water – George has joined the Divein.com writers team, making sure our readers know exactly what they need when embarking on their new watery adventures.

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Nicolai Editor Author Divein
Nicolai Lonne
Author and Co-founder at DIVEIN.com

Nicolai co-founded DIVEIN back in 2009 with his brother Torben – initially with the idea that “if we have a popular blog about diving, then we’d have a reason to go dive more often”.

As DIVEIN grew from a hobby blog about diving, and into a business with a team of people, tons of equipment to buy (to test it), and a range of responsibilities, Nicolai mainly moved behind the scenes to manage the day-to-day operation of DIVEIN.

However, he still loves to contribute with articles or reviews, especially in the diving section – and he has taken the role of editor for our new Everyday Life section, as he appreciates the quality of a product when it clearly has a design that shows its worth.

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Ninna Author Divein
Alyssa A.
Staff writer at DIVEIN.com

Alyssa enjoys seeing and exploring new places and sharing those experiences with the world, one story at a time.

As an advocate for marine conservation and responsible consumption, she believes we can all have fun under the sun without hurting our only home— the planet.

Valuing wellness in all aspects of life, she also stays as physically active as she can through regular strength training and running. Fitness, after all, is the key to a balanced life and a good state of mind!

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Angela Staff Writer Divein
Angela Fulo
Staff Writer at DIVEIN.com

Angela is a writer born and raised in the hustle and bustle of Quezon City, Philippines. She fell in love with nature while spending her childhood summers wandering in the countryside. This growing interest led her to the Sierra Madre mountains.

Here she spent days exploring caves, chasing waterfalls, and learning about the area’s indigenous tribes. Angela also loves browning her skin by the beach and traveling places in search of new experiences.

When not pecking at her keyboard researching and writing, she’s busy practicing Ashtanga yoga, playing with cats, and falling down psychology’s rabbit hole. She believes that nature and traveling are two of the best medications on the planet. But it will only be effective if you have the right gear and knowledge.

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Joseph Staff Writer Divein
Joseph Lim
Staff writer at DIVEIN.com

Born and raised in a small coastal town, Joseph loves all things related to nature and has a knack for always taking the route less traveled.

He has a B.S. in Biology from the Ateneo de Manila University and a filmmaking diploma from the Film and Media Arts International Academy in Cebu.

While he buries himself every now and then in filmmaking and screenwriting, Joseph has spent the better part of the last five years soul-searching and exploring the forests and mountains of his native Mindanao.

His interests include films, music, literature, boxing, chess, camping, and hiking.

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