Choosing a Regulator Mouthpiece

Choosing a Regulator Mouthpiece

Being comfortable in the water is a big thing for me. I believe that not only does it make diving more enjoyable but can have an impact on my air consumption too.  And having a good mouthpiece is a simple but really important thing on a good long dive.

There’s nothing worse than have jaw fatigue, or being sore form a mouthpiece that doesn’t fit.

Here, I would like to share my experiences with you to help you make the best choice to suit your mouth needs.

Basic/Standard mouthpiece

These are often supplied withrental gear and the cheaper new regulators. You bite down on two plain ordinary tabs. I often feel that I need to bite down hard to keep it in place, which sometimes results in chewing through them really quickly.

They tend to be the cheapest ones so replacing them isn’t too bad, all in all, this is a very basic mouthpiece that will fit almost all, but not everyone will be a fan.

So, if you are looking for a basic mouthpiece, I found this one to be great and long-lasting.

Long bite

Long and somewhat textured tabs give you something a bit more substantial to bite. I have a short mouth and find they can be a little uncomfortable, but many divers love them.

They are usually pretty cheap so would be a good choice to start with. Check it out here.


These have soft grips on the bite tabs which prevent bite-through and provide a good degree of comfort.

I cannot deny that they were very comfortable and a real treat. One of the best I’ve used so far and worth trying out. Usually, they are in the price range of 10-15$ so you still won’t break the bank on them.

If you want to try it out, you can find some here on Amazon.

Bridged, winged and tooth-covering

These designs help to lock the mouthpiece into place. Especially good if you tend to twist around a lot or catch your hoses on stuff like some of my students. The Bridged model connects the tabs together and can cause discomfort if they rub inside your mouth.

Likewise winged and tooth- covering designs grip your gums on the inside of your mouth and may rub there.  If they fit you properly then definitely go for it.

If this is your option, you can buy it right here on Amazon.

Custom fit regulator mouthpiece

I am still using my custom fit mouthpiece on my primary regulator. You trim the mouthpiece to the desired length and then immerse it in boiling water before biting down to mold around your teeth. It takes no effort to retain this mouthpiece and I have yet to damage it despite using it for over a hundred dives.

I did have to do a couple of tries to get the fit right, as if you heat it too long or bite too hard they might not shape properly.

I did not install this on my alternate because it would not provide the same level of comfort or fit properly for my buddy which may increase their risk in an emergency situation.

If you’re looking for a custom fit regulator mouthpiece, I found a great one here.

Final thoughts

Try to find a mouthpiece made from good quality materials. This might mean not always buying the cheapest thing. Not every mouthpiece fits every regulator second stage and it is a good idea to check the fit before purchase. Once you find one you like, grab a spare to keep in your dive toolkit.

Are a  mouthpiece part of your consideration when buying Dive gear? What mouthpiece do you use? Do you have any advice for the perfect mouthpiece? Leave a comment below!

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