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Scuba Dive Insurance in 2023

When we go diving especially on an out-of-the-country vacation, we are usually occupied in packing our dive equipment and personal stuff.

We sometimes do a checklist review just to make sure nothing is left behind.

But is diving insurance a part of your checklist?

The Importance of Dive Insurance

Diving has evolved to become a relatively safe sport. In fact, there are more accidents on the road compared to diving. Nevertheless, diving has its own inherent dangers and you will never know when an accident will happen.

You might also be hesitant to get dive insurance since you already have a travel, life or accident insurance. Well, it might be enough but not all insurances coverage has scuba diving included in the policy. And if it does, it might only cover a small amount or have strict coverage rules.

So always make sure to check your insurance coverage before going diving.

Of course, it doesn’t happen to me but ask yourself:


Now I’m not talking big accidents, just think of a small one and the expenses that follow.

  • For sure there will be lots of inconveniences
  • If you are on a dive vacation, on top of your hospital bills, you may need to extend your accommodation
  • …or rebook your flight home
  • And if you need special transport, that’s a costly thing!
You need to think about your dive insurance, before you roll into the water!
You need to think about your dive insurance, before you roll into the water!

When do you need to get diving insurance?

Once you get into the sport of scuba diving, it is highly recommended that you should get a diving insurance. Then you’ll fully enjoy diving without thinking about your finances if you do have a diving emergency.

If you love diving and traveling, you may also consider getting a combined dive and travel insurance especially when you go to another country.

“Buying insurance is no one’s idea of fun, but for a second try to imagine how unfunny buying doctors will be, when your hurt and in the hospital bed…”

What diving insurance package is fitted for you?

There are a variety of packages being offered by well-established insurance companies that specialize in scuba diving.

Comprehensive coverage

This insurance policy will offer you financial protection while you are in a dive-related medical emergency. Further, this will also cover the replacement of a loss or damaged diving equipment.

Extra coverage for transportation and accommodation

Let’s say you are outside the country on a dive vacation. While treated for a medical emergency, you may need to extend your stay or rebook your flight back home. If you have this kind of insurance policy, the coverage will pay for the cost of extended accommodation and transportation for your trip back home.

Here are some Tips and Tricks For Making Dive Travel Easier.

Dive-related Medical Accident Coverage

Your insurance will pay for the necessary medical services and supplies like Treatment at a Hyperbaric Chamber, Surgical Operations, Ambulatory Services (both air and ground), Hospital and Physician’s charges.

Here’s more about Scuba Diving And Health: Decompression Sickness

Permanent and Total Disability

Your insurance company will compensate you in case you will be unable to substantially perform your duties in your occupation or from your normal, regular daily activities as a result from a diving accident.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

You will be financially covered in case of a loss of life resulting from a diving accident. Usually the proceeds of the claim will be given to the beneficiary you have chosen or declared.

Other insurance features

If you are a professional diver, you have the mandatory obligation to get dive insurance. It usually differs on the extent of coverage but also comes in a higher premium payment.

You can also get a short term insurance which is designed for a short-stay vacation. For example, you plan to go diving in another country for a week, you can get a special insurance intended just for that itinerary.

Always have a Diving Insurance - You never know when you'll need it
Always have a Diving Insurance - You never know when you'll need it

Insurance Companies that specializes in SCUBA diving related incidents

Although there are a lot of companies that offer insurance coverage for scuba diving related activities, we present to you the commonly catered and easily accessed:

DAN – Divers Alert Network

With more than 30 years of dedication to scuba diving safety, DAN is the largest company that provides emergency assistance, medical information resources, and educational opportunities. DAN has an insurance package that caters to beginners and veterans of the sport.

For more details, check out DAN – Divers Alert Network

Vicencia and Buckley Insurance Services Inc.

This is a PADI endorsed insurance company. Since 1984, this company has been providing insurance and insurance-related financial services to PADI members. They provide quality products and services at the lowest possible cost of risk while considering your interest above all others.

For more information, check out Vicencia and Buckley Insurance Services

There are many other companies that will offer you a comprehensive insurance, but make sure to check them and their coverage in case of diving accidents.

Do you dive with a dive insurance? Do you have any good or bad stories to share about your diver insurance? Leave it in a comment below!

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Dan Dobinsky
Dan Dobinsky

Thanks! I was on the fence on getting insurance for the few dives I’ll be doing on my next winter vacation…after reading your article I figure you’re right, why take a chance, 50 dollars now compared to what could be thousands later!

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