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Scuba diver fail
Scuba diver making back roll entry

Diver Entering the "right" way - Credit: Dudarev Mikhail

Entry can sometimes be hard!

Waves can be big and cliffs can be steep and slippery.

But even in the worst of conditions I’ve never seen this bad entry from a dive boat!

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Giant Stride or James Bond Roll

Well except of a few of the divers, they are trying to do the James Bond Roll Entry. Where 007 jumps head first in a roll and lands on his tank.

I couldn’t find a clip of the real Bond Agent doing it but this is how it’s actually done:

Head first JUMP and roll, not just head first fall!

Anyway, I hope you had fun watching these attempts on a fun diver entry.

Is this stupid or fun?

What do you think of entry attempts like these? Are they fun or stupid and asking for an accident? Tell us in a comment below!