Epic Scuba Fails – How NOT to Enter the Water

Epic Scuba Fails – How NOT to Enter the Water

Scuba diver making back roll entry

Diver Entering the "right" way - Credit: Dudarev Mikhail

Entry can sometimes be hard!

Waves can be big and cliffs can be steep and slippery.

But even in the worst of conditions I’ve never seen this bad entry from a dive boat!

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Giant Stride or James Bond Roll

Well except of a few of the divers, they are trying to do the James Bond Roll Entry. Where 007 jumps head first in a roll and lands on his tank.

I couldn’t find a clip of the real Bond Agent doing it but this is how it’s actually done:

Head first JUMP and roll, not just head first fall!
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Anyway, I hope you had fun watching these attempts on a fun diver entry.

Is this stupid or fun?

What do you think of entry attempts like these? Are they fun or stupid and asking for an accident? Tell us in a comment below!

About The Author

Torben Lonne

Torben is a top skilled PADI MSDT instructor. He has worked several years with scuba diving in Indonesia and Thailand – and dived most of his life in most of the world.

He is also the co-founder and chief-editor of DIVE.in you can always catch him here [email protected]


  1. Niklas Arvid

    How stupid can people be? This is the dumbest way to enter for a dive! Seriously! What could ever be fun in making a front face entry? This is the dive center I would NEVER choose!

  2. Bruce Campbell

    Sometimes it is hard not to laugh at epic fails. Fortunately these folks look pretty young so they probably didn’t get hurt. But, I’ve seen entries that weren’t this bad where people did get hurt so lets be careful out there.

    • Torben Lonne

      It doesn’t seem like they are badly hurten, although the first guy was very close! And yes people can get very hurt entering this way, or just by fooling around on entry. It’s better to keep the fun on the dive and do a “boring” entry.

  3. Mike

    The muppets on the boat are pushing the bottom of their tanks so the divers have no option but to go in like that. I would get back out of the water and smack the a$$ hole who did it.

    Those aren’t. Epic fails by the divers but of the dive aoperation.

  4. diverkim

    I, too, have been miffed by the overassistance of some boat crew on entry. A steadying hand on a rocking boat is fine, but once I push off I need no further assistance.
    Another problem with the flip entry is that it can result in the tank clasp coming loose, and during the dive one may find the regulator pulled out of a diver’s mouth.

    • Torben Lonne

      Hi Kim,
      Yes, this for of “assistance” is way overdue! And especially when they are so inexperienced, as these divers seem to be.

      Tank loose is never a fun experience. It’s a long time since I’ve tried it, but one time is more than enough.

  5. Roz

    I believe that the roll in entry came from ‘back in the day’ from BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club), when the standard regulator at that time was a twin hose. (We are talking Cousteau and Hans Hass era here, ie 50’s and 60’s). This is unconfirmed data, but I seem to remember being told this years ago, when I asked about this entry. Can any one else confirm this?

    If your tank clasp becomes loose by this simple entry it has not been done up and checked correctly. Tank clasps have to be able to hold a scuba tank in place, safely and securely. Many divers shore dive and the tank must remain in place at all times. Having worked full time as a professional dive guide and instructor I would be surprised to see a tank strap come loose because of this entry method.

  6. mark

    To be fair, that’s actually a valid entry technique. It shouldn’t be taught to beginners but when done properly its OK. The boat hands should not be assisting though.

  7. david tombs

    Roz,I certainly remember seeing the forward entry in old BSAC manual s. Mind you,I never heard of anyone actually recommending it. The chance of landing flat on your face before entering our lovely warm waters seemed far too high. It may have been ok in the 50’s with fit ex forces people with minimal kit and body fat percentages ,but I would not like to see it attempted now.


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