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Divein Marine Conservation

Our underwater world is under tremendous pressure – too much garbage and litter, especially plastic is being thrown in, and too many fish are being fished out. Only 0.1 percent of the seas are covered by coral reefs, yet these fragile reefs are home to an astounding 25% of all marine species.

Divein Marine Conservation in a non-profit organization fighting for our oceans through campaigns and information, as well as financial support to worthy causes.

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Project Aware

We’re doing all we can to improve the state of our oceans and promoting the fight against Ocean Pollution. Check out this article at Project Aware.

Mission Blue

We’re also a proud partner of Mission Blue, and help the fight for our ocean and the creation of Hope Spots all over the world. Check out Mission Blue.


And we do out best to get the information of the ocean too as many divers and ocean lovers as possible. Check out this Ocean Article on the PADI Blog

Huffington Post

We’re working with many media partners on promoting the knowledge of our oceans. Check out this guide at Huffington Post.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.”

– Baba Dioum, 1968

Why we do what we do

I’ve one of those people who loves the ocean and I can’t see a pond of water without getting an urge to jump in and explore more. I’ve spent most of my life diving and been fortunate enough to dive in many reefs all over the world. Every time I go back to a place I’ve been diving before, the state of the reef or area is a bit worse. The reef is damaged, there’s more pollution, more plastic or some new building project is harming the ocean life.

“I believe that through information, education, and knowledge, we can work towards a better ocean. Help us in this fight.”

Torben Lonne

Chairman of the board
Torben is a passionate diver and a marine conservationist.

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