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Divemaster Internship: Find the Top Places to do your Divemaster Internship

So, you hooked on Scuba Diving, and now you want more of this fantastic world.

You met a bunch of Divemasters and decided to become one.

To become a Divemaster, you need a minimum certification of Rescue Diver with Emergency First Responder certification, a total of 40 logged dives to start with. Once this is done, you can start your Divemaster Internship Program.

If you’re not that far in your Scuba Certifications, don’t worry. Any dive center will help you get the Rescue diver cert. and the 40 dives.

There are numerous places you can choose from to enroll and complete your Divemaster certification. In this article, you will find several places that we handpicked ourselves so you can save time and money and make the best decision to get you started.


To help you choose between great and greatest, here’s our round-up of the top places where you can do Divemaster Internship.

Here are the top places where you can do Divemaster Internship:


Asia is possibly the top choice for anyone who enrolls Divemaster Course and the opportunity to join the Divemaster Internship Program because of the obvious price difference, warm all year-round water temperature, pristine water visibility and countless amazing marine ecosystem.


This Southeast Asian country boasts on unlimited diving in a world-class location.  Experienced professional Dive Instructors will help you gain valuable knowledge, dive skills and experience both in dive center/dive resort operation and underwater.

Normally the course fee covers all PADI curriculum, mandatory PADI manuals, PADI Instructor Manual, DM Manual, Encyclopedia & DM Slates.

The Divemaster Course Internship Program costs an average of $1,310.00 for a 4-week duration.

Visa, accommodation and daily food are exclusive. Typically, the dive center or dive resort will give you a special discounted price if you need to rent dive equipment throughout the Internship Program. If they offer accommodation, it’s often possible to buy a package deal that’ll include all.

Check out the Diving in Indonesia, and see if this is something for you.


Thailand encompasses diverse marine ecosystem that is in the center of the mainland Southeast Asia. Diving here can be accessed through shore, boat or liveaboard with a big selection of reef diving, some wreck diving and thrilling drift diving.

Completing a 4-week Divemaster Internship Program in a dive center starts at $1,200. Enrolling and completing the Internship program may be a little more costly. Do take note that this does not include all PADI teaching manuals and materials ($240), PADI certification fees ($130), accommodation and food.

Although there are numerous dive centers that can take you in, most of them only take up to a maximum of 4 interns to ensure each intern will get the full theoretical understanding, honed skills and experience in becoming a Professional Divemaster. Some dive centers have no limit in number of diving, time limit and do not charge additional fee for that should you need more time before becoming a Pro.

Although shop/resort operation may be taught such as tank refilling, equipment maintenance, marketing and selling of diving merchandise while in the program, Divemaster Interns are not allowed to do so, in Thailand it is illegal. Only Dive Instructors who can commit at least 6 months and with work permit can do so.

The Republic of the Philippines

Philippines is oh so surrounded by water in all its corners. It currently has 7,641 islands that caters to different types of diving which are scattered in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. In any part of the country, communication will not be an issue since almost all locals can speak English.

This suggestion is not in the recreational aspect of scuba diving doing a Divemaster Internship Program but rather completing Dive mastership in volunteering. The Marine Conservation Philippines is a non-profit and non-governmental organization located in Zamboanguita in Mindanao that accepts interns in a minimum two-month program wherein the training will concentrate on different conservation projects.

The experience will be extremely different because you will not be guiding any divers, assist instructor, do shop or resort duties but you will gain so much in depth knowledge about marine ecosystem, participate in conservation projects such as Coral Bleaching and Fluorescence Monitoring, Coral Propagation – Nursery Development, Out-Planting and Community outreach, Fish Population restoration.

Apart from your logistic expenses coming in to Zamboanguita, a two-month Divemaster Internship Volunteering Program will be at least $4,000 which covers tuition, airport pickup accommodation, food, PADI Divemaster crew pack, PADI Application fee.

I do not see any downside on this option but just a great opportunity! Don’t you agree?




Cozumel generated a whopping 54 percent of the total number of cruise passengers all of Mexico received in 2018 alone. If we are to count in minimum of 20 percent passengers signed up for a scuba diving tour, this will mean a steady income throughout the year plus more savings for personal expenses and probably ticket back to your home country.

Since Cozumel is a small island, there are a few dive resorts that take in limited number of Divemaster interns to help them out cater to continuous flow of divers. As an intern, you will get to assist instructors with courses, generate income by teaching Discover Scuba Diving and tips from happy satisfied divers.

Too good to be true, you might say. Remember this is internship not a job. There will be cost in doing internship, but it will all depend on the level of certification you came in with that can range from $1800 to $3000. Inclusions are normally professional instruction and training, all PADI manuals and materials, occasional organized diving and non-diving programs, transportation from the airport to resort and vice versa and boat dives. Accommodation is around $450 a month and equipment rental fee are normally 15 to 20% discounted from the dive center.

Depending on your nationality, a visa may be required for a minimal fee of $27 for 180 days for most nationalities.



Costa Rica

The main advantage of training in the Republic of Costa Rica is acquiring more in-depth training in terms of information, familiarity and personal mentoring from your Instructor. This would also mean that the environment may be as relaxed as if you are not in training at all.

Some dive centers offer comprehensive Divemaster Internship, this may include FREE Specialty courses, additional training like Equipment Workshop, Marine Conservation Program in addition to the resort training operation you get and discount on dive equipment rental.

Working with dive centers give you the opportunity to gain great experience working as part of the team, practice dive center logistics, tank refilling, equipment maintenance and supervise divers.

It is a slim chance of having a dive center to take you in if you are already completing a Divemaster course and only came to do internship. So, I would suggest enrolling Divemaster course to your chosen dive center and do the internship there. The course may start at $900-1800 which include course manuals and materials.

The additional monthly costs you will need to consider are your accommodation, daily food, transportation (if any), equipment on a reduced price, reduced price on additional Specialty Courses and visa… these may be an average of $800.


In the Western Caribbean rising about 270 meters (890 ft) above sea level lies on an exposed ancient coral reef is the Roatan Island. This could probably be the cleanest shore there is in the Caribbean island because of the combined efforts of the locals and central government in protecting all reef system all throughout the Bay Islands.

With the rigorous commitment of resorts in the Bay Islands, one can expect weekly clean ups as well as underwater clean ups on every dive to insure no litter such as harmful plastics and metal go in the reef system.

The best way to fully enjoy this island is to do an Internship with one of the dive resorts and gain your Divemaster certification in just a matter of 2 months. Although signing up for internship is an amazing opportunity, this is also your continuous training ground in the scuba industry. You will be asked to observe how instructors conduct courses and Divemasters plan and execute the dive plan. Your training will hone your leadership abilities in and out of the water.

Starting at internship fee of $800, you will be mentored by seasoned instructors and enjoy unlimited diving in warm water. PADI manuals and materials can be bought at an average of $220. If accommodation is not available in the facility, a 1-bedroom Airbnb room for a month is about $450. You can allot a monthly budget of at least $200 for your daily meals and about $150 for daily necessities and other provisions.

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