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Raja Ampat Aggressor is a modern and high quality vessel regarded by many diver aficionados as one that takes you to an incredible journey off the Indonesian waters to witness its abundant marine life. It is a 30m vessel that is specially designed to offer safe sailing without compromising comfort and efficiency. It perfectly brings divers from one wonderful site to another breath-taking underwater view. Four main areas of its sail are Rajah Ampat, Cenderawasih Bay, Banda Sea and Triton Bay from where you can have close encounters with around 600 types of living corals, 1500 species of fishes, and over 600 kinds of shelled creatures known as mollusks.

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Things we like:

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    Several divers were happy because they got to see 3 rare sea creatures namely the pygmy seahorses, wobbegongs and crocodile fish.
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    Many people said that the crew was super effective in doing all the heavy lifting on the boat and they kept everything clean and in immaculate condition.
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    Some people stated that the diving master was well informed about all the sea life and took the divers to exact locations of the most marine life.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome people claimed that bad weather made the boat leak from the roof.
  • check-markA couple of people noted that some of the diving spots had less marine life than others.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Raja Ampat Aggressor in Indonesia


Onboard the vessel, the guests are offered an array of activities to busy themselves between dives. Familiarize yourself with the wonderful scaled creatures in the fish identification activity. There are also photo sharing and movie screenings. A stereo is also available to where your favorite music can be played.
If you’re longing for the kiss of the sun on your skin, lounging under the scorching sun is a privilege at the deck. The vessel’s bar is a haven if you want some cocktails and drinks of perhaps chit-chat with fellow divers. If you’re one that is particular of mementos, then the souvenir shop is a match for you. Shore excursions become available depending on the itinerary.


Raja Ampat Aggressor can accommodate 16 divers. Choose from among three types of cabins. The Master Staterooms offer a queen bed while the Deluxe Staterooms showcase queen beds and twin beds. There are also five Twin Staterooms sporting two twin beds arranged in L-shape. Regardless of the type of cabin chosen, the guest divers can enjoy air conditioning with climate controls, en-suite bathrooms, and television sets along with media players.


The guests can have breakfasts cooked as ordered twinned with a sip of their favorite coffee, tea, or juice to fuel their day. After burning some calories through the activities, buffet-style lunch is usually served. To induct your taste buds to the Indonesian flavors, their well-loved local curries are served. Apart from this, you can also feast on a mixture of Western and Indonesian cuisines all made deliciously to satisfy your palates. Homemade desserts typically end the servings. Prepared snacks are also offered all through the day. Of course, accompanying your stay in the vessel are comfort beverages like soft drinks, fresh juices, hot drinks, and even some selections of beer and wine. For those with special dietary needs, advanced notice can be given for preparation.


The main itinerary of this vessel is the Raja Ampat to where its name is derived. It has diverse destinations which usually includes but not limited to Dampier, Missol, Derawan and even Komodo. Taking you to these places will give you opportunities to see mantas, reef sharks, tunas and the rare wobbegong sharks. Raja Ampat offers dives throughout the year but best times of visits are from October to April.
Guests are picked up by the Raja Ampat Aggressor staff at the airport near the itinerary of your chosen area. There are also options of free pick up for transfer to the shall guests decide to stay in a hotel.

Where to book:

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