Diving In Similan Islands – Khao Lak Area

Diving In Similan Islands – Khao Lak Area
Leopard Shark while diving in Similan

Imagine crystal clear water and powder white sand that makes your feet want to be buried in it. This beautiful place is called the Similan Islands.

It consists of nine islands resting about an hour’s speedboat away from the Khao Lak shore.

This is where diving in Thailand got famous!

Similan Islands is a paradise for both snorkelers and divers.

Last year the Similans suffered from coral bleaching almost all around the islands. And since the islands are a national park, some areas have unfortunately been closed due to coral reef damage.

The deeper parts of the reef have not suffered badly from the coral bleaching and therefore the Similan Islands is still a great place for diving.

Diving in Similan Islands

The shallow parts of the some of the dive spots have suffered the most from this bleaching and many of the corals are unfortunately dead.

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But the Similan is still very attractive for divers due to a rich fish life. Especially for divers traveling to the deeper spots.

Warm 28°c water and calm conditions makes diving at the Similan is an awesome experience.

A school of yellowfin goatfish in Similan
A school of yellowfin goatfish in Similan
Photo by: Khoroshunova Olga

Dive spots

  • Donald Duck Bay

This dive spot is the perfect place for beginner divers and open-water courses offering nice sandy patches for training. Going out from the bay, divers will find some big rocks called “whale back rock” that offer nice swim troughs, coral fans, and nice marine life.

  • North Point

This dive spot is located at the northern part of the 9th island and has a lot to offer even for more experienced divers. The point consists of fantastic rocks that form this dive spot.

  • Anita’s Reef

Anita’s Reef is located on the 4th and 5th island. It’s a sloping bommie reef in the end of the slope. However Anita’s Reef is slightly damaged from the coral bleaching and might need some time to recover before divers can explore this spot.

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Healthy soft coral reef with star fish and reef fish
Healthy soft coral reef with star fish and reef fish
Photo by: gZo
  • Boulder City

Located just off the coast, Boulder City is a bit deep and doesn’t offer any shelter for currents. So this place is pretty much reserved for experienced divers.

Huge coral fans are found hanging from the side of big rocks. Very large fish are seen passing above and smaller creatures are seen down in the rocky bottom.

  • Koh Bon

Situated a bit north of the Similan Islands and not actually a part of the nine islands is Koh Bon. This little rocky island offers great diving including a closed off bay for less experienced divers.

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Good Diving in Khao Lak Area

Even though the Similan Islands needs a few years to recover, there is still world-class diving in Similan Islands and in the Khao Lak area.

So if you have already planned a trip here you are still in for a fabulous diving experience.

Have you ever been to the Similan Islands? Tell us about your trip!


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