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Torben Lonne, Dive Instructor


The Reborn Rubber

Are you one of those who like to make useful things by recycling them and do something creative out of trash?

Making pots or decorative items from plastic bottles or lamp covers from the cardboard boxes are few of the common DIY (Do it Yourself) things, which are done to reuse the trash and play your part for a clean environment and save the water being polluted. Because eventually all the waste and trash materials are dropped in the water, which not only pollutes the sea but also destroy the life of billions of living things living below the water.

As the water needs to be clean for the fishes and for us, who occasionally or purposely enjoy our oceanic trips. We all like to get surrounded by crystal clear water with natural landscapes on the boating trip, but how about making a small gesture to let the water remain clean by recycling the non-biodegradable items and reuse them.

Reborn Rubber

A well-designed wallet made from the old wetsuit

Photograph by Torben


Have you ever thought that your useless and old wetsuit can be utilized to make wallets? Yes, you read it right! Reborn rubber is here with the concept of making smart, handy, and compact wallet out of the inept wetsuit and neoprene scraps.

Their mission is to produce wallets with fewer materials, which has the potential to pollute water and affect marine life. The raw material used for the making is the old wetsuit, which you might have used during your scuba dive, surfing or during a marine adventure and you think that you don’t require it anymore. Don’t throw it as you can donate that wetsuit to Reborn Rubber for making wallets.

You might be thinking that what you’ll get in return for your donation. Reborn Rubber will send you a new, smart and well-designed wallet made from the old wetsuit in return of your donation. Whenever a Reborn Rubber wallet is purchased, 10% of the amount is directly transferred to The Coran Restoration Foundation TM.


The designing of the Reborn Rubber wallet is simple and compact. The manufacturing is done from wetsuit and neoprene scraps with an undecorated style of stitching. There are 3 slots for keeping cards, two on one side and one slot on the other side. The designing is done to keep the maximum of 10 cards at a time due to the elasticity of neoprene used in it. the Reborn Rubber wallets offer easy sliding whenever the cards are kept in or pulled out.

Reborn Rubber
It is made from neoprene and gives good stretching

Photograph by Torben Lonne

The outer part of the wallet is made of a bit rigid material. Whereas, the dividing part for each slot is made out of soft neoprene. It doesn’t bring out pocket lint and when you are holding it in hand, you will feel something hard and solid. The plain design compliments well with color contrast stitching, which is sharp and straight.

The elegant and decent designing won’t let anyone know when you pull out this wallet publicly that this wallet is made from wetsuit or scrap neoprene unless you reveal the truth. It’s a choice for those who have a buttery finger and slips down their wallets very often.

Reborn Rubber

Reborn Rubber doesn’t sink and float on the surface in case you drop the wallet in the water

Photograph by Torben

Quick Glance at Reborn Rubber Wallets

Let’s have a glance at the pros and cons of Reborn Rubber Wallets:


  • It is made from neoprene and gives good stretching
  • Can hold up to 10 cards
  • It doesn’t sink and float on the surface in case you drop the wallet in the water
  • Can be used in hot and sweaty atmosphere
  • The wallet possesses a strong grip and is best for the buttery hands
  • As slim as your cellphone


  • Not suitable for daily use if you have a habit to carry a lot of things like receipts

Key Characteristics of Reborn Rubber Wallets

The Reborn Rubber wallet is made out of materials, which were useless, scrap or were kept in the trash. Reborn Rubber gave life to those wetsuits again. You donate your old wetsuit and play a small part in saving the environment from getting polluted. The handy wallets are not only good for you but also for the environment.

The smart elasticity of the wallet allows enough space for 10 cards. The outer material gives a perfect grip to the buttery hands and the perfect stitching release the tension of cards to slip out of the wallet. Even if you accidentally drop your wallet during dive or while fishing or your dog just throw it in water without any reason. Don’t worry, within a second your wallet will pop out of the water to make you smile again.

The wallet is stiffed from outside to give a grip while holding it in hand and a silky touch inside because of the soft neoprene used to make the placing of cards easier. The properly cropped corners never hitch with your pocket lint and bring ugly strands out in the public.

Reborn Rubber
The wallet possesses a strong grip and is best for the buttery hands

Photograph by Torben Lonne

The Review Summary of the Reborn Rubber

Planning a trip with friends and family is always fun and if it’s a boat trip or on a beach. One of the major things is to worry about is your wallet in which you carry your plastic money. Either you leave it in your handbag or at home. How about carrying a super-smart wallet as slim as your phone?

Problem solved!! Reborn Rubber uses your donated wetsuit to make this smart compact wallet, which easily floats on the surface if accidentally dropped in water.

The super elastic nature allows the wallet to carry up to 10 cards because of the neoprene used in it. Although it is not good for daily use if you are habitual of carrying receipts but it’s a perfect choice for water trips, hiking or using it in hot/sweaty weather. The benefits of Reborn Rubber don’t end here, with every single sale of wallet 10% of the amount is directly sent to the Coral Restoration Foundation.

Fold your sleeves to search for the old wetsuit, which you might have kept in the store as a useless thing. A useless wetsuit is no more useless, just donate it to Reborn Rubber and receive a free wallet against your donation as a gift.



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