50 fascinating facts about the ocean

50 fascinating facts about the ocean

Our oceans are filled with wonders that you can't really imagine!

The Earth’s oceans are a world of mystery, magic and beauty.

It’s this apart from anything else that lures divers into their depths. There is a seemingly endless array of fascinating facts about our oceans. Many of these facts are incredibly interesting, but some will defy your imagination.

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50 fascinating facts about the ocean

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There's a reason why we love our oceans so much

It is nothing short of captivating to read through scientific facts about this magical world. However, it is also somewhat humbling to realize just how little we do know about the oceans.

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It’s tantalizing to think about just how much more there is to discover. From the mesmerizing marine life to the waters themselves, it seems as though we will never know all the secrets of the sea.

How depended are we really of our oceans?

It’s more than just trivial facts. The majority of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans. These oceans contain almost all of the water on Earth. This means that the oceans are of paramount importance when it comes to our survival. A lot of the oxygen that you breathe is produced by the ocean.

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Furthermore, the oceans are not just important for our survival. Most habitats can be found beneath the waves; habitats that are home to more major animal groups than dry land. And yet we know that we have only mapped and recorded a small percentage of this underwater world.

What's worth saving?

If nothing else, this gives us some perspective regarding our role on Earth. The dry land that we tend to think of as our planet pales in comparison to the oceans. The vastness and diversity of our seas test our limits in terms of imagination, knowledge, and skill. It is this that draws divers to explore the depths. It is only once you are below the waves that you can begin to fathom – even slightly – what a miracle our oceans are.

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About The Author

Torben Lonne

Torben is a top skilled PADI MSDT instructor. He has worked several years with scuba diving in Indonesia and Thailand – and dived most of his life in most of the world.

He is also the co-founder and chief-editor of DIVE.in you can always catch him here [email protected]


  1. Chris

    Hi there,

    I think the statement of 20% of the ocean floor covered by coral reefs is a vast over estimate, by at least one order of magnitude. Best estimates these days are all less than 1% with some as low as one tenth of 1%.



    • Torben Lonne

      Hi Chris,

      Avv… Thank you for the correction, you are unfortunately right! This one I missed in the final proof-reading. Our data said 1/50 (2%,) but ended up as 20% – could you provide me with the source? 1% or 0.01% is very low – I really do not hope you’re right here.

      It’s amazing how the reef, only covering 2 %, can be so important and yet so many people seem to not care about it. We are aiming at making a few more of these infographics to increase the interest in our oceans. Next one should have a bit more environmental touch, would you be interested in seeing it before I publish it next time. Maybe bring some feedback, etc.?

      Again, thanks for the correction.

      All the best

  2. Marcos

    Great job!!
    If you don’t mind I’m going to translate into Spanish. Just to make it more understandable to people who don’t understand English.
    If you want, i can send it to you once the job is done…
    I can make it better if you could send me the original image (without information) Is it possible?

    • Nicolai Loenne

      Hi Marcos

      Thank you for the interest in our infographic.
      It would be nice to see it translated into Spanish. I’ll shoot you an email too see if we can figure something out.

  3. Mark

    Love this, sharing it everywhere. Great job guys.

  4. Jens

    Hi Torben, great infographic. I´ll share it on my own site and pages.

  5. Michael

    Amazing facts. Really love how you play with graphic and knowledge :-)

  6. Steffen

    Excellent Infographic you made there! sharing it on Fb ;-)

  7. Cheesenibbles21

    This website is really cool I am using these for fun facts for my project at school do you think this is good enough for a few fun facts??? I think so!!!!! thank you so much for this information! I think my class will more likely like the Nemo spot! thanks again Mr….Lonne! Mr.Lonne! you are the best good job at this website. I am sure my class will want to go on this website to find out more! bye for now! I CHEDDER go! that line may have been a bit CHEESY! LOL bye thanks again!

    Thank you Mr.Lonne,


  8. Cheesenibbles21

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