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prAna Men’s Vaha Yoga Pants

prAna Vaha for men are yoga pants designed for activity and comfort. With sustainability proving not to be just a fad, the focus of many shoppers starts shifting towards ethical clothing. That translates to sustainably-sourced textiles that result in cruelty-free garments and less congested landfills. prAna adheres to all of that and more; their men’s Vaha yoga pants are the proof.

Featuring recycled polyester and hemp, they are the true definition of an ‘environmentally-friendly’ piece of clothing. Not only that, but they also feel cozy enough for you to be able to wear them to bed when it gets chilly. Talk about getting a bang for your buck!

Available in several muted colors and sizes, the yoga pants are a real game-changer for every male looking to invest in a versatile wardrobe staple that will last a long time. You can put them on in the morning for a set of asanas and wear them until you get home from an evening hike; the guarantee that they will make you feel your most comfortable is there.

Read on to find out more about all prAna Vaha yoga pants have to offer.

Our Overall Review

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Reasons to buy

  • The pants are made from sustainable materials
  • The fabric is breathable and quick-drying
  • The knit elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit
  • The wide-leg opening allows for maximum mobility
  • The 2 built-in pockets provide you with sufficient storage space

Reasons NOT to buy

  • The knees tend to get worn out


If you’re not aware of the difference between regular pants for men and those designed primarily for yoga, you wouldn’t be able to tell that prAna men’s Vaha yoga pants are the latter – that’s how casual they look. This is a good thing – the brand made it a priority to create a pair of yoga pants you could also wear to climb rocks, hike trails, and lounge around the house.

Making them fair-trade certified worked out well too. Not only was the company one of the first ones in North America to do that, it’s also the minority that runs the business with ethics in mind by paying its workers fair wages and actively engaging in environmental campaigns. Doesn’t it feel good to be supporting a company that leaves an impact in the world?

By purchasing your own pair of Vaha pants, you are consciously choosing to say ‘no’ to fast fashion while also putting your money into a piece of clothing that will last you through many indoor and outdoor activities. And this is what you ultimately want from high-quality yoga pants that have big claims.

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prAna Men's Vaha Yoga Pants Side View

prAna Men’s Vaha Yoga Pants: Key Specifications

  • Best Suited For: Yoga, hiking, and rock climbing
  • Material: 53% Hemp, 44% Recycled Polyester, 3% Spandex
  • Sizing: XS-XXL
  • Inseam: 30”, 32”
  • Style: Straight-leg
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

Where to Buy:


It’s safe to say that prAna doesn’t shy away from producing clothing of premium quality – the list of fabrics included in every garment speaks volumes. Suitable for both cold and hot climates, polyester-hemp blend is a great choice regardless of whether you’re planning on wearing them during the scorching summer months or in the freezing winter. No one is left out.

What’s more, as with every natural fabric, hemp facilitates breathability like no other. You can partake in the most challenging exercise and still have your pants remain dry and odor-free. This is great news for those who aren’t willing to limit the type of physical activity they can engage in and are generally considered to be ‘down for everything’.

prAna Men's Vaha Yoga Pants Quality


It must be the relaxed, straight-leg fit and the elastic waistband with a drawstring that makes Vaha yoga pants so comfortable to wear. They are designed to offer sufficient support while also enabling you to move as you wish without restricting any of your movements. And this is exactly what you need when your plan for the day includes an early yoga session, a mid-afternoon kids school pick-up, and a post-dinner stroll around the block.

The 30-32-inch inseam is ideal for most heights too. You can bend, stretch, perform a variety of poses and be confident that your pants will carry you through it all without making it hard to push yourself past the limits – the full coverage of the pants helps with all that.


prAna Men's Vaha Yoga Pants Back View


While these pants don’t have compression, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t supportive. Sure, they might not be rigid enough to enable you to do HIIT, but they are resilient enough to support you during lower-intensity activities like yoga, pilates, hiking and rock climbing. (You can use them as a back-up for your yoga leggings that are more appropriate for high-intensity workouts).

Also, don’t overlook the front and rear pockets. They eliminate the need to bring an extra bag with you to store your essentials and, most importantly, don’t interfere with your physical activity.

prAna Men's Vaha Yoga Pants Back View Closeup


prAna Vaha yoga pants are priced high, but so are the manufacturing standards the company follows. The quality of the pants is unmatched and this can be observed through continuous use in a variety of settings. Add the ethical production process, and you have your reasoning behind the hefty price tag.

So, yeah, these pants aren’t cheap, and that’s a good thing given the premium quality of the materials used for designing them.

prAna Men's Vaha Yoga Pants Folded

What We Like

  • The pants are made from sustainable materials
  • The fabric is breathable and quick-drying
  • The knit elastic waistband ensures a comfortable fit
  • The wide-leg opening allows for maximum mobility
  • The 2 built-in pockets provide you with sufficient storage space

What We Don’t Like

  • The knees tend to get worn out

Buy This Men's Yoga Pants If:

From a local studio class to a picturesque hike, prAna’s Vaha yoga pants are that perfect sustainably-made garment that is designed to serve you well everywhere. They are the enablers of physical activity that isn’t restricted by highly-compressive fabrics – something the majority of leggings are guilty of.

If you are a fan of semi-loose bottoms that can be worn on a daily basis, look no further than prAna Men’s Vaha yoga pants. See how they compare to other leading yoga pants.

Where to Buy:

Where to Buy:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about prAna Men’s Vaha Yoga Pants

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Are yoga pants and leggings (tights) the same thing?

    Yoga pants are used to be referred to as semi-loose leg-coverings made from a stretchy material that can be used for doing yoga. And while some debate the details, nowadays yoga pants and leggings as well as tights are considered to be the same thing. Find the best yoga pants to compare at this Yoga Pants Guide.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Do prAna Men’s Vaha yoga pants have pockets?

    Not only do they have one pocket at the front, but they also have a rather spacious rear pocket for keeping your smartphone in. This means you don’t even have to bring a fanny pack or a backpack when heading to your yoga studio or going on a short morning hike with your family.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Is it ok for guys to wear yoga pants?

    Yoga doesn’t discriminate – and so doesn’t yoga apparel. Guys and girls can wear any pair of yoga pants they deem comfortable and flattering without any prejudices. And if you still feel iffy about them, try out yoga shorts instead.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Does prAna run small?

    When choosing your perfect size of prAna’s Vaha yoga pants, you are generally recommended to stick to your regular size. That said, always check in with their size chart just to make sure you don’t end up with a pair that’s too loose or too tight.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    Is prAna an ethical brand?

    prAna partners with organizations like Textile Exchange, Responsible Down Standard, and bluesign® that are “committed to making a fundamental change in the way clothing is made”. This makes it a forward-thinking brand that approaches the manufacturing process with sustainability in mind.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    How do you wash prAna pants?

    With prAna pants, you should wash them in cold water and tumble them dry on low settings to avoid shrinking and/or tearing. You should also use them as intended by the brand to prolong their lifespan (and get your money’s worth).


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