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This extremely lightweight bag has a clamshell design with 9 compartments for organized packing. Sometimes there are too many features on travel bags, but the Adventure does it right. And it’s done with eco-friendly style.

Maxing out the allowable size for carry-on baggage, the design includes smart check-in features too. But it’s a bag you can also take weekending and camping.

We took the Adventure bag on many activities in a lot of different places, taking up Stubble’s challenge of “do anything anywhere” in order to find this bag’s limits. This is what we found out.

Our Overall Review


Reasons to buy:

  • check-mark
    Adjustable straps for a comfortable yet secure fit
  • check-mark
    Compressible with flexible storage
  • check-mark
    Fits in the overhead compartment of most cabins
  • check-mark
    Numerous storage options for all valuables
  • check-mark
    Suitcase-like main compartment
  • check-mark
  • check-mark
    Easy and comfortable to carry
  • check-mark
    Made of robust recycled materials that deliver all-weather performance

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markA small, unprotected part of the laptop sleeve

Where to buy:


The Stubble & Co Adventure


The Adventure Bag by Stubble and Co is one of the most versatile travel bags in the market today. Its Kickstarter campaign seemed to appeal to rugged professionals in their 20s or 30s, but our testing revealed it works for people of a larger stature. On the other hand, it worked well for almost everything including camping and even as an office/gym bag combination.

People of a narrower stature, under 5’10 tall might find it slightly too bulky because of its width (14.5”), but any body size above that and it wears like a normal backpack. A comfortable (adjustable) one at that.


The removable waist belt, sternum and shoulder straps are adjustable in all the right ways to customize comfort based on the weight of the cargo. It takes some experimenting, finding the right settings, but it reaps some nice rewards.

With a clamshell design, this bag is like a suitcase that you can carry on your back. It can also be transformed into a duffel bag–whether it was intentional or not. At 42 liters there’s room for a lot of clothes and gear, but everything at once.

There are 9 different compartments, including one for a bottle of water on the train or whisky by the fire. But with a 25 oz bottle there and shoes in the compartment at the base, it will limit the amount of heavy clothing you can pack. But it’s easy to access while traveling.

But the Adventure can be compressed quite a bit with both 4 tightening straps and two notches on each. Though the G-clips are nice and metallic and easy to lock, it can seem clumsy fumbling to open them at first.

These types of clips are becoming more popular on premium bags like Jack Wolfskin’s Expedition Duffel. They’re more robust and more elegant than plastic clips, but they also take a second more to fasten/open.

It’s size and compression straps mean it fits in the overhead bin of most cabins. Made for check-in too, with a shoulder strap cover. Reflecting the smart design, the trolly sleeve opens horizontally for mounting while the shoulder straps are covered.

The sideways mounting also takes into account smaller luggage, allowing you to avoid checking any baggage.

Made using heavy-duty, recycled materials, it’s built to meet the demands of every adventure you take.

The product description says 3.9 pounds, but we discovered that’s the case without the removable waist strap. With the belt, it’s still only 4.28 lbs.

Stubble’s Adventure Bag is light and comfortable. It comes with a padded back panel and shoulder straps with the standard anti-wicking mesh.


We liked how adjustable the straps were too. We also liked the way the excess strap folds into a Velcro lock to prevent it dangling.


And it was also nice to see a trolley sleeve wide enough to fit bags like the Rolling Thunder. And surprise, surprise we discovered the hidden zippered pocket on the inside of this sleeve. Cool for cash and passports.

This is a stylish bag for every kind of trip.

Specs & Features

  • Product Dimensions: 55 cm x 38 cm x 24 cm
  • Product Weight: 3.9 lbs or 1.8 kg
  • Capacity: 42 L
  • 16” Laptop Padded Pocket
  • Removable waist belt
  • Grab Handles
  • Hidden Zipped Pocket
  • Shoe Compartment
  • Strap Adjusters
  • Strap Cover
  • Travel Pocket
  • Trolley Sleeve
  • Waist Strap
  • Materials: 200D Recycled PET (Lining), 600D Recycled PET (Sides), Ripstop 200D Recycled PET, 3D Poly Air Mesh, Recycled PET Webbing, Tarpaulin (Base), YKK Aquaguard Zips
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A Sleek and Smart Design

This bag is designed for adventure. Combining style and functionality, it makes traveling as easy as possible.

Crazy lightweight, the Adventure bag weighs only 3.9 lbs (without waist strap). It still packs a punch with a capacity of 42 L. Depending on your kit, you can almost pack a week’s worth of clothes.

This bag is ideal for traveling, but it’s really good for glamping and all sorts of activities in between too. For more rugged hiking it’ll also get the job done.

We took it overnight into the wilderness and it was great. It seems to be resistant to mud stains but just consider whether or not it’s sleek, black sheen is something you want to maintain.

The elegant design also does a good job of hiding all the compartments. It has an easily accessible card pocket on the shoulder strap for one. This is ideal for a commuter, gym or bank card.

For your laptop, this bag has a well padded 16” side-access pocket at the back, which is great pulling out on the fly and good against theft. It’s big enough for a slim laptop, an eReader and writing pad too. And like all compartments, but especially valid for this one, the semi-sealed zipper seams keep water out in the rain.

The only issue with this pocket, indeed the only issue with this bag really, is that at the bottom of the laptop sleeve, there’s a line between padding that’s less protected. This is a weak spot in the event of a hard impact when putting the bag down on concrete.

This is the same issue that Stubble & Co’s Roll Top bag has too, but we remedied it by laying a sock in the crevice and that worked just fine.

It also comes with a shoe compartment, which you can access directly from the outside. You can store and access your footwear without having to open the main compartment. It’s completely enclosed, so no mud mixing in with clothing.

Since the Stubble and Co Adventure Bag is intended for travel, it has a clamshell design. You can easily pack and access all your stuff because it opens like a suitcase. There are two sections separated by a zipper-fastened mesh.

Definitely one of the best designed travel backpacks out there.


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As Versatile as it is Robust

Known for its versatility, this bag can be compressed with its soft sides and compression straps. It has no rigid features, so it can be as compact as possible depending on its content. You won’t have difficulties meeting the baggage requirements of any airline.

Like any Stubble & Co product, Stubble & Co The Adventure Bag is made with robust recycled materials. These materials have met the highest performance standards, so it has been engineered for tough and long-lasting performance.

The main body is waterproof. Meanwhile, the zips are water-resistant. The seals have been taped durably, too. With these features, this bag can brave any weather.

This bag is also designed for comfort. The cushioned back panel offers breathability. With strap adjusters, this bag has a nice and comfortable fit. Then, the grab handles allow you to carry your bag without a hitch.



This bag is a bit pricey. But we really like using. It was great for flying, for camping, for a hotel weekend.

It is a practical travel backpack that has as much functional performance as it is life-style cool.

Durable and long-lasting, the Adventure Bag by Stubble & Co is a Kickstarter project that succeeds on so many fronts.

Designed with all-weather performance in mind, it is built with compelling, tried, and tested recycled materials. Even the packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials.

All features have been carefully thought out, too. These features maximize the functionality of a sleek 4 pound-ish bag. The different compartments are specialized intelligently.

No matter how heavily you pack, this bag will still fit in most cabins’ overhead compartments. If you don’t have that much stuff, you can also compress it easily using the compression straps.

Stubble & Co’s Adventure Bag is versatile enough for every occasion. It can be your go-to bag even in tough and demanding adventures.


Our Overall Review


Reasons to buy:

  • check-mark
    Adjustable straps for a comfortable yet secure fit
  • check-mark
    Compressible with flexible storage
  • check-mark
    Fits in the overhead compartment of most cabins
  • check-mark
    Numerous storage options for all valuables
  • check-mark
    Suitcase-like main compartment
  • check-mark
  • check-mark
    Easy and comfortable to carry
  • check-mark
    Made of robust recycled materials that deliver all-weather performance

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markA small, unprotected part of the laptop sleeve

Frequently asked questions

What is the best Stubble and Co bag for traveling?

With its versatility and functionality, Stubble and Co Adventure Bag is the ideal go-to travel bag. The main compartment opens like a suitcase, allowing you to pack as much as you can without a hitch. This bag also has several pockets that let you organize all your valuables seamlessly in a way that is as good if not better than the best travel backpacks in this class.

To know more about this bag, check out our in-depth review here.

How do I care for my Stubble & Co bag?

Stubble & Co bags, such as Stubble & Co Adventure Bag and Stubble & Co The Roll Top, are low-maintenance. You may use a lightly dampened cloth to remove any dirt. Then, leave it to dry naturally.

Remember, these bags don’t require machine washing and tumble drying. The use of detergent, soap, and any cleaning solvent is not also recommended. Otherwise, you will damage these bags.

How do I choose a travel bag?

Many factors come into play when choosing a travel bag. All these factors boil down to the general baggage requirements of most airlines.

Generally, you would want a lightweight travel bag. With a lightweight travel bag, you can pack as much as you can while still meeting the baggage weight restrictions of most airlines. The heavier the bag, the less you can pack since the bag’s weight counts against the weight limit.

Of course, you would also want an ergonomically designed bag. It has to be easy to carry so that you can move without restrictions. Find a bag that you can conveniently carry whether you are traveling by land, air, or water.

This is where versatility comes in, which is why we love the Stubble and Co Adventure Bag. It is lightweight, functional, and comfortable to carry. Find out why it is our current favorite travel bag by reading our latest guide here.

What is the capacity of the Stubble and Co Adventure Bag?

The Stubble & Co Adventure Bag has a capacity of 42 L. With this capacity, you can pack a week’s worth of stuff. No need for packing cubes either, on account of its organization. Since it has no rigid components, you can compress it as compactly as possible to fit in any overhead compartment.

Check out the other features of this bag in this review.


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