40 Best All-Inclusive Resorts in 2023

Imagine life at an All-Inclusive Resort:

It’s early in the morning, the birds are chirping, and you’re about to go for a swim in the pool. The only decision you have to make in the next hour is whether you’ll have orange juice or coffee with your breakfast or, perhaps, both.

This scenario represents a fraction of what some of the best all-inclusive resorts have to offer.

You may be thinking, “Of course, I’d like that, but where do I even start? I have so many questions:

  • What’s the best time to go on an all-inclusive vacation?
  • How do I get the best deal on an all-inclusive package?
  • Is it even possible to find cheap last-minute vacation packages?

You most certainly don’t want to fall into the trap of booking the wrong stay. So, do yourself a favor, and skim through the most refined properties we found worthy of adding to your next year’s vacation wish-list.

To help you choose between great and the greatest, here’s our round-up of the Best All-Inclusive Resorts.


The tree-house-like accommodation has plenty to propose: fishing, birdwatching, and kayaking are just a few of the activities to sign up for. You can do yoga at the beach in the morning and learn how to create the most sought-after cocktails in the evening.

With a pool swimming session and in-room massage being the real options, you are not confined to the same activities on a daily basis. Grab a drink from the local bar and relax in the rope swing while waiting for the sun to set.


You’ll be able to satisfy your every craving with gourmet Panamanian meals like tostones and European-style french toasts, fruit platters, and chia puddings. There are tacos, burgers, coconut fish curry, and stuffed eggplants too if you get hungry from the busy day of kayaking and spiritual practices.

Located on the west side of Antigua, Hermitage Bay is a beachside resort composed of Caribbean-style dark wooden suites that sit on top of the hill. Guests choose to stay at this place for the revitalizing activities and the impeccable service it offers.


You can do morning yoga, Pilates, and acquire skills in one of the motor-less water sports with the guidance of the resort’s professionals. For a more relaxed activity with elements of spirituality, there is an on-site spa with an emphasis on Dorissima rituals that help to balance chakras.

Be it an evening workout in the fitness center, an afternoon garden tour, or a cookery masterclass, chances are you will relish your time here.


European dishes served at the resort have Caribbean influence, which is observed in the local garden-grown produce that is always fresh and nutritious. From green smoothies to eggs benedict and sautéed shrimp pasta, there is something for everyone.

Lunches can be had at the bar, while dinners are accompanied by the live music played by the local musicians. And, when in the mood for a drink, you can help yourself with a Mojito or a more sophisticated cocktail of your choice.

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Hermitage Bay, Antigua and Barbuda

For exquisite views that will quite literally take your breath away, Explora Lodge in the South American gem Patagonia is your best pick. Located in the heart of the Torres del Paine National Park by the shore of Pehoé Lake, the all-inclusive accommodation will give you the much-needed peace you are looking for.


Nothing will distract you from taking in the alluring Patagonian landscape – all 49 rooms are exempt from Wi-Fi and TVs, and are, in turn, facing nature. To explore all that the destination has to offer, the lodge provides dozens of varieties of hikes, boat trips, and horseback rides.

You get access to the pool, hot springs, and even a private observatory. If stargazing at night and discovering the vast biodiversity of our planet is your thing, you will get the most from the experience.


Devour the gourmet Chilean cuisine for lunch and dinner and a cold buffet consisting of pastries, fruits, cheeses, eggs, and hot and cold beverages for breakfast. Although the foods are not heavy, make sure you don’t overeat before embarking on the locally offered excursions.

You can enjoy some wine and other alcoholic drinks included in the package after your excursion is over. The bar at the lodge is also a great place to socialize with like-minded nature explorers.

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Explora Lodge, Patagonia, Chile

The ‘Heavenly Hana’ lives up to its name – it sits on the 66 acres of the untouched island Maui with its 70 cabins surrounded by jasmine, ginger trees, and frangipani. The small beaches along with the serene views of the Kaihalulu Bay make it a yearned-for destination for a honeymoon or an exotic weekend getaway.


You can learn the art of lei making, take ukulele lessons, and meditate in the morning, all without leaving the resort. Paddleboarding, outrigger canoeing, and horse riding are also your possibilities when resting by the pool gets tedious.

The resort has a hot tub, a tropical spa, and a tennis court for entertainment purposes. With the leisure-like Hawaiian lifestyle, there is no way you won’t return from your holiday well-rested and replenished.


The popularity of the resort stems not only from the picturesque landscapes of the wild island, but also from the foods prepared by the country’s best chefs. Sophisticated meals like seafood stew are served alongside the more familiar granola, kale salad, and french toasts.

If you dare to venture out from the comforts of the resort and drive for a couple of minutes, you will be in for a real treat. The many food trucks of Hana don’t leave anyone indifferent, with their specialty tacos, Thai curries, and freshly fried fish.

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Travaasa Experiential Hana, Maui, Hawaii

Known for the tailored all-inclusive experiences it offers, and as one of the best all-inclusive resorts for foodies, Twin Farms Vermont is a bucolic countryside getaway. Featuring 18th-century-built cottages, museum-quality art, breathtaking views of the Vermont landscape, and a variety of nature trails, this adults-only resort is ideal for guests looking to take a break from the tedium of life in the city.


Located in a grand forest not far from the Canadian border, Twin Farms resort provides its guests with tranquility – the exact thing they are lacking during their busy working days back home.

The outdoor activities are designed to be combined with leisure time indoors: downhill skiing and badminton by the Copper Pond by day, and spa relaxation and games galore by night is the usual timetable of guests who come here.


When you book your stay at the resort, you are asked about your dietary preferences straight away. This approach helps to customize the gourmet dishes for your particular needs and free your mind from deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

To say the culinary experience at the resort is Michelin-restaurant-like is an understatement. Lemon ricotta souffle pancakes for breakfast and a five-course feast featuring fresh herbs and dairy from the nearby gardens and farms and scrumptious lobster agnolotti is an ordinary example of the extraordinary skills of the resort’s chefs.

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Twin Farms Vermont – Vermont, USA

Designed specifically to showcase Saint Lucia’s stunning natural beauty with its hillside location and modern open-wall suites, Jade Mountain Resort is ideal for nature-loving couples who put a premium on exclusivity and privacy above anything else. This iconic honeymoon destination offers guests dedicated butlers, world-class food and wine options, and excellent spa services!


The three-walled rooms enable the guests to sit back and relax in the infinity pool with a view without leaving the accommodation. Talk about living in luxury.

The establishment has its own spa and gym, leaving the rest of the facilities to the nearby Anse Chastanet resort with an out-of-this-world dive center. You can take a mountain bike trail, explore nature with a guide, and tour the chocolate-making laboratory located at Jade Mountain.


You have the option to choose where to eat – meals are served both at the open-air restaurant at the top of the property, and straight to your room. When evening comes, rooftop drinks at the Celestial Terrace are also an option.

Devour the healthy and nutritious à la carte breakfasts consisting of tropical fruit and juices. After some time, explore the many lunch and dinner options made up of the food items derived from contemporary fusion cuisine.

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Jade Mountain Resort – St. Lucia

Luxury in 19th century, Victorian-era America, with modern tweaks, is in a nutshell, what Mohonk Mountain House offers its guests. This National Historic Landmark offers historic accommodations, scenic mountain views, daily guided hikes, and exquisite farm-to-table food–great for history and nature-loving families.


From the gorgeous antique interior with the Hudson River paintings, to the private lake at the side of the hotel, everything screams ‘American Paradigm’. You can have the taste of it when playing nine-hole golf or tennis in one of the six courts, and when going on a guided bike tour.

The estate’s schedule boasts the finest activities like art events and lectures alongside the more laid-back pastimes like movie nights. It all can be enjoyed without children too – the on-site kids’ club can take good care of them.


You know the food is exquisite when food critics rave about it – Mohonk House takes special pride in serving this type of food. We believe that the sourced from the Finger Lake and Hudson Valley farms ingredients used for creating the meals played a part in it.

Here you will find the typical American food consisting of pancakes and bacon for breakfast along with the sandwiches and pasta dishes for lunch and dinner that are cooked by the renowned chef Jim Palmeri. Beyond that, there are lobsters and steaks that can also be had throughout the second half of the day.

Gluten-free and vegetarian options are also available.

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Mohonk Mountain House, New Paltz, New York

The freestanding bungalows with thatched roofs hidden in the midst of palm trees of all sizes and shapes belong to Little Palm Island, a luxurious resort situated on the Florida Keys island. You can get there by a charming little ferry that departs every hour from Little Torch Key hospitality lounge.


Expect a welcome cocktail served to you once you arrive at the resort, the gesture that sets the mood for the entire stay. In the upcoming days, you will see how it unravels and makes the holiday a true-by-definition tropical getaway.

Take a paddleboard and drift away from the shore in the afternoon, and book a couples’ massage for the evening. Or, sail to meet the sunset after a long day of fishing and diving. The choice is yours.


The chance of you becoming fed up with the same food is extremely low – the chef and his team make sure to change things up and serve new dishes day after day. A five- and a seven-course tasting menu is a normal practice at the resort as it provides you with the countless meal options in one go.

Even the pickiest eaters will find the tropical menu thrilling: spiny lobsters and chateaubriand for dinner are just as delicious as the drinks created at the poolside tiki bar are refreshing.

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Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

This iconic resort is designed specifically to reflect the care-free Polyneisan lifestyle and culture, as well as the rich flora and fauna of the Pacific Islands. Exclusivity is the name of the game here. Set on French Polynesia’s Tetiaroa atoll, the resort is accessible only through private flights, and features only 35 villas on its pristine white sand beaches.


Only a helicopter flight away from the Faa’a International Airport, the resort comprises 35 villas built with thatched roofs and equipped with a castaway ambiance. You are guaranteed to have a memorable stay here where snorkeling, diving, and kayaking is encouraged.

Leave your kids at the Lagoon School operated by the resort’s staff and head out to explore the wild waters of the Pacific Ocean. While your offsprings are busy playing, you can enjoy the on-site hammam or spa treatment after spending hours discovering the flora and fauna of the ocean.


The Beachcomber Cafe serves à la carte breakfasts that consist of fluffy croissants and locally grown tropical fruits. Honey lovers can have it with the Polynesian nectar collected from the island hives.

For lunch and dinner, Les Mutinés restaurant offers guests delicacies like mahi-mahi with ginger sauce and salt-baked scallops. The dishes are cooked by the team guided by the two-Michelin star chef at the Parisian Le Grand Véfour Guy Martin.

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The Brando, Tahiti, French Polynesia

Soneva Jani offers the modern-day Robinson Crusoe type of adventure that is hard to find anywhere else. This bucket-list destination in the Maldives is the ultimate dream of many, and it’s easy to see why.


The massive white cluster of wooden villas residing in the middle of the Indian Ocean is packed with daytime and nighttime activities. With a rented bike, you can get from your accommodation to the resort’s gym, spa room, and the kid’s area within 15 minutes or less.

Visit the local outdoor observatory that employs the best telescope in the region, and spend a night or two watching films in the overwater cinema. Alternatively, you can stay in your villa that incorporates a water slide and a hanging swing chair, and not leave the place for days on end.


Chances are you won’t get hungry at any point during your stay here – the 4 restaurants and a bar have plenty of food and drink options to indulge in. Truffle pasta, lamb burgers, sashimi, and homemade ice-cream are just some of your options.

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Soneva Jani, Mehufary Island, Maldives

If the idea of a remote getaway excites you, Sailrock resort in Turks & Caicos can provide you with that peaceful solitude, and the lush outdoors you are seeking. The tropical resort with 35 private rooms is nestled along the unspoiled beaches, where you can witness picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean all day long.


Each room has a flat-screen TV, a DVD player, and a bath, thus making it unnecessary to leave the apartment if you don’t feel like it. Grab a cup of coffee and relax while watching your favorite TV-show and feeling the breeze from the ocean.

In case you decide to venture out of your room, you can engage in diving, snorkeling, and windsurfing, which are all extremely popular in the area.


From the in-room dining to the on-site restaurants and beach bars, there is a plethora of meals and beverages available to you. Vegan blueberry pancakes for breakfast, golden conch fritters for lunch, and Caribbean lobster tail for dinner is an example of a typical menu at the resort.

The extensive drinks menu features classic cocktails like Mai Tai and Frozen Daiquiris alongside more sophisticated cocktails created by the local bartenders and other spirits.

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Sailrock, Turks & Caicos Islands

The Jamaican family-owned resort Kamalame Cay is a gem of the Caribbeans – those choosing to spend their time away from work in tropical luxury will become loyal guests here. The island the resort is on can be reached either by ferry, helicopter, or seaplane, which makes the destination that much more exciting.


The activities at the resort are just as laid-back as the island itself. A typical day will consist of hanging out in the swimming pool, playing tennis, and relaxing at the bar with a cocktail in hand.

When sunbathing at the beach gets tiring, you can get pampered at the overwater spa located at the edge of the ocean pier. You’ll be able to fully relax while getting a massage and perhaps even start thinking about what to have for dinner.


The gourmet meals served at the resort are inspired by Asian cuisine. So look forward to having the finest sushi and stir fry you have ever had.

When you are not having Asian food, you are most likely having homemade cookies, pastries with jam, fresh tropical fruits, and juices that come straight to your door, in a picnic basket each morning. Now we know what ‘all-inclusive’ actually means.

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Kamalame Cay The Bahamas

Kamalame Cay, The Bahamas

To experience the African wildlife in all its glory is possible by booking a ‘design-centric luxury camp’ also known as andBeyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge. This jewel of the Kalahari is located in the heart of Delta, in Botswana, where the organic construction of the property merges with the canopy of palms and fig trees.


When you come to a place like this, the first mandatory thing to book is the 4WD drive. There you will be able to observe lions, leopards, and wildebeests, among other animal species which calls Botswana their home.

Beyond a safari, you can spend your time birdwatching in pursuit of hornbills and kestrels (Swarovski binoculars are included). If you get lucky, some of the local fauna will find you at your accommodation itself.


This is not your typical camp when you’re cooking the fish you just caught on a campstove – rather, it’s an elevated fine dining experience eating at individual tables. Your choices include grilled Botswana beef, locally grown fresh produce, and the guests’ favorite, Kudu burger.

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Andbeyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge Botswana Southern Africa

andBeyond Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, Botswana, Southern...

At the Bluefields Bay Villas in Jamaica, the home-like feeling is combined with lavish scenery. This creates an atmosphere filled with authenticity and serenity that is hard to find these days among a large number of loud and fully-booked resorts.


The six villas are sheltered near the Caribbean Sea, whose crystal-clear waters call for sea-kayaking, snorkeling, and diving. To immerse into the untouched environment of the island, go on a hike up the mountain, dare yourself to try zip-lining, or take a boat tour.

The Jamaican Southern Coast is not spoiled by the commercial packages just yet, so take full advantage of it and meet locals who will show you the best spots for the sunset and the fishing places with an abundance of the marine species.


Here you can taste gourmet meals cooked by the personal chef who takes into consideration every single one of your preferences. The dishes may include a bowl of pumpkin soup and a fillet mignon with jerk gravy, unless, of course, you have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

When relaxing by the pool, the staff might offer you a tropical cocktail and a fresh fruit platter. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to sip your favorite Banana Daiquiri while watching the sunset.

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Bluefields Bay Villas, Jamaica

‘Home away from home’ is the perfectly applicable motto for the Kokomo resort located on a  remote tropical island in Fiji. From the first glimpse of the Yaukuve Levu island from above, to the first time your feet touch the Fijian sand, you will have a hard time coming to peace with leaving this paradise.


You are greeted with the staff singing the Fijian welcoming song to you, which already sets the mood for the rest of your stay. The nine-room spa treatments, yoga classes and workout with a personal trainer that follow are merely the bonus.

Design your vacation any way you want – take a class to learn about the local culture, go snorkeling in the pristine waters of the South Pacific Ocean, or enroll in a cooking masterclass.


The mastermind behind the exquisite cuisine served at the resort is the chef Cory Campbell. Together with his team, he makes sure to wow guests with fresh fruits grown on the island’s 2.2-hectare farm and multi-course lunches and dinners.

With daily changes in the menu, you are bound to try a wide variety of dishes you wouldn’t otherwise get to sample. Fijian fish curry with the fresh catch of the day and homemade coconut ice-cream is there at your disposal.

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Kokomo Private Island, Fiji

Set on top of the inland hill where the extinct volcanic caldera was, the small yet mighty Pikaia Lodge overlooks the 31 hectares of forests and fields. This Ecuadorian treasure is a much sought-after alternative for palm-trees-and-white-sand-beaches that caters to the minimalists with a sweet spot for nature.


Galapagos has never seen a resort with such a tremendous emphasis on eco-conscious service that continues to sustain itself year after year. The on-site sauna and an infinity pool go hand in hand with the hot tub and spa freely available for guests.

The bicycle rental enables guests to explore the area by themselves, which helps to connect with the National Park, that the Galapagos actually is.


The vast distance between the lodge and the mainland is not an obstacle to an impeccable dining experience. The daily supply of locally grown ingredients allows the kitchen staff to create delicious meals like gazpacho, a rice pudding with fruit, and a seafood salad.

To loosen up at the end of the day, the barman offers flavors cocktails made at the pool bar.

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Pikaia Lodge Santa Cruz Galapagos Islands

Pikaia Lodge, Santa Cruz, Galapagos Islands

Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, MAIA is set on the southwest coast of Mahé where breathtaking sunsets meet the temperamental winds. The relaxing sanctuary this place is, it offers the perfect secluded getaway couples who have had enough of their corporate routine.


For your convenience, there is a butler assigned to each villa, whose ultimate aim is to please the guest. So, besides getting pampered at the Balinese-style spa, you don’t have to lift a single finger to get the attention of your steward.

On days when you feel full of energy, you can try out scuba diving, attempt a morning yoga, and even get a mani and pedi.


Unless you want to dine in your villa alongside your butler, there is an on-site Tec-Toc restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There you can have a taste of Asian, Mediterranean, French, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Creole cuisines.

The 300-items list of vintage wines makes your stay at the resort just that much more sophisticated – the sommelier can organize a private tasting just for you.

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MAIA, Anse Boileau, Seychelles

The Datai Langkawi resort in Malaysia offers one of the best, if not the best, luxurious experiences in the whole of Asia. Enveloped by the wild rainforest, it blends with the diversified fauna presented by the dusky leaf monkeys, flying lemurs, and dozens of birds and butterflies species.


While the accommodation is merely the complement to the faultless setting, the service and facilities are definitely the stand-alone elements. Starting from the well-furnished gym and ending with the woodland-clouded spa and a yoga pavilion, there are plenty of ways to diversify your stay here.

For the curious minds, there is a Nature Centre filled with mini laboratories that showcase the resort’s commitment to sustainability while also educating guests about ecology.


You will find plenty of Asian staples including Malaysian dishes served at the resort’s Gulai House restaurant. The Pavilion, an open-air Thai restaurant, is another location where you can savor some of the mouthwatering meals the staff prepares.

For European food, head over to the on-site Beach Club and Bar, and the Dining Room. There you will get to try the freshly baked pastries, salads, pizzas, and cold-press juices that are so familiar to the international visitors.

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The Datai Langkawi, Malaysia

The stylish decor and the accommodating staff make the Blanket Bay an ideal place for a relaxing vacation. Located on the eastern shore of Lake Wakatipu, this lodge-style retreat welcomes families from all over the world without exceptions.


Whether it is a sunny or rainy day, there are multiple ways to enjoy your stay here. Take a canoe tour down the lake, stroll on a bike through the town, or relax in the game room at the resort.

Feeling adventurous? Go horse riding in the sheep fields, try heli-skiing at one of the local mountains, or take a helicopter trip overlooking Milford Sound.


The resort is not short of intricate dishes that are served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Several versions of eggs, citrusy salads, lamb mains, and dozens of other delicacy meals are all available to you on a daily basis.

Based on the courses you select, you will be offered wines that complement those dishes. The atmosphere of a low-lit dining room with a scorching fireplace, a secluded wine cave with stonewalls, or an outdoor terrace with the warm fire make your dining experience just that much more refined.

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Blanket Bay, Otago, New Zealand

For minimalistic vibes that transport you straight into the future, book Viceroy Los Cabos resort in Mexico. Set in the Baja California Sur region, it comprises interconnected buildings that are circumvented by the waterways and three pools.


To investigate the rich waters of the North Pacific Ocean, go scuba diving, snorkeling, or sunset sailing. When it gets exhausting, consider setting out on a camel safari or embarking on an electric bike beach adventure.

Even the smallest explorers will find things to do at the resort – the Generation V Kids’ Club will allow their imagination to run wild when playing with toys or reading books.


The dining experience at Viceroy Los Cabos is known for its authenticity and abundance. Classical Mexican dishes are served at the Casero Restaurant and NIDO, whereas the late-night drinks at the Nudito Beach & Poolside Bar, Otro Bar, and the Cielomar Rooftop.

Alternatively, it is possible to dine in the comfort of your own room – the staff will deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your door from as early as 7 in the morning to as late as 10 in the evening.

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Viceroy Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Named after the Indian Ocean’s spice trade pioneer Prince Maurice Van Nassau, the resort has become a popular favorite among those looking for a peaceful getaway in the tropical jungles. It is sheltered on the northeast coast of Poste de Flacq where far away mountains melt into the mangroves and vanilla-colored beaches.


You can expect to get the best pampering experience from your stay at the resort – the two staff members at your disposal are there to make it a reality. Besides their careful attention to your preferences when it comes to drinks and room decor, you are also entitled to anti-aging spa treatments by Sisley, and mani and pedi devised by the celebrity podiatrist Brice Bicham.

For making the most from everything the island has to offer, go water skiing, paddle boarding, or kitesurfing. Even if you are a beginner, you will enjoy learning how to maintain stability on the water and how to be one with the wild waves.


If dining at the floating seafood restaurant sounds exciting to you, get ready to experience it first-hand at the Constance Prince Maurice resort. This perfect for the sun setting in the mountains spot serves exquisite dishes that are accompanied by wine from the island’s best wine cellar.

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Constance Prince Maurice, Mauritius

Situated on the edge of a canyon with the view of the robust Hajar Mountains, Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar embodies the treasure of the Middle East where people come to rejuvenate. The sleek rooms have balconies with breathtaking landscapes and the villas have private pools – your stay will be memorable in either one of the accommodations.


As per the best local traditions, there is a spa with hammam, thermal suites, indoor pools, and refreshing treatments that incorporate rose and pomegranate ingredients. A day spent getting pampered will certainly benefit your physical and mental health in the long run.

Apart from the common activities like hiking, mountain biking, and morning yoga, the resort offers a few unique experiences featuring landscape painting and cooking classes. While the former is great therapeutic leisure, the latter gives you insights into the techniques behind Oman dishes like the seafood soup ‘paplou’ and spiced rice with beef ‘qabuli’.


The Italian chef from Sicily is responsible for the authentic Italian cuisine served at the poolside Bella Vista restaurant: wood-fired pizzas and classic kinds of pasta will leave you licking your fingers.

The food at the location is not limited to Italian only – there is a Morrocan tapas lounge, an international Al Maisan with all-day dining options, an Arabic restaurant, and a shisha lounge.

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Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort, Oman

This adults only resort is tucked away in a 500-acre property along the Yucatan Peninsula. Featuring one of the finest beaches in Mexico, a world-class spa, a variety of activities, and exclusive packages for couples, Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun is particularly great for guests looking for an exotic romantic getaway.


The non-motorized water sports along with diving, snorkeling, and deep-sea fishing are all at your disposal. You can create an itinerary where you explore the rich biodiversity of the sea during the day, and take a cooking or a dancing class in the evening – this way you will get the best of both worlds.

The resort hosts beach and pool volleyball games, tennis tournaments, and water aerobics too. If you come with your friends and family, you can elevate your stay by competing at the local golf club.


Feel free to indulge in a wide array of international meals cooked by the best chefs of Cancun. Pick from the buffet venue, 6 á la carte gourmet restaurants, or a grill and a cafe – there is no need for prior reservations.

On top of that, the 24-hour dining allows you to enjoy the early morning snacks as well as the late-night bites without leaving your room.

More about Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun – Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun – Playa del Carmen,...

Ideal for particularly active families, Club Med Sandpiper Bay offers a tropical getaway with a special focus on sports activities. That said, this all-inclusive resort isn’t devoid of scenic views either: It sits on a lush, mangrove-lined 216-acre property overlooking the St. Lucie River!


You can sign up for golf lessons and spend a day at the resort’s world-class golf course. There’s also a beach volleyball academy, a tennis academy, and a flying trapeze school if you’re planning on something more strenuous.

If water sports is more your thing, you can go sailing, stand up paddle boarding, or kayaking up the St. Lucie River. Tired of resort life? Off-site excursions include boat tours that allow guests to explore Florida’s rich flora and fauna.

If you’d rather be pampered than go on an adventure, the resort also has a spa and a number of relaxation spaces. After a long day, spend your evenings enjoying live music or watching circus and magic shows.


Savor a wide range of international cuisines at the resort’s The Market Place, open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re not really into buffet-style dining, the resort also has an all-day dining taqueria called the Lucky Lime–perfect for brunches and late night snacks!

More about Club Med Sandpiper Bay – Florida, USA

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Club Med Sandpiper Bay – Florida, USA

Situated on the shores of Juanillo Beach and tucked away inside a gated community, this tropical paradise features activities galore with luxurious amenities (including a cenote-inspired spa!) in a quiet Caribbean setting. On top of all that, all adult guests have full access to its adults only sister resort!

A relatively new player in the all-inclusive resort scene, Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana is a more modern take luxury and convenience.


There’s something for all ages at Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana. You can have fun with your kids at the resort’s waterpark, spend a day at the Punta Espada golf course, go to themed pool parties, take a dance class, or learn how to craft a handmade keepsake from local artisans.

The resort also accommodates a variety of non-motorized water sports if you’re looking for something more active. Off-site excursions include snorkelling and deep-sea fishing.

At night, you can just sit back at the resort’s outdoor amphitheater and enjoy live music and/or culturally-inspired shows. It wouldn’t be a getaway if there wasn’t also the option to celebrate life with a bit of a party too.


If you’re craving local specialties, the resort’s El Mercado offers a gourmet buffet in a stylish space that takes after a modern Caribbean market. Asian fusion cuisine can be had at the resort’s Tempest Table, and Italian specialties can be had at the Noodle & Thread. If you want to get an authentic Caribbean experience, you can cap off every day at the resort at the resort’s distillery-inspired rum bar–the Grog Grotto!

More about Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Hyatt Ziva Cap Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

What sets Beaches Turks & Caicos apart from other Caribbean resorts is that it immerses its guests in not one, but four different cultures in one idyllic setting (obviously, all of which have a Caribbean flair). This resort features four distinct “villages” (each with their own distinct set of rooms, pools, and restaurants), an award-winning spa, and a 45,000-square-foot waterpark for kids (and kids at heart).


Take a spa day and enjoy the wide array of treatments and massages at the resort’s Red Lane Spa. You can spend a day with your family at the resort’s Pirates Island waterpark. Or, you can go right to exploring the crystal clear waters surrounding the resort. Kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and sailing are staples here. The resort also offers snorkeling cruises and unlimited (!) scuba dive trips on prime dive spots off of Grace Bay, Northwest Point, and French Cay.

If you’ve had your fill of the Atlantic coast, offsite land sports include golf and horseback riding. If partying is more your thing, the resort holds a weekly beach party (yes, with fire eaters and limbo dancers), and the resort’s Club Liquid offers nightly DJ sets featuring reggae, hip-hop, and house music.


The resort features 21 restaurants and over 12 bars. Enjoy authentic Caribbean cuisine at the resort’s Jerk Shack and Appleton Rum Bar. The resort’s Café de Paris is ideal if you’re craving French pastries, crepes, and gourmet coffee. Looking for that classic 50’s American diner experience in the Caribbean? Why not? Stop by Bobby Dee’s to gorge on hamburgers and other diner classics. For traditional Italian fare, head on over to Giuseppe’s. If you’re looking for something more exotic, you can enjoy the flavors of India at the resort’s Bombay Club.

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Beaches Turks & Caicos – Providenciales, Turks and...

Rustic rooms, endless family activities, quality family time, and scenic views in a mountainside/lakeside setting. If your idea of the ultimate family getaway is somewhere within (or close to) those parameters, you can’t go wrong with Woodloch Resort in the Poconos.


There’s a ton of stuff to do here: take art classes, or you can spend a day with your family at the resort’s Archery Range. For something more competitive, you can also go on a scavenger hunt, or take part in Woodloch’s Amazing Race.

Keen on just getting pampered? Leave your kids at the resort’s schoolyard-style playgrounds while you get a massage at the resort’s award-winning spa. For something more thrilling, you can scale the resort’s 30-foot Climbing Wall and take in the breathtaking Pocono canopy. If it’s the waters you’d like to explore, spend a day on a scenic lake boat tour, or go kayaking or paddle boarding on the lake.


The Woodloch Resort embraces the seed to fork philosophy when it comes to their dining experience. As such, you can enjoy healthy and sustainable eats crafted with the best and freshest regionally grown products at all three dining rooms at the Woodloch Resort.

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Woodloch Resort – Pennsylvania, USA

With a focus on sustainability and showcasing the rich Indonesian culture and landscape, NIHI Sumba embodies rugged luxury. Great for nature-loving families with a penchant for different cultures, the resort boasts Indonesian-style villas, acres of tropical jungle, and a rugged coastline with golden white sand.


The resort offers a ton of different activities. For starters, you can go surfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, and SUP-ing on the resort’s waters (make sure to check weather conditions, as monsoon season here can be rough).

As for land activities, you can go mountain biking on Sumba’s hills, or you can go on a trek through the remote area of Lamboya. The resort also offers cultural activities such as Ikat weaving lessons and a natural remedies workshop. There are also off-site voyages that allow guests to explore other areas of the Indonesian archipelago.


Feast on freshly caught seafood Omakase style at Kaboku, the resort’s Japanese sushi bar. A variety of local and international dishes are served at the resort’s main restaurant, Ombak. You can also enjoy freshly caught seafood or freshly made pizza at the resort’s Nio Beach Club & Pool.

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NIHI Sumba – Sumba Island, Indonesia

Mimicking an idyllic Mediterranean village, Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort is set on a lush hillside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This unique setting, coupled with the rich Lucian culture and lifestyle, as well as tons of watersport opportunities, make this one of the best family friendly resorts in the Caribbean.


Windjammer Landing is a mecca for water sports enthusiasts. Complimentary with your stay, you can enjoy non-motorized water sports like snorkeling, windsurfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, and pedal boating. At extra cost, you can also go scuba diving, wakeboarding, and water skiing.

You can keep your kids entertained at the resort’s Jacquot Fun Club, which offers everything from tennis lessons to arts and crafts sessions. For couples and honeymooners, you can book a sunset cruise and enjoy a magical night at sea, or get an exquisite couples massage at the resort’s spa.


Enjoy upscale seafood and steak dinners at the resort’s Upper Deck restaurant. If you’re looking for something more casual to go with the laid-back, beach vibe, pizzas and burgers can be had at Embers. For a typical Caribbean buffet, head to Dragon Fly on Tuesday nights.

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Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort – Saint Lucia

Considered a classic among Caribbean all-inclusive resorts, Club Med Punta Cana offers pretty much everything a Club Med resort offers, but with a distinct Dominican flair. As such, it’s ideal for all guests looking to learn about Dominican culture and history. Moreover, while this resort is great for families, it’s also great for couples, as it features an adults-exclusive hideaway.


Take your family to pool parties and fun family tournaments like treasure hunts and sandcastle competitions. Sign up for a golf lesson and check out some of Punta Cana’s best golf courses. You can also engage in other sports such as basketball, beach volleyball, and tennis.

Water sports include sailing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, kitesurfing, and scuba diving. If you and your partner want some alone time, the resort’s Zen Oasis is an adults only section designed for relaxation.

Off-site excursions include a 1-day trip to Saona Island, as well as trips to Santo Domingo, where guests can learn the rich history of the Dominican Republic’s capital.


Enjoy international and local dishes under the shade of palm trees at the resort’s L’Hispaniola restaurant. Devour some of the freshest seafood on the island at the resort’s Altamar restaurant. Smoke Dominican cigars at the Club Med Punta Cana’s Cielo bar. If you’re not in a going out mood, you can enjoy a glass of premium wine in the comfort of your own room from the resort’s La Cave wine cellar.

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Club Med Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This homey lakeside resort is great for families looking to unwind, unplug, and reconnect with each other. Consistently rated among the top family friendly all-inclusive resorts in the U.S., the Tyler Place Family Resort offers an elevated summer camp experience with award-winning programs for kids and teens, as well as a variety of excursions for adults.


Get your children involved in hands-on activities like bike rides, field trips, swimming at the lake, scavenger hunts, and hikes through the wilderness. While the kids are occupied, go on an off-property canoe trip and explore Vermont’s local waterways! Or, go on a hiking/biking trip near the Canadian border. The resort also offers a variety of fitness and relaxation options, such as tennis, yoga, and spa treatments.

Family-friendly offerings include nature walks, Quebec visits, and pontoon boat rides!


Enjoy locally grown produce and salads and homemade baked goods at the resort’s family breakfast room. Sample Vermont spirits and fine wines from all over the world at the resort’s bar and lounge. Cap your day off with some evening cocktails at the resort’s adults-only Fireplace Lounge, Porch and Deck.

More about Tyler Place Family Resort – Vermont, USA

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Tyler Place Family Resort – Vermont, USA

The Royalton Grenada is a modern and practical take on the Caribbean all-inclusive resort experience. It’s relatively affordable, great for all ages, conveniently close to the airport, and has most of the offerings that other, higher-priced Caribbean resorts offer ( such as upscale restaurants, water sports, scenic views, off-site excursions, and a world-class spa). This resort is great for families looking for an all-inclusive beach resort that’s easily accessible and won’t break the bank.


Try your hand at a variety of non-motorized water sports, such as kayaking, paddle boarding, and bodyboarding. The resort also offers beginner scuba lessons for those looking for something more thrilling.

Off-site excursions include family-friendly tours of Grenada where guests can mingle with locals and try authentic local food.


Italian, trattoria-style dining can be had at the resort’s Grazie Italian Trattoria. If you’re craving something with more spice, the resort’s Taj restaurant offers authentic Indian cuisine.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, or just want to treat yourself with something sweet, the resort’s Scoops Gelato and Caffe Lounge is the place to be.

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Royalton Grenada – St. George’s, Grenada

Considered one of the best all-inclusive adults only resorts in America, Bungalows Key Largo is all about that laid-back cabana lifestyle. Boasting a number of restaurants and bars (including a Tiki bar and a pool bar), a spa with a sauna and a steam room, and a variety of activities on land and on its pristine waters, this island oasis is great for couples looking to unwind and fully disconnect from the world.


At Bungalows, you can have a relaxation-packed itinerary or an action-packed one. Here’s how most guest do it: start with a daily yoga class and take in the sounds of the ocean waves. Next, explore the Florida shoreline. Go kayaking, standup paddle boarding, and snorkeling alongside dolphins and manatees. If you want something more personalized, you can charter a private boat, or go on a sunset cruise, and/or go on a diving excursion at extra cost.


If you plan on just soaking up the sun, small bites and tropical cocktails are served from 12 PM to 5 PM ( because nothing’s better than getting one last cocktail to enjoy the sunset with) daily. For upscale dining, you can feast on prime steaks and freshly caught seafood at the resort’s Bogie & Bacall’s restaurant. If you want a more laid-back, seaside lunch, Sea Señor offers freshly caught seafood and a variety of Mexican fare.

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Bungalows Key Largo – Florida, USA

This LGBT-friendly resort is a great value-for-money option within Sint Maarten.

Everything here screams “contemporary Caribbean,” from the resort’s modern suites to its incredible entertainment program. Guests here have access to a world-class casino, as well as Sonesta Ocean Point’s family friendly sister resort, the Sonesta Maho Beach Resort!


Explore the best of what Maho Bay has to offer. Go on a snorkeling and scuba diving tour. The resort also offers ATV and dune buggy tours, private charters, and distillery tours.

If you’re not really in the mood for off-site adventures, the resort also offers a variety of fitness and wellness-centered activities such as daily yoga classes, aquacise, and one-on-one training programs. You can also just take a spa day and reconnect your mind, body, and soul at the resort’s Serenity Spa.

For those with a gambling spirit, Casino Royale, the island’s largest gaming emporium, is located just across the resort!


Dine on exquisite Mediterranean fare at the resort’s signature Azul Restaurant–featuring seasonal ingredients, fresh vegetables, and grilled selections.

If you want something more Caribbean-themed, poke-inspired dishes and sustainably sourced fish can be had at the resort’s Bluefin Restaurant. Cap your day off the resort’s Sunset Lounge, and try their specialty cocktails while enjoying the sweeping ocean views.

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Sonesta Ocean Point Resort – Sint Maarten

While not as grand as some of the other all-inclusive resorts on this list, Mexico’s Marquis Los Cabos is an adults only resort that’s particularly ideal for guests looking to take that much needed downtime, unwind and get pampered. The resort features immaculately appointed suites, infinity pools, international restaurants, a state-of-the-art day spa and gym, and great ocean views.


The resort is more for relaxation than anything else. Make use of its world-class spa. That said, the hotel does offer a variety of beachfront activities, including aquarobics, outdoor tennis, pool volleyball, archery, and dance lessons. The resort also has nightly entertainment, which comes in the form of circus nights, fire shows, and cabaret nights.


Marquis Los Cabos offers five international restaurants. Try the contemporary French cuisine at the resort’s Canto del Mar. For something Mediterranean, head on over to the resort’s Pergola restaurant. Dos Mares serves fresh seafood and coastal-inspired specialties such as ceviches and fish tacos. Cocktails, wines, and local brews can be had at the resort’s Suspiros Bar.

More about Marquis Los Cabos – San José del Cabo, Mexico

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Marquis Los Cabos – San José del Cabo, Mexico

If you’re looking for an innovative (but still retains its exotic vibe) all-inclusive resort featuring skypools and meandering river pools, Sandals Grenada is definitely worth considering. Considered by many to be among the best popular chain resorts, Sandals Grenada is particularly great for active couples and friends looking to do some scuba diving and snorkeling!


Guests are never at a loss for things to do here. For starters, you can spend days scuba diving and exploring the nearby reef systems. The resort also offers top-of-the-line equipment for kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

If you’ve had your fill of the turquoise waters surrounding the resort, you can compete with other guests at tennis, beach volleyball, table tennis, and at the resort’s pool tables.

Of course, no Sandals experience would be complete without a relaxing, Caribbean-inspired spa treatment from their signature Red Lane Spa.


There are 10(!) restaurants at the resort. If you’re craving Caribbean and Mediterranean specialties, the resort’s Spices restaurant complements the island vibe with Jamaican jerk favorites, Greek style salads, and succulent seafood. Avid carnivores can feast on steaks and various iterations of surf and turf at the Butch’s Chophouse.

More about Sandals Grenada – St. George’s, Grenada

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Sandals Grenada – St. George’s, Grenada

The Lodge at Woodloch is ideal for guests looking to re-connect with themselves. This wellness resort offers respite from the rat race, or simply elevate their personal awareness. Sitting on 500 acres of woodland within the Poconos, this adults-only mountain resort offers a world-class spa and a wide array of activities designed to help guests heal and/or have a personal awakening.


The Lodge at Woodloch is known for its luxury spa facilities, so be sure to make full use of it. Pamper yourself with customized face and body treatments. Try the resort’s Float Therapy. Work out at The Lodge’s CardioWeight Studio.

For the full experience, go biking through the Poconos’ scenic woodlands, and try your hand at hatchet throwing. Go on a birding excursion (a few bald eagles spend their winters here), and join a guided Forest Bathing session. You can also go kayaking and/or try SUP-ing at the nearby Little Teedyuskung Lake.


The Lodge at Woodloch’s TREE Restaurant and Bar offers some of the best farm-to-table food among the resorts on this list–definitely not the typically bland spa cuisine. There are three gourmet meals daily, crafted with only the best organic, locally-sourced ingredients. Guests also rave about the restaurant’s award-winning wine selection, which has everything from aromatic whites to old world reds!

More about The Lodge at Woodloch – Pennsylvania, USA

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The Lodge at Woodloch – Pennsylvania, USA

One of the best value-for-money options on this list, Robinson Maldives is set on a private island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. While not devoid of activities, this beach resort is particularly great for guests just looking to lay back, soak up the sun and enjoy some peace and quiet.


Get yourself centered with some morning yoga and the resort’s Body & Mind courses. Treat yourself with some Balinese spa packages at the resort’s WellFit Spa. Go on a diving excursion and explore the unspoiled coral reefs of the Indian Ocean. The resort also offers equipment for surfing, kitesurfing, water skiing, and stand-up paddling. At extra cost, you can try your hand at open sea fishing and/or explore other parts of Maldives.

You can also spend the day playing beach tennis, beach soccer, or beach volleyball on the resort’s first-class courts. If you’re more of a partier than an athlete, the resort also offers nightly entertainment featuring local acts.


Guests can feast on a diverse range of cuisines (with an emphasis on Maldivian food) at the resort’s buffet restaurant. Each dish is crafted with only the freshest ingredients. Tropical libations can be had at the resort’s bars while you watch the sun set on the Indian Ocean.

More about Robinson Maldives – Kaadedhdhoo, Maldives

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Robinson Maldives – Kaadedhdhoo, Maldives

With its excellent tropical surroundings, colonial-style suites, and a particular focus on creating a “home away from home” experience, Excellence Punta Cana is one of the best options out there for guests looking for a romantic and relaxing Caribbean getaway that doesn’t necessarily break the bank.


Guests are spoiled for choice here when it comes to activities. If you’re not keen on just basking in the sun and simply taking in the Caribbean atmosphere, you can take yoga classes and water aerobics sessions, learn Spanish, take dance lessons, or try your hand at archery.

At extra cost, you can go on a guided deep sea fishing excursion, or go scuba diving with the resort’s licensed instructors. Nightly entertainment includes Vegas-style shows, dance parties, fire shows, and acrobatic displays.


The name of the game here is variety. Indulge in trattoria-style classics at the resort’s Oregano restaurant. Try the contemporary Mexican dishes at Agave, or spend a day devouring Caribbean spiny lobsters at the resort’s lobster restaurant. After a day of relaxation and fun, have a nice tropical cocktail at the Alegria nightclub as you dance to Caribbean rhythm and sounds.

More about Excellence Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Where to Book:


Excellence Punta Cana – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Occidental Papagayo is a perfect choice for couples looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Costa Rica, while enjoying the luxury of a 5-star hotel. This Central American getaway offers packages and tours designed to showcase Costa Rica’s flora and fauna.


Guests here can look forward to a daily program consisting of kayaking, snorkeling, water aerobics, and tennis. Guests can also indulge in various treatments at the resort’s health and wellbeing center.

Guests can also go on scuba diving excursions and explore the beauty of the Gulf of Papagayo. Other off-site excursions include Guanacaste tours–Africa Safari Adventure Park tours (yes, African wildlife thrives here), ATV jungle tours, and waterfall exploration tours.

Most evenings at the resort are filled with the sound of saxophones, violins, and guitars. That said, guests can also dance the night away at the resort’s disco.


Feast on upscale Costa Rican cuisine at the resort’s main buffet-style restaurant. If Asian fusion is more your thing, the resort’s D’Oriental restaurant offers seasonal variations of Japanese dishes.

As for cocktails and other drinks, all guests enjoy unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and you can have yours delivered to your room if you’re not keen on getting buzzed in front of other guests.

More about Occidental Papagayo – Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Where to Book:


Occidental Papagayo – Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Frequently asked questions about All-inclusive Resorts You Need To Visit

What does all-inclusive mean?

Whenever someone reads ‘all-inclusive’, he or she automatically assumes that everything is indeed included in the package. In reality, however, this is not always the case. While some resorts will take care of the airport transfer, accommodation, meals, and entertainment for a single payment, others will only provide you with accommodation and meals for the same sum.

More often than not you will have to pay for spa treatments from your own pocket, excursions, and adventurous activities. So, be prepared and bring some cash if sunbathing at the beach or chilling by the fireplace are too passive a pastime for you. This way you will have options and feel more accomplished by the time you get back home.

Is all-inclusive worth it?

An all-inclusive vacation is worth it for some travelers and is a complete waste of time and money for others. Paying a one-time fee prior to departing to your holiday destination is an ideal option for those who don’t have time to do thorough research and create an itinerary of their own. These types of travelers prefer to book a trip that doesn’t require any planning. Instead, they rely on the resort to have plenty of food to choose from, a wide array of on-site and off-site activities to take advantage of, and a permanent room/apartment/villa to chill in.

On the other hand, all-inclusive resorts will not be a money-saver for those spontaneous travelers who don’t like staying in one place. They would much rather go out and explore their surroundings, eat in local restaurants, and get to know the local culture through real-life conversations with the locals. Hopping from one hotel, or even hostel, to another, is their idea of the perfect holiday, and they can quickly get bored with the same scenery. For them, an all-inclusive resort is off the table.

What is the best time to go on an all-inclusive vacation?

It goes without saying that the time of the year for an all-inclusive vacation can either make or break your overall experience. Choose the wrong week of the month and you are stuck with ruined plans that force you to stay inside. Talk about money well spent! To avoid these mishaps, it’s advisable to check the reviews of travelers who have already been to your resort and maybe even personally contact the resort for their advice.

Depending on what part of the hemisphere you are planning on visiting, it makes sense to check what the weather is like in that particular place. For instance, August through October is known to be the hurricane and tropical storms’ time on the Caribbean Islands. While it might mean that you can score a better deal on the otherwise expensive package, it also means that you are running a risk of a canceled vacation. If you want to play it safe, choose a time period between December and April when the islands are less humid and the possibility of nasty weather is low.

How do I get the best deal on an all-inclusive vacation?

We all want that 50% discount on an all-inclusive vacation we have always dreamed of. How do we find it? Well, there are 5 basic rules to follow that might just secure you the best holiday yet.

The most obvious one goes like that – book during an off-season. All-inclusive resorts tend to have good offers for those times of the year so that more people book with them. For the Caribbeans and Mexico, it’s May through October, whereas for Africa, it’s September through November. Take into consideration public holidays in the country you are planning to visit as the prices tend to skyrocket during those times.

The second rule goes hand in hand with the first one – take advantage of the early booking benefits. The earlier you plan for your vacation, the more you will be able to save on your all-inclusive vacation. This is particularly important for traveling with kids since a big number of resorts tend to offer significant discounts for early booking for families with small children.

The not-so-obvious advice sounds like this – choose a less expensive holiday destination. Unless you want to visit a new country every time you travel, going for a more low-key area can save you quite a lot in the long run. The Dominican Republic and Cuba are some of those destinations you might want to look into if spending more days under the sun is your priority.

Going the last-minute route is more common among all-inclusive travelers than you would think. Those hot deals are often discounted down to 50-70%, which is a steal. Surely, it helps if you don’t have children and your work schedule is flexible, but you can also win the jackpot if the odds are not in your favor.

Kid-friendly destinations are another budgetary option for those looking to lower their vacation costs. When it comes to all-inclusive resorts, you can find plenty of deals where kids can stay and even eat for free. Browse Tripadvisor and similar platforms where travelers happily share their advice on what places make these offers.

Are you supposed to tip at an all-inclusive resort?

Although tipping at all-inclusive resorts is considered to be an optional gesture, you might want to consider tipping those who are providing you with a personal service. This includes bartenders, wait staff, housekeepers, tour guides, and masseuses.

They are the ones transforming your stay into a luxurious experience, which is definitely worth a reward. By tipping them, you show your gratitude and encourage a better quality of the service in the future.

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