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Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

If you’re searching for the best travel backpack, a smart option, you might have just found it.

The Salkan Backpacker bundle, with a main backpack and a detachable daypack, can look a little too overly-featured at first sight. It might even turn you off if you’re a light packer. It certainly demands getting to know what it can do.

A large backpack that’s available in customized colors, it can max out to 75 liters when both daypack and main pack are filled up.

We took it traveling and we also went camping on a weekend hiking trip. Backpackers will definitely find it an interesting option too.

It maxes out to a total capacity of 75 liters and it is designed to bare a generous load.

But is it the ideal travel companion for you? Let’s take a closer look at The Salkan Backpacker.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Reasons to buy

  • Great organization and comfort
  • It’s a 2-in-1 deal
  • Orange block lining makes it easy to see inside the bag
  • Lots of inner pockets for organization
  • Both bags come with a laptop sleeve
  • One of the most comfortable belt straps
  • For camping, daypack works well as a stuff sack

Reasons NOT to buy

  • Daypack is hard to close when filled to capacity

Your life in a backpack.

Literally. With the mainpack carrying 45 liters with optional 10-liter space in the hood. Plus another 20 liters in the daypack. You can stuff everything you need for a nonstop road adventure.

We took this bag weekending via train as well as on a hiking/camping outing. It made us feel like better travelers because it forces you to utilize the features of its design.

Taking the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag on a train trip

We have The Backpacker bundle, complete with packing cubes to compliment the pockets and laundry sack. Finding out where to pack items is intuitive. Staying organized, we found, was equally intuitive as clothes moved from packing cube to body to laundry sack.

An overvire to all the packing cubes and bags included within thre Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

On the move, it was pleasant to be able to adjust all the straps, so that with a burden of about 20 lbs, walking a mile or two was no issue.

For camping, the daypack was great as a sleeping bag stuff sack when finding a campsite. Then it was a comfortable little hiking backpack.

This bag is as well-designed as it is well-built.

Mainpack Storage

The top pocket of this large backpack comes with a smooth and soft lining. Keep your phone and glasses here without scratching them up. Besides, the zip is located almost at the back, so it’s not easily accessible to the wrong hands.

The top pocket inside the mainpack of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag: Key Specifications

  • Material: COTNA 900D Polycotton with Wax Coating, Nylon Straps, YKK Zippers, Aluminum G Hooks
  • Mainpack Dimension: 45 liters + 10 liter expansion; 5.7 lbs; 26” x 12.6” x 8.8”
  • Daypack Dimension: 20 Liters; 1.7 lbs; 18.9” x 11.42” x 7.09”
  • Colors: Customizable

Where to Buy:

The mainpack has a 45-liter capacity, which you can maximize to 55 by the hood. To do this, adjust the top flap by its straps, and it’s all set.

Laundry Sack

Once you undo the G hooks, open the flap, unclip the buckle and drawstring, an orange floating laundry sack will welcome you. It’s attached in the large backpack via four toggles that you can remove if you want to detach it from the bag.

Remember that your wet shoes and clothing can’t go in here. The laundry sack is not waterproof. Wet items will still drip on the dry.

It’s got a roll-the-top design. The roll turns to its handle once the buckles on both sides are locked together.

Laundry bag of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

Let’s get back with the front loading. Unlike most large backpacks with a clamshell design, Salkan Backpacker made a little twist. They kept the flap hinged at the bottom section of the front instead of the typical right side.

After opening it, you’ll see the 15″ laptop sleeve, one long zipped pocket on the right, and two smaller zipped pockets on the left. The right pocket is ideal for your pouches or umbrella. The smaller ones can keep your mini hiking accessories. These small pockets have double zipper pulls as well. So whether you’re accessing them from the top or front, you can open them easily.

For the remaining space inside the mainpack, we managed to fit in a large packing cube. Loading up the extra 10 liters on the hood fitted another medium packing cube. All in all, it’s roughly seven tees, a couple of shorts, and a long-sleeve shirt (large packing cube. Plus a week’s worth of fresh socks and undies (small packing cube) inside this large backpack.

Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag on our camping site

Daypack Storage

Now, with the daypack, there’s one small top pocket, an inner zipped floating pocket, and the laptop sleeve. If you need a plan to do a bit of work while sipping coffee in a café, this one will do well.

The daypack of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag put to test on the streets

Laptop Sleeve

Salkan Backpacker’s mainpack and daypack have a floating laptop sleeve that can fit in 15” units. We tried sneaking in a 16” MacBook, and it slipped without any trouble. 

In the mainpack, the sleeve floats around 3 inches from the bottom. The daypack is only an inch off the base. Be at peace that any unintended drops won’t damage your laptop.

A look at the laptop sleeve of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

Secret Pocket

Both packs have their secret compartment. It sits at the back of the bag with a vertical zipper found on the side. There’s no width inside the pocket, so they’re ideal for anything flat like your cards and passport. They’re secured inside as well.

The secret pocket included inside the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

You can fit in everything you need for a lifetime of traveling using Salkan Backpacker. If not, at least a good few years of nonstop adventure.

It’s a large backpack ready to go face-to-face with the demanding lifestyle of a modern-day nomad.

A Feature-filled Solution for Disorganization

Hands-down one of the best builds for a large backpack! We’ll get to the features in this review, but the first positive impression we got was the build-quality. It’s surprising since the fabric is soft to touch.

This travel backpack used COTNA 900D Polycotton. It’s tear- and abrasion-proof. Very breathable as a canvas too. Polyester material with natural fibril mixed for a cotton-like feel.

The fabric used for this large backpack is also wax-coated. It helps amp up water resistance. It’s also the reason why this travel bag ages with beauty. It’s the same with the Harber London Classic Rucksack (full-grain leather material).

A closer look to the strong fabric of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

Although Salkan Backpacker promises weather-proofing, it’s not the case. We tried pouring in a couple of cups of water, and it beaded and glided off the travel bag, so that’s good. Anything more than that, and the material will start absorbing the moisture.

In short, this large backpack from Salkan can endure moderate showers. But not heavy downpours? On the other hand it can also tolerate sitting in wet grass while pitching a tent. that applies to both bags.

If you’re looking for totally waterproof bags, waterproof backpacks are your best bet.

But it comes with a zipped rain cover stowed in the bottom of the mainpack. And the cover is smart in that it has velcro openings for access to handles and the anti-theft, zippered pockets found on both bags.

And the back section of the mainpack? It’s tough as hell! I tried bending it, and it won’t budge! That’s a must-have since the laptop sleeve is on the other side. It’s a few steps ahead of competitors like The Stubble and Co Adventure Bag and Osprey Farpoint Travel Pack Carry-On. With 40 something capacity as well.

The smaller compartments also come with smooth fleece fabric. So, no need to worry about scratching your phone and sunglasses.

Trust that the zips of Salkan Backpacker’s pockets won’t leave you in the middle of the action. They’re YKK’s! It’s a no-brainer (unless you have some personal grudge for the company). Whether you’re opening or closing them up, the pulls slide without bumps. 

High quality zippers of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

When it comes to the aluminum G-hooks (they’re everywhere, we know), they feel a little flimsy. I was stressing a bit about them sliding. But tighten up their straps, and they’ll hold the large backpack with stability.

Now, those G-hooks look snazzy and scream “Advenchaaa!” for everyone to know. Is clipping and unclipping them a nuisance? Actually, they proved easy to clip and they stayed put. The straps provide a nice compression too, pulling the daypack snugly on the mainpack.

the daypack of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag used on the front

Salkan believes in the quality of its products. The company promises that it’ll last a lifetime. And if your large backpack gives up, they offer a lifetime warranty on manufacturing failures or defects.

All in all, Salkan Backpacker is one of the best travel backpacks out there. It offers you top-caliber construction. It’s quite nice-looking too. But, of course, it’s not inexpensive. On the other hand, we think it’s a pretty good

If this one didn’t impress you, you might want to check out our complete review of the best travel backpacks today!

A close look to some details of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

Design Meets Functionality

Salkan Backpacker is overflowing with surprises, and that’s not even an exaggeration! Let’s start with the straps. The harness system of this large backpack is so well-thought. Though it carries a heavy load, the weight evenly falls in every possible way to maximize comfort.

For the mainpack, the shoulder straps and hip belts are both adjustable and removable. It is possible with the wide Velcro hiding in the back panel of the bag. It might raise the question about its stability, but it didn’t present any issues during our testing. You’ll need the full force of both arms to open them up. With extra-thick padding, the straps won’t dig in your skin.

Hip straps for the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

You’ll also find G hooks on both shoulder straps. You can use them to attach the daypack by your front. It can also work as a side compressor or a load lifter attached to the top of the pack. This harnessing helps with balancing the weight. You can use these G hooks at the bottom of the large backpack for your sleeping bag or yoga mat as well.

Bonus, the mainpack’s hip belt comes with mini pockets. It’s a quick snatch to your mints, change, and Bluetooth headphones. 

The daypack has your usual webbing nylon strap, which is ok with its capacity. Both backpacks come with a built-in whistle. You’ll find it in the adjustable sternum strap for emergencies.

Salkan Backpacker gives you a densely padded back. Also, with an extra layer for your lower spine. It serves you with a comfortable fit. But this also invites sweating though it’s got breathable mesh fabric. Sweating is a dilemma common for large backpacks. You won’t have this problem with the daypack.

Breathable and soft padding of the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

Water bottles are present on both sides, made with the same fabric but with elastic on top to secure your drink. The smaller bag can carry 24 oz. Hydro Flask. But for a 32 oz Nalgene or Cirkul, they need to be in the mainpack. It’s a perk if hydrating is a priority for you. You might also want to stay away from AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack since it’s missing water bottle holders.

No large backpack is complete without any carrying handle. This travel backpack from Salkan has a couple, one at the top and another at the front’s lower section. It makes it easier to transfer your mainpack even when it’s open without spilling anything. You’ll also find a side handle that’s convenient if not less comfortable with thin nylon material.

Both the daypack and large backpack open and close using a drawstring with a cord lock. There’s also a buckle for more security.

It sounds like there’s so much going on with the Salkan Backpacker because there is! Customize the G hooks as you wish and pack up beyond what you need. It’s a deal for any serious traveler spending days visiting places one after another. 

Sounds too much? Dropping by our travel backpack guide will help you find the right bag for your needs.

Not your type of organization? You’ll find more travel backpacks here.


Salkan Backpacker is on the high-end of the price range. It might be hard to believe. But for around $350, it’s priced just right.

Look at the entire package. With its top-notch build, capacity, and comfort, and lifetime warranty, you can’t be complaining. 

Oh, I almost forgot, Salkan offers a 100-day trial too! Test this large backpack as you want. If you stumble on a drawback, you can return it with no charge whatsoever.

It’s a 2-in-1 large backpack with a well-thought harness system for an extra comfy fit. There’s lots of space for all your gear and clothing, made with high-quality materials for ultra-durability.

What else can you ask for, right?

Unless you’re whining about how badly you want one but can’t afford it (yet). Or, you have a small frame that it’s too much for a travel backpack.

Or you’re a minimalist.

Can’t make your mind up? Taking a quick detour to our travel backpack guide will help you decide.

Buy this backpack if:

  • You are (or ought to be) a full-time backpacker
  • Have the budget for it (it’s more than worth it anyways)
  • You’re an over-packer.
  • You want it for traveling or camping or overnighting versatility

What We Like

  • Great organization and comfort
  • It’s a 2-in-1 deal
  • Orange block lining makes it easy to see inside the bag
  • Lots of inner pockets for organization
  • Both bags come with a laptop sleeve
  • One of the most comfortable belt straps
  • For camping, daypack works well as a stuff sack
  • You can max out the mainpack’s capacity with ten more liters
  • Attaching, detaching 2 packs is easy and fast
  • Laundry sack is really nice.
  • Duffel bag style opening for easy access
  • Rain and plane cover is smart

What We Don’t Like

  • Daypack is hard to close when filled to capacity

Where to Buy:

Where to Buy:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Salkan Backpacker Travel Bag

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    What size is a large backpack?

    Travel backpacks can be as small as 25 liters or as massive as 85 liters.

    Anything between 25 liters and 35 can fit in valuables for a weekend trip. The 45 liters are the typically acceptable carry-on baggage for most airlines. So if you want your things within your sight, stick to this one.

    Large travel backpacks are those bags over 45 liters, meaning 46 liters and up.

    It also depends on your body frame. Sometimes, even a 40-liter bag can look like a large backpack if you’re under 5′ 4″.

  • image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml
    How big is the Salkan Backpacker Daypack?

    The daypack can accommodate up to 20 liters, and it weighs 1.7 lbs. with 18.9 x 11.42 x 7.09 inches dimension.

    It’s enough for your day trip to the outskirts of town with your 15-inch laptop, USB cables, and tech accessories, a pair of clothes, your phone and cards, and a small water bottle.


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