A New Swimwear Brand is Making Waves

Watery - Brand Review

We took swimwear from the Danish, eco-focused brand Watery out for a test to see if they live up to their lofty goals.

Spoiler alert: they do!

No matter what your motivation is for swimming, having the proper equipment will make your swim sessions more comfortable and enjoyable.

Swimming goggles that slip off your face, fog up or compress your eyeballs can make anyone think twice about the sport. Similarly, constant chafing at the neck of your wetsuit can ruin an otherwise pleasant experience.

The benefits of swimming–from lowered stress levels to heightened mood and health–are huge. That’s why it’s essential to have the gear that keeps you getting back into the water.

Fortunately, there are brands emerging that provide the type of equipment we all want to have, and do it responsibly with respect for the water that we all love and need.

Watery was created by Daniel Johannesen with all this in mind.

The Raven Active  Swim Goggles combined with the Pelican Wetsuit for Men was impressive in a fresh water lake swim.
The Raven Active Swim Goggles combined with the Pelican Wetsuit for Men was impressive in a fresh water lake swim.
Photo by: Sabrina Ruiz

From Baby Swimmer to Intrepid Entrepreneur

Watery  designs and manufactures water-sports equipment/swimwear with a strong emphasis on durability, quality, and minimizing its footprint. The company’s strategy of providing the right gear with a mind for protecting the environment is based on Johannesen’s own extensive water expertise.

Daniel Johannesen has spent significantly more time in the water than the average person, starting with baby swimming at the local pool and moving on to swim school. That led to nine years of elite swimming. Now he simply enjoys the oceans for the fun of it and because it makes him feel good.

As a result of Daniel’s enthusiasm for all water sports, Watery was established in 2016. The objective of this company is straightforward: to equip all swimmers and water enthusiasts with the right gear that’s made responsibly.

Our story starts and continues with our joy for being in water – no matter the activity. And that’s our mission, to help you enjoy it too.” – Daniel Johannessen, Founder of Watery

If you can’t find it, make it yourself.

It all started with a conversation between teammates after a training session at the pool in 2015. Everyone agreed: it was impossible to find sustainable swim trunks that could replace the expensive, environmentally-harmful products that competitive swimmers need. A year later, Daniel started Watery with this simple task in mind: to get it made and get out to other swimmers.


Although it took years of getting up at 5 am, going to bed at 11 pm, and sleeping in a small warehouse, Watery started to get noticed. Daniel appeared on Denmark’s Shark Tank/Lion’s Den and won an award in 2018 for best eCommerce site in Denmark. Watery was beginning to do more than just float. It was growing fast.

Their impressive collection of over 400 various product types through 34 hand-picked factories has received over 100,000 orders from throughout Scandinavia. And now Watery is entering the American market. Customers worldwide will get their opportunity to buy some eco-budgie smugglers! Big things are awaiting Daniel and his team at Watery.

We’ve just started our journey, and I’m thrilled to see what comes next.

The Pelican Wetsuit allows for swimming in Spring and Fall seasons. It encourages you to swim more often!
The Pelican Wetsuit allows for swimming in Spring and Fall seasons. It encourages you to swim more often!
Photo by: Sabrina Ruiz

Raising the Ethical Bar

Daniel and his colleagues at Watery are truly dedicated to making the world a better place. They are continually refining their whole production process, from the resources they use to how they transport their goods to how they are recycled.

From beach and ocean clean-up operations, sustainability partnerships, responsible packaging, and material sourcing, they’re promoting change and continually trying to improve their process.

Are the products worth it? Our take on Watery

If you doubt that a teenager and his swimming crew of colleagues can build a good wetsuit for you, join the club. When we initially heard about Watery, we were skeptical. But, the premise of the company and its products was interesting enough to order some items for testing.

We were impressed by the quality of the swimwear that came. Five great products that made us want to jump in the water and give them a try.

Open Water Swim Pelican Suit

The Watery Pelican Wetsuit for men and women is a full sleeve wetsuit that optimizes your body posture and reduces drag, enabling you to swim faster and more efficiently while saving your energy.

This is an outstanding product that gives you greater freedom and more buoyancy as stretchy Korean Jako rubber is used in construction. Open water swimmers and triathlon competitors will love this suit.


Extra buoyancy is provided by the Watery Pelican Wetsuit, which has been engineered to raise the bottom portion of the body without sacrificing flexibility in your swim strokes. The arm patches are flexible, and the suit’s orange design on the shoulders, sleeves, and legs makes you noticeable in the open ocean.

As if that’s not enough, when you purchase The Pelican Wetsuit from, the company will collect one plastic bag from the ocean for you, in partnership with the ReSea Project. You’ll get a link once you buy. You’ll be able to see in the link where the bag was picked up, who picked it up, and what impact it had.

Signature Swim Cap

Swim in style with the black Signature Swim Cap. Colorful variations let your individuality show in and out of the pool, and the lightweight, hypoallergenic silicone design ensures a secure fit and long-lasting durability. Protect your hair from chlorine with this silicone-based swim cap that is meant to fit easily without snagging or tugging.


To ensure a perfect fit, this silicone swim cap was designed to be very elastic and spacious, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of head sizes, while also maintaining your hair tangle-free when you’re swimming in the pool. The hat is also hydrophobic and offers reduced water drag to help you swim more quickly and easily.

Raven Mirror Swim Goggles

All triathletes and open water swimmers love the Watery Raven Mirror Swimming Goggles. The reflective mirror glass protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, making them ideal for open water swimming events like triathlons and other outdoor water sports.


While the goggles provide optimal eye protection and safety, a great feature is the 180 semi-peripheral lens which allows you to see people anywhere within your 180-degree sight.

For optimized comfort, it is possible to adjust the length of the silicon straps – it’s so easy you can do this while you are in the water. Finally, both men and women may benefit from the broad variety of facial shapes that the swimming goggle’s frame, which offers strong suction and non-slip covering.

Carry Straps Swim Buoy 28L

The Carry Straps Swim Buoy is a nylon-coated PVC bag with adjustable backpack straps and an elastic waistline with a whistle buckle connected to the clasp. Take your phone and keys with you on a swim. Using nylon-coated PVC ensures that your belongings will not get wet, and it is long-lasting. The Watery Carry Straps Swim Buoy is excellent for open-water swim-run events, and the bright orange hue makes you easily visible to lifeguards and other boats.


You may use it as a backpack, or you can use it to rest and relax. Comfort is ensured by the buoy’s long adjustable and detachable straps, which may be tightened or loosened to suit the wearer’s needs. You’ll also like the adjustable waist belt, which adds an extra layer of security while you’re wearing it.

You can inflate the buoy with your lips thanks to a single air chamber in the buoy. With the adjustable whistle belt waistline, the buoy does not interfere with your strokes and is easy to adjust. To avoid deflation, the air chambers are tightly sealed. Safety and storage are the primary concerns while swimming in the open water. The backpack has a size of 28 liters, which is enough space for all of your swimming necessities.

Waterproof Poncho

Outdoor water activities need an all-in-one poncho that can be utilized for both dressing up and down. When it comes to protecting yourself from the cold and the rain after a swim, Watery’s Waterproof Poncho is one of the best options out there. The hood features a drawstring that may be adjusted to keep your head snug and warm.


In all weather conditions, the poncho’s microfiber lining will towel dry the wearer. Additionally, it has a drawstring adjustable hood as well as two zippered pockets for mobile phones and wallets.

Following water sports activities, Watery’s waterproof poncho will keep you toasty and help soak up all that cold wetness. Aside from its ability to keep the wearer warm or cool, the poncho is light, collapsible, and simple to store.

The Waterproof Poncho has towel-like lining that wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you warm after a swim session.
The Waterproof Poncho has towel-like lining that wicks moisture away from the body and keeps you warm after a swim session.
Photo by: Sabrina Ruiz

For Swimmers, By Swimmers

In our opinion, Watery’s goods were top-notch in terms of quality and comfort. It’s apparent that the designs are backed up by a wealth of knowledge and experience. With the help of Daniel and his colleagues, the Watery team has started something quite remarkable – High-quality swimwear that has minimal environmental impact.

Seeing Watery’s innovative product designs and considerate, ethical operations take the globe by storm is something we can’t wait to see happen. We expect to hear a lot more from Daniel and the Watery crew in the not too distant future.

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