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A word from our editor

Wanting to pass on the passion and knowledge for the open water, our DIVEIN swim team labors to make sure our readers know exactly what they need when embarking on any watery adventures.

Swimming is one of the best activities for both health and to sharpen our mental faculties. This is almost our religion, our common pursuit of improving our standard of living and contentment. Our reviews of gear and the culture around swimming stem from this pursuit and our mission to make it more accessible for everyone.

Gear is not supposed to stand in the way of this. It’s supposed to get out of the way, to make space for you, the water and serenity.

George Kakas

After finishing his military service and becoming a Divemaster in 2014, George joined a research team in the Indonesian and Indian Oceans carrying out field research on their coral reef ecosystems. After completing a BSc in Oceanography and Sustainability he joined DIVEIN to share his passion for the water. When he’s not testing gear and writing about it, he’s carrying out drills and search and rescues with the RNLI out of Brighton.

Swimming Goggles Worn by Swimmer

Benefits of swimming

I love swimming. Why? The benefits of swimming are endless. Swimming is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy mind. With the right swimming gear to get you started, I guarantee, you’ll see instant lifestyle benefits.

Swimming keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body, making it particularly good for those with heart disease, arthritis and other conditions that may be aggravated by other forms of exercise. Training fins are widely available which will help to further build leg strength and endurance.

I find swimming is an excellent way to lose weight when done at a sufficient intensity and as part of an overall healthy eating plan. It is also one of the few exercises that works nearly every muscle group in your body.

The benefits of swimming, however, don’t stop at the neck. Swimming is a good stress reliever and can also help fight depression. A great pair of goggles provide clarity and comfort during open water and pool swims, which has been shown to improve mood and create feelings of relaxation and wellbeing.

Get started on your swimming journey today – take a look at our swimming guides to help you choose the right gear for you!

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Why Trust Us

We are a diverse group of writers with different professional backgrounds in the water, under the water and over the water. Our decades of experience as instructors, sailors and competitors have garnered a rich perspective. A perspective on how the right products can make a difference–both good and bad.

We start our testing by categorizing products, including technical, recreational, budget and premium, etc. Most products will fit somewhere in between, and it’s the value of those products in comparison that we highlight in our reviews.

The criteria for testing involves checking the quality of materials and the level of comfort these products provide. An example will be taking 8 swimming goggles and 8 or 9 swimming caps and trying them in the pool. We take notes then we repeat the experience in the ocean. We note how they perform and then we can relate performance to price for our readers. While this isn’t scientific it is–like our approach to everything–honest and detailed.

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