20 Best Ski Resorts in North America in 2023

It’s an October ritual for many skiers. As soon as the first leaves begin to turn brown, and the temperatures start going down, we get our gear, start watching our favorite skiing or snowboarding videos, and look back at pictures from last season. The pre-season anticipation is electric. When the snow begins to fall, we’re plagued with the same perennial question: “Where should I ride this season?”.

With over 800 resorts in North America, this question can be almost too much to tackle. Snow quality, how do I get there, where should I stay, how’s the apres, where’s the best value… The questions feel endless.

When all you want to do is forget the logistics and tear up the slopes, it’s all about just getting on the mountain. Here’s our breakdown of the 10 best ski resorts in North America.

The Top 10 Ski Resorts in 2023

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Whistler Blackcomb is a powerhouse resort and should be on every skier or snowboarder’s bucket list. You’re looking at 8,171 skiable acres of terrain spread across two peaks on the scenic West coast of Canada.

This low elevation, big mountain resort that stretches from the sea to the sky is the biggest ski area in North America. With over 200 marked runs and almost 40 feet of snow annually, one could spend a whole season out at Whistler Blackcomb and still find new ways down the mountain.

With the inclusion of the awesome town of Whistler nestled between the two peaks, you’ll have a lively apres scene, a huge selection of accommodations, and no shortage of fun activities to fill up a rest day. Whistler Blackcomb is a resort for everyone.

More about Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort Bottom Line

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Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Just across the way from Breckenridge, nestled in the Ten Mile Range, lies Copper Mountain Ski Resort. Known for being one of the best family friendly resorts in Colorado, Copper Mountain offers up great riding for all skill levels, good times, and an incredible value.

Copper mountain is a relatively large ski area, with 2,465 acres of skiable terrain spanning across four distinct mountain areas that are naturally separated into skill level appropriate areas. This mountain area’s high elevation means you’ll be treated to blower powder and stunning views. And with an average of 300 sunny days per year at Copper, bluebird powder days are a likelihood.

Visiting Copper means you can find your perfect area on the mountain and spend days tearing up the terrain without ever worrying about getting in over your head. Freestyle riders won’t be left out either with a wide selection of terrain parks that range in difficulty from beginner to professional.

More about Copper Mountain Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Copper Mountain Ski Resort Beginner Skiing

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Copper Mountain Ski Resort 2023 Guide

While skiing may not come to mind when one thinks of skiing, Mammoth Mountain, located in Eastern California, is certainly one of North America’s best resorts.

Located near Yosemite Valley, Mammoth Mountain is quite the opposite. Mammoth is a high altitude Sierra Nevada peak (the highest elevation California ski resort!), with huge vertical drops, absurdly deep snowfall totals, and a massive 3500 acres of skiable terrain.

Mammoth mountain brings you all the best parts of the nicest resorts, with none of the snobbery! Mammoth has perfectly crafted its relaxed California vibe, while still providing upscale resort amenities.

150 marked trails whisk you down the mountain through drifts of high-alpine snow, all the while you’re basking in the California sun. Beginners are delighted by almost 30% of the hill being green, and experts are right at home in the chutes and glades at the top of the mountain. Park riders are in their element as well, as Mammoth has multiple world class terrain parks that range from beginner to professional!

More about Mammoth Mountain Ski Area 2023 Guide

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Mammoth Mountain Ski Area 2023 Guide

Lots of Double & Triple Blacks

Jackson Hole is the bucket list resort for many skiers, and rightfully so. In the Teton range of Northeastern Wyoming lies Jackson Hole. A resort that boasts 2500 acres of skiable terrain with a continuous vertical drop of 4000 feet, Jackson Hole is an icon of the skiing world.

The resort itself is likely one of the most popular ski resorts in the entire world, renowned for it’s hair-raising expert steeps, world-famous couloirs, and one-of-a-kind winter sports culture. Intermediate, which feels more advanced, and expert terrain make up a staggering 90% of the 132 marked runs. Mandatory air, cliffs, tight glades, and slopes of 50 degrees or more are just the start of a normal day at Jackson Hole. It’s true that Jackson is not a great mountain for beginner riders. Even the easy blues feel like hard blues, and the hard blues would be blacks anywhere else.

This isn’t even considering the fact that if you like getting into the backcountry, Jackson Hole’s skiable acreage bumps up to around 5000 acres of terrain. The sidecountry experience at Jackson Hole is not to be missed by those who are comfortable taking on the backcountry.

That being said, intermediate riders and up should not delay in making a pilgrimage to the skiing mecca of Jackson Hole. What you lose waiting in the lift lines, you gain in the only-at-Jackson-Hole riding experience you are guaranteed to get.

More about Jackson Hole Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Jackson Hole Featured Image

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Jackson Hole Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Telluride is home to one of North America’s best all-around ski resorts. Some say the name came from the joke “to-hell-you-ride”, but that was in reference to the dangers of mining when the town was developed. The only place you’ll ride in Telluride these days is back to the gondola for another lap!

Once you ski Telluride, it’s easy to see how this resort got its spot on the list. Telluride offers you 2000 acres of skiable terrain and 148 marked runs, letting you rip through almost 4000 feet of lift served vert. Telluride’s 13,000 foot peak is nestled in amongst Colorado’s highest density of 14ers in one geographic area, making for stunning scenery as you explore the area.

The skiing isn’t the only attraction! Telluride is a quaint, but tastefully modern, Colorado mining town. Whilst walking the streets of downtown Telluride you can feel the history of the American West. Stop in at one of several museums, or take in some of the 19th century western architecture as you search for apres! That is of course unless you’re staying in Telluride’s beautiful mountain village, in which case look no further! Everything you could possibly want is mere minutes from the slopes.

More about Telluride Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Telluride Ski Review Resort

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Telluride Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Aspen… Where the beer flows like wine! All jokes aside, Aspen is a top notch destination for skiers and snowboarders alike. We think the coolest thing about Aspen is the fact that one ticket gets you access to four resorts. You can Ski at Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass, with just one pass. They’re all so close to each other you could ski them all in the same day if you’re so inclined!

Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands, and Buttermilk are all right on top of each other, and getting between mountains is easy. However, they’re all fairly small in terms of skiable acreage. Those three resorts combined still aren’t as large as Snowmass, which is why Snowmass got it’s own spot on the list!

When it comes to Aspen, though, acreage is irrelevant. Aspen Mountain is an intermediate rider’s delight, Aspen Highlands has steeps that will keep experts on their toes,  and last but not least, Buttermilk offers up beginner riding that’s as smooth and mellow as the name of the resort would suggest.

It’s worth noting that Aspen is not a budget endeavor. The town and resorts have embraced their reputation as high end, and a visit to Aspen comes loaded with all the glitz and glamor you might expect (including the price tag)!

Crested Butte is a ski bum’s dream. This mountain resort is located just a few miles from the old Colorado town of the same name: Crested Butte, Colorado. Offering a laid back skier culture and incredible riding, it should come as no surprise that Crested Butte is on this list.

Crested Butte delivers. It has 1,547 acres of skiable terrain, 121 marked runs, and that classic high-alpine Colorado powder. Most of the riding here is for solid intermediates to experts, with only 6% of the mountain being geared toward beginners. In fact, the mountain skips over advanced for the most part. Crested Butte really shines in the expert category, the steeps here are truly next level.

The great riding in Crested Butte is bolstered by its old-school vibe. While Crested Butte is pretty close to Aspen, you’ll quickly find that they share no relationship except in geography. The culture of Crested Butte is down to earth and “ski-bummy”. Many have called it the last “real” Colorado ski town.

More about Crested Butte Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Crested Butte Ski

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Crested Butte Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Forty-five minutes from any town, Kirkwood Ski Resort holds secrets of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, getting comparatively more snowfall in the Lake Tahoe Region than other mountains in the Lake Tahoe Region. The powder days are abundant at Kirkwood, measuring snowfall in feet, not inches.

This resort seems to be only for gnarly senders, as 88% of the runs are for advanced riders. But, regardless of the limited beginner terrain, Kirkwood’s Ski School is recognized as a top ski school in North America.

At Kirkwood, no one is in a hurry, and everyone wants you happy. Slowly but surely, the facilities are continuing to be upgraded. Meanwhile, there are reasonable lodging options, satisfying restaurants & bars, spas & hot tubs, and public lunch-room spaces and bathrooms.

Kirkwood is a part of the Epic Pass, which provides savings on lift tickets when skiing more than one day. Otherwise, a single day pass will cost an adult a little more than $100.

More about Kirkwood Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Kirkwood Ski Resort For Snowboarders

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Kirkwood Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Alta is a Utah gem.

Alta Ski Resort provides you with plentiful terrain in a big mountain setting, but only 26 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. It’s always a plus to know you won’t have to go far to find world-class terrain!

Alta is one of North America’s oldest resorts. The lifts started turning in 1939 and haven’t stopped since. Many visitors find that they love the old charm and nostalgia of Alta that remains present amongst its more modern resort amenities.

Unless you happen to be a snowboarder. Unfortunately, Alta is one of 3 remaining resorts in America that doesn’t allow snowboarders! You’ll hear mixed opinions from the locals. Some believe Alta should open its doors to our single-plank friends, while others are stout in their stance that keeping boarders off the hill is best for the mountain. Despite the debate, it doesn’t look like things are changing any time soon!

For those of you who stick to skis, though, Alta is a paradise. Huge terrain and deep snow in a historic resort setting await!

More about Alta Ski Resort 2023 Guide

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Alta Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Park City Ski Resort, known as the City of Champions, should be your dream ski destination if it is not already. Producing Olympic athletes like it’s their job, Park City’s terrain, facilities, and instructors will reinforce why Olympians are made here.

After combining with Canyons Ski Resort through a gondola in 2014, it grew to over 7,000 skiable acres. The United State’s largest ski resort welcomes you.

Located in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, USA, Park City Ski Resort challenges you to be a big-mountain ripper, but also indulge in the 150+ dining options. Feeding your adrenaline appetite at the double-blacks, littered with chutes and cliffs, and then appeasing your food appetite directly afterward will be difficult NOT to do.

If visiting the Utah Olympic Park and learning to ski as a family is your vision for a perfect holiday, Park City bestows spectacular beginner terrain, good facilities, and an excellent rental experience.

The Ski School has world-class instructors and aims to be one of America’s finest and most progressive ski and snowboard programs– ready to grant your wish to learn to ski or take you to the next level.

Due to this resort being world-renowned, the crowds flock in! Book your Park City adventure in advance. Prepare for heavy traffic on and off the slopes during most days of the season, especially holidays.

More about Park City Ski Resort 2023 Guide

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Park City Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Best Bang for Your Buck

Opened to the public in the 1939-40 season, Winter Park has been a major player in the American ski scene for quite some time.

Winter Park was once the City of Denver’s idea for a literal “winter park” for its residents. Though, the Winter Park we know and love today isn’t much of a “park” at all! Nowadays visiting Winter Park means access to thousands of acres of high elevation, lift serviced skiing!

Winter Park is known for having successfully cultivated a down-to-earth and unpretentious culture while also continually modernizing and updating the resort. In fact, Winter Park has been called one of America’s best ski resorts by many!

This is due largely to a combination of the rich history, the terrain, and the fun and family friendly culture of the Ski Area!

Home to beginners and Olympians alike, Winter Park is a great place to cut your teeth on Colorado skiing!

More about Winter Park Resort 2023 Guide
Winter Park Resort For Beginners

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Winter Park Resort 2023 Guide

Breckenridge is one of Colorado’s hallmark resorts. The state of Colorado houses 26 different resorts, each with its own style of terrain and personality. What makes Breckenridge the monument that it is?

Breckenridge ski resort explodes upwards from a historic mining town at 9,600 feet to almost 13,000 feet of elevation. Known for its huge amount of terrain spread out over 5 distinct peaks. Breck has 2,908 acres of skiable terrain, with options for everyone from first timers to seasoned experts.

Big mountain views abound in the heart of Summit County, Colorado, as you fly down one of the 187 marked runs or go big at one of Breck’s 4 award-winning terrain parks. When you combine huge and diverse terrain, laid-back attitude, endless apres, and great location, it’s easy to see why Breckenridge deserves a spot in the top 10.

More about Breckenridge Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Breckenridge Ski Resort For Beginners

Where to Book:

Breckenridge Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Vail is in a class of its own. It’s a name that every skier knows. As the namesake resort for ski industry conglomerate Vail Resorts, Vail is in many ways the cream of the crop.

Sitting at number 4 on the list of largest ski resorts in America, Vail has a whopping 5,317 skiable acres of terrain. That makes for 195 marked trails, and a seemingly unending amount of terrain to explore. From beginners to experts there is something for everyone amidst the massive terrain at Vail. You can go from cruising manicured groomers in the morning, to skiing trees at lunch, and finish up with some puckeringly steep alpine bowls.

The town of Vail, which is more of a pseudo-European Alps village, is seamlessly integrated with the resort. Walking, or skiing, from your hotel straight onto the slopes takes mere minutes. After cruising the immaculate slopes at Vail for the day, you can walk down the idyllic streets of the Vail village to find some classic, or elegant, apres!

More about Vail Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Vail Ski Resort Family

Where to Book:

Vail Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Snowmass is like the big brother to the other three Aspen resorts. Larger than the other three Aspen resorts combined, Snowmass is a huge mountain with diverse terrain.

Presenting 3,362 acres of skiable terrain, Snowmass is categorically massive amongst Colorado resorts. 98 runs take you from the high elevation peak to the base area, with over half the available terrain rated intermediate. Beginners don’t get a ton of terrain, at only 6% of the mountain, but there’s still enough to start learning the ropes. Advanced and expert riders will also find a huge portion of the mountain suited to them. There are even three terrain parks that have features ranging from beginner to expert.

This massive amount of intermediate and advanced riding makes Snowmass a favorite amongst families that want to stick together on the mountain, and not deal with the hassle of moving between resorts.

Located just 20 minutes from Aspen, you won’t be walking onto the slopes from downtown Aspen, but a great shuttle system in Aspen makes getting to the mountain a breeze. Choosing to stay in the Snowmass Village makes life easier still!

More about Snowmass Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Snowmass Resort Apres Ski

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Snowmass Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Heavenly Mountain Resort is located at the base of beautiful Lake Tahoe. The mountain is the largest and highest in the Lake Tahoe region, with an impressive 4,800 skiable acres and 3,500 ft skiable vertical. Heavenly Resort rests in the city of South Lake Tahoe on California and Nevada’s stateline. Heavenly has a mountain peak in each state, so if your girlfriend starts fighting with you on this ideal ski holiday, you can quickly ski to the other state.

Unique to Heavenly Mountain is that it is an “upside down mountain,” which means the peaks are not the steepest part of the mountain; instead, the base is. Due to this, all abilities of skiers and riders have the opportunity to summit the peaks and unlock the stellar views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. 

No worries about the way down, as Heavenly offers beginner ski routes that cut across the runs at the mountain’s base, allowing skiers to reach the bottom safely without tackling the 31-degree pitch of the perpendicular slopes. Or, skiers have lift options to “down-load,” meaning you can ride the lift down to the base. Normally, this could be viewed as being a chicken because you decided not to ski down the run, but here it is just another fun-filled activity to indulge in.

More about Heavenly Ski Resort 2023 Guide
Heavenly Ski Resort Routine Skiers

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Heavenly Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Taos Ski Valley is New Mexico’s favorite resort. This should be your go-to destination if you live in the southwest of the United States and are looking for pristine ski conditions. Be warned, Taos will give you a nature spankin’ if you’re not careful; the extreme terrain is gnarly.

Nestled in the Sangre de Cresto Mountain Range, dry and deep powder, a 3,281ft vertical, and limited crowds should rope you in. If that doesn’t, the friendly country folk sure will.

This mountain has terrain for every level of skier or boarder. Half the mountain is labeled as difficult, a quarter is intermediate, and the other quarter is easy. Taos mountain is at a high altitude, north-facing, steep, and shaded, so the snow conditions are preserved excellently.

Located 30 minutes from the town of Taos, New Mexico, Taos Ski Valley crowds stay sparse. The off-the-beaten-path location makes sure this stays true regardless of the overcrowding problems at ski resorts like Vail, Cooper Mountain, or Whistler over the past couple of years.

The facilities at Taos Ski Valley have it all. The Ski Valley is prepared to offer its visitors ski-in / ski-out restaurants, lodging, spas, and shopping. If you cannot find everything you need at the base village, the town of Taos will have you covered.

More about Taos Ski Valley 2023 Guide

Where to Book:

Taos Ski Valley 2023 Guide

Palisades Tahoe: Olympic Valley, formally known as Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, is a bucket-list ski destination. The former 1960 Olympic host mountain spends millions of dollars on its facilities to give you the grandeur-Esque atmosphere of your dream ski resort.

No ski resort in California stands a chance against Palisades Tahoe: Olympic Valley, especially since sister ski resort Alpine Meadows was connected by a cable tram, and you can now ski both on the same lift ticket. All levels shred here, and shredders will be tested to their max level. Whether this is your first ski trip or a regular stop for your snowboard competition team, Olympic Valley brings it on.

Views of crystal blue Lake Tahoe will be caught throughout your ski day; breathe it in. The mountain has a perfectly split mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced terrain. The grooming and snow-making at Palisades are first-class.

The world knows they must visit, as this resort attracts 600,000 visitors a season. So planning this trip a year in advance or more is necessary. Crowds are manageable here due to the massive acreage and high-speed lifts. Expect heavy traffic on and off the slopes on weekends. The spectacular resort reminds you why the crowds are here.

More about Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort
Palisades Tahoe For Beginners

Where to Book:

Palisades Tahoe Ski Resort

Sitting at 10,350ft, Ski Santa Fe is one of the highest ski resorts in North America. The snow stays light and powdery. Located in the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range, the ski resort is 30 minutes outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The southernmost major ski resort of the Rocky Mountains has radical ski sessions in stock. The diverse terrain holds stoke for all levels of riders. If you think Ski Santa Fe doesn’t pack a punch, think again. The glade (tree) skiing, steeps, and cornice will get daredevils buzzing.

Beginners will also find this resort too tempting to stay away from. There are a variety of green novice runs, along with beginner terrain located at high altitudes. All skiers and riders can reap the benefits of the mountain’s altitude and behold spectacular views.

The privately owned resort is relatively busy for a New Mexican resort due to its proximity to the state capital. Still, compared to major commercial ski alternatives, crowds are few and far between at Ski Santa Fe.

Facilities here are sparse but good. On the mountain, you will find restaurants and bars, equipment rentals, and a gift shop. There are no on-mountain lodging or spas. In Santa Fe, gyms, spas, accommodation, yoga studios, and shopping can all be found.

More about Ski Santa Fe

Where to Book:

Ski Santa Fe

Angel Fire Resort holds excellent opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. Earning your turns at this resort in the Southern Rocky Mountains will stoke out all levels of snow-turners.

This ski resort has laid-back groomers, slopeside restaurants and lodging, a reasonably priced ski school, and night skiing. The cute family-oriented resort will bring glowing memories to last a lifetime.

Unique to Angel Fire, each lift provides access to beginner terrain, letting new riders explore the entire mountain. Yardsales (type of ski fall causing ejection from skis, dropping poles, and losing other accessories) will be found here. Novice riders love this beginner-friendly mountain.

This off-the-beaten-path ski resort harbors dry, powdery snow and sunny days. Angel Fire’s 560 skiable acres offer opportunities for skiers and riders to keep improving their skills. Be on the lookout for people sending it here too.

The apres-ski scene and lodging options at the mountain’s base welcome all. And the “everything’s good” local mentality surrounding Angel Fire Resort will surely ease your soul on your vacation here.

More about Angel Fire Ski Resort

Where to Book:

Angel Fire Ski Resort

The birthplace of modern-day destination skiing, the Northern Rockies hold a gem of a resort, Sun Valley Resort. Voted North America’s Top Ski Resort by SKI Magazine three years in a row, we think there is something here worth visiting.

Sun Valley has unmatched elegance. The skiing is excellent, but it isn’t what makes this place #1. The glamor on and off the slopes pulls visitors in from all around the world.

The lodging, dining, customer service, apres ski, and nightlife are top-notch. Picture everything a perfect ski holiday contains; you will find this at Sun Valley Resort. Spas, pools, fitness centers, entertainment, daycare, galore.

The Resort has two mountains to shred; Bald Mountain and Dollar Mountain. Find rippable, fun terrain, perfect groomers, zero chair lift lines, nice on-mountain facilities, and an authentic mountain town.

Crowds are handled impeccably well due to the lift systems placing people in far corners of the mountain. Bottlenecks and congestion are avoided, and so are lift lines. People do visit, so booking your holiday in advance is essential.

More about Sun Valley Idaho Resort 2023 Guide
Sun Valley Idaho Featured

Where to Book:

Sun Valley Idaho Resort 2023 Guide

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What Makes a “Best Ski Resort”?

Going on a ski trip can feel like a huge undertaking. It’s nice to arrive at your destination knowing that you’ll have everything you need, exactly where you are. You also don’t want to plan a huge trip only to arrive and find that you’re only skilled enough to ski 6% of the mountain!

No two resorts are the same. Many resorts collaborate through associations or ski councils for the common benefit of the industry. But they’re still competing for every skier, so it’s good to have third-party advice to find the best resort.

In creating this list, we used all the same criteria for evaluating each individual resort in evaluating what makes a resort one of the best. Ski resorts should have a good balance of terrain, value, amenities, and accessibility.

Taos Ski Valley Featured Image

Getting to the Mountain

For many people, traveling is the hardest part of making a ski trip. Even for those lucky few who live near ski resorts, getting to and from the mountain can sometimes be a nightmare (we’re looking at you Colorado I-70).

Many of the resorts selected on this list benefit from being within a 3-hour drive from a regional or international airport. Often with the benefit of shuttle systems that run you to and from the resort town at a relatively affordable price.

Some resorts selected such as Mammoth Mountain or Jackson Hole do not share the benefit of ease of access, but the terrain is so good we find the extended travel hassle to be more than worth it!


Ski Resort Accommodations

When balancing accommodations in selecting the best resort, there are some choices you may have to make. It’s true that places like Vail or Aspen are going to have immaculate accommodations with everything you need and more. It’s also true that many of these places will run several hundred to several thousand dollars per night during the ski season.

Locations like Whistler, Copper, or Mammoth are home to generally more affordable lodging, but it’s not going to be the glistening European-style ski lodge you dreamt of!

Truth be told, most locations have budget options and lavish options. This is certainly a consideration that must be made, but it won’t prove to be a deal breaker in most locations. Many ski resorts have closely connected towns, if you can get off the mountain or out of the mountain village, and into town, you’re almost sure to find a somewhat affordable hotel or motel.

Snowmass Resort Accommodation


These resorts didn’t make a list because they will leave you wanting! The only one on this list that is a bit lacking is Copper Mountain, and that’s only because there isn’t a closely connected town, it still has plenty of facilities on the mountain.

For most people the facilities will be an afterthought, you are there to ski after all. However, resorts like Vail, Aspen, and Whistler have some of the best facilities, as the towns connected to the resorts are incredible! You’ll find no shortage of gyms, yoga, spas, shops for all your needs (groceries, gear, etc…), and various activities.

Heavenly Ski Resort The Facilities

Skiing for Families and Kids

Having a full family doesn’t mean an end has come to your ski career! Though, it can mean there are some added considerations. We took this into account while curating this list. Good resorts for families and kids means a couple things: ease of travel in town to limit the amount of time wrangling the family, access to a ski school and easy to advanced terrain so that all members of the family can have fun regardless of ability level, and daycare options.

Unless you’re a family of shredders, it might be advisable to stay away from resorts like Aspen Highlands, Telluride, Jackson Hole, or Crested Butte. While these mountains tick the boxes of having ski schools and daycare facilities, it’s no secret that they are known for their advanced terrain. If you’re a family of dedicated skiers, don’t shy away, these will be great options. However, if you’ve got little ones that are new to the sport or too young to enjoy the hard stuff, there are other, better, options for you here.

Try resorts like Copper Mountain, Mammoth Mountain, Snowmass, or Buttermilk!

Mammoth Mountain Families

For Beginners

Our consideration of beginner skiers could easily be lumped into the above category on what makes a resort good for families and kids. We looked at ski schools and access to beginner terrain.

While we don’t want to dissuade anyone from checking out whatever resort piques their interest, it’s true that certain resorts are simply better suited to more advanced riders. Resorts like Jackson Hole, Telluride, and Crested Butte are going to shine for advanced riders, while beginners may feel like they’re in over their heads.

In order to get the best value and enjoyment out of your trip, if you’re new to the sport, check out resorts like Buttermilk, Snowmass, Copper Mountain, and Whistler. These areas have great ski schools and amazing access to a good amount of beginner terrain.

Kirkwood Ski Resort Ski For Beginners


For the uninitiated, apres-ski is a cornerstone of ski culture. Translating directly to “after ski”, apres is the culture of hanging out after a great day on the hill, kicking back with some food and drinks in a comfortable environment, and recounting your amazing day with friends and family. Apres could also mean going wild at a nightclub, if that’s your speed.

There are a few standout resorts here. Breckenridge is well known for its incredible apres, as are Jackson Hole and Whistler. When looking for a resort that fits your needs, think about what culture you want. If you’re looking for elegant apres and have a deep wallet, check out Vail or Aspen. If you want that old school ski bum vibe, try out Mammoth Mountain, Breckenridge, or Crested Butte!


Frequently asked questions

How many ski resorts are there in North America?

There are 823 ski resorts in North America. All with different sizes and standards. Geography provides some resorts advantages, while development money affords some ski regions a leg up.

Should I get an Epic or Ikon Pass?

All of the listed resorts here are either Epic or Ikon. The truth is that both passes get you access to a massive number of great resorts, certainly more than you could ski in one season! The best advice is to look into what areas you’re most interested in riding at and choose a pass based on which one offers the most resorts in your area of interest. Check out the list of Resorts each pass get you access to here.

How many ski resorts are there in Colorado?

Colorado ski resorts number 26. Some argue between Vail and Aspen being the best, but some prefer the less trafficked mountains. Regardless, many of these resorts are on the list of the best in all of North America.

How good do I need to be to go skiing at the best resorts?

It’s true that some of the resorts on this list are better suited to solid intermediate or advanced riders. That doesn’t preclude anyone from visiting though. All of the resorts listed, and most resorts in America, have a ski school! Even if you’ve never clicked into a pair of skis before, you will be able to rent gear and take a lesson to learn the ropes!

Do I need my own ski equipment?

Nope! Traveling with all that ski gear can be pricey if you’re flying, and if you don’t own any gear, buying it all for a trip is expensive. No ski town is complete without several shops offering rentals, and many resorts offer rentals in their gear shop on the mountain! There are also plenty of packages that include rentals, accommodations and lift tickets.

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