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If you’ve spent any amount of time skiing or snowboarding, or simply hanging around a ski resort for that matter, odds are, you’ve heard of Jackson Hole. It wouldn’t be undue to say that the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort may be one of the most ubiquitous names in skiing; and when you begin to tally up the rave reviews of anyone who visits, the incredible and consistent snow, striking scenery, and incredible terrain on offer, it’s easy to see why.

When nearing Jackson Hole, seemingly out of nowhere you’ll see the jagged 13,000+ foot peak of Grand Teton, bordered on both sides by its equally staggering sister peaks, exploding from the rolling grass-covered hills that surround it. While you won’t be skiing on these peaks, they are an accurate representation of the epic terrain that awaits you at Jackson Hole. Without further anticipation, let’s get into it, and explore the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.


Things we like:

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    The terrain speaks for itself. For advanced riders, you’re likely not to find a better experience anywhere in the country. Steeps, glades, chutes, and couloirs abound. All accessible by a modern lift and gondola system.
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    The average snowfall totals are in the range of 450 inches. You’re guaranteed to have high quality alpine snow and deep powder days.
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    Jackson, Wyoming, is a one-of-a-kind town. Upscale when you want it to be, down to earth when you need it to be.
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    It’s on the Ikon Pass, making lift tickets a bit less wallet busting.
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    Terrain parks for our freestyle riders.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markJackson Hole’s reputation precedes itself. The crowds can be ungodly. Some would say it’s almost not worth going on busy days.
  • check-markThe crowds mean that powder days are one-run-wonders. It’s so busy that even with the impressive lift system, fresh tracks are unlikely during weekends and holidays.
  • check-markThe Ikon Pass works on a reservation system at Jackson Hole to help control the crowds, so having the pass does not guarantee that you can ski. You’ll need to make reservations ahead of time.
  • check-markIt’s extremely expensive. Without a pass, lift tickets for the family at Jackson Hole can quickly near $1,000. The town of Jackson can be quite expensive as well.
  • check-markLack of beginner terrain. You won’t have much to do at Jackson if you aren’t a solid intermediate or advanced rider.

Where to Book:

Jackson Hole Featured Image

Jackson Hole Ski Resort 2023 Guide

Resort Profile

  • Lift System: 16 incl. 1 tram, 2 gondolas, 4 high-speed quads, 4 fixed-grip quads, 1 triple chair, 2 double chairs, 1 surface lift, and 1 magic carpet.
  • Avg. Snowfall: 450+ inches
  • Season: mid-Nov to mid-April
  • Runs: 132
  • Beginner: 10%
  • Intermediate: 40%
  • Advanced/Expert: 50%
  • Vertical: 6,311 – 10,450 feet
  • Kids Ski School: from 3-14 years old.
  • Accommodations: Multiple hotels and rentals located in town and Teton Village.
  • Daycare: In town.
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Jackson Hole Resort

Antelope Flats is the ideal zone for learners, as it offers small jumps and terrain-based features like rails and boxes. This area is designed to be fun for all levels of riders and somewhere that the whole family can try their hand at riding in the park.

Bronco Park is an intermediate/advanced terrain park that has a team of park builders constantly changing and varying the features. Roughly 24 features are on offer in this park at all times including larger jumps, rails, boxes, and step-ups. It’s serviced by the Teewinot lift, allowing for easy access and plenty of runs.

Jackson Hole also has their own spin on terrain parks known as the aforementioned “stash areas”. Four of these stash areas exist around the mountain, allowing riders to mix in freestyle riding with their normal lift serviced runs whenever they stumble upon one. These areas are made up of a mix of natural features, wood features, and other various creative elements.

Little Stash is found near the Antelope Flats terrain park, and is oriented towards family fun and beginner riders. Small log rides and bank turns are only a few of the fun features you’ll find in this entry level area.

Deer Flat Stash can be found off the Apres Vous lift. Known as an intermediate area, here you’ll find the famous Moose Jib alongside other features like a wall ride. This is a great area to take your riding up a notch without worrying about getting in over your head.

Campground Stash is located off the Casper chairlift. Features start getting bigger here, including things like a wooden quarter-pipe, and A-Frame. This is a great place to challenge yourself once you’re confident with your park riding abilities.

Finally, the Stashley Ridge area, also located off the Casper chairlift, is the most advanced stash area on the mountain. If you’re ready to go big and ride alongside top-notch locals, check out the large features in Stashley Ridge.

Jackson Hole Skiing

The incredible riding and terrain parks at Jackson hole are serviced by a system of 16 lifts. This includes a tram, 2 gondolas, 4 high-speed quads, 4 fixed-grip quads, 1 triple chair, 2 double chairs, 1 surface lift, and 1 magic carpet.

So, with massive terrain, consistent snowfall totals, and a plethora of freestyle riding options, all found in an amazing location in the American West, what’s the catch? The catch is that everyone knows about it. On a powder day, with lift lines exceeding 45 minutes, you can expect to get maybe one good run in before it’s all tracked out. You can’t escape this by getting into the sidecountry either, which will be hammered shortly after. As a mountain on the Ikon Pass, crowds have been steadily getting bigger for the last several years. Jackson Hole has unfortunately become virtually unrideable during peak season days and powder days unless of course you’re willing to pay extra for special access to the lifts.

The resort is attempting to control the Ikon Pass crowds by requiring Ikon pass holders to make reservations for their days at the mountain. Not only are the crowds a detracting factor, but Jackson Hole has also become known for being incredibly expensive. Running almost $200 for a lift ticket, and hotels in the Teton Village ranging from $250 to over $800 a night, you’d be wise to budget accordingly before getting to Jackson.

Pro Tip: Jackson Hole Mountain Resort has many discounts for lift tickets. Never buy at the window! Look online to purchase tickets ahead of time, not only will this save you money but it will help you discover what discounts you may be eligible for.

Jackson Hole Cable Cars

Getting There

Jackson Hole is quite rural when compared to the easy access of many Colorado, Utah, or California ski resorts. Located in Northwestern Wyoming in the Teton Mountain Range, Jackson is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. On the bright side, you can fly directly there. Flights are available via connecting airports in surrounding states to the Jackson Hole Airport (JAC).

Located inside Grand Teton National Park, once the plane hits the tarmac, you’re only a 15-minute drive from the town of Jackson, Wyoming. You can book various different taxi or shuttle services to get you to town or up to Teton Village. Be sure to check online, as many hotels offer complimentary shuttle services!

If you plan to drive in, keep in mind that it’s a long way north to get to Jackson Hole. Drive times can be upwards of 8 hours from places like Denver, but also as short at 5 hours from Salt Lake City.

Jackson Hole Cable Getting There


When visiting Jackson Hole, you’re looking at two major options. You can stay on-site in Teton Village, or in the town of Jackson. As with most things at ski resorts: it’s always going to be more expensive at the resort. If you opt for Teton Village,  there are more budget-friendly onsite lodging options like the Cache House hostel. You can find private bunks here, or opt for a shared room that will drop the price. For the social crowd, this is a pretty great experience.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find the luxurious Four Seasons in Teton Village. Here you’ll be met with prices that can exceed $800 per night, but you may find it worth the cost with features like ski-in ski-out access, 3 in-house restaurants, ski concierge service, onsite boutiques, and a full-service spa.

Should you choose to stay in town, you’ll have your pick of standard hotel chains like Super 8, Motel 6, and Marriott, as well as various other local inns, hotels, and rustic cabins.

Due to the expensive nature of visiting Jackson as a whole, if visiting with a group, you may consider renting a house. House rentals in Jackson typically start at around $2,000 for the week. When split amongst a group of friends, this can be a great way to make lodging more affordable.

It may make things less expensive to purchase an IKON pass too. One benefit goes to friends of IKON pass holders: 25% off a one-day lift ticket.

Jackson Hole Accommodation


Jackson Hole, with the Teton Village right at the base, and the town of Jackson minutes away, has everything you could hope to find on a ski trip. You’ll find your needs are met, from gear rentals and outdoor clothes to luxury shopping and spas.

If you can swing it, check out the spa at the Four Seasons, you don’t have to be a guest to schedule an appointment, and it’s well worth the money.

Jackson Hole Facilities

A unique feature of Jackson Hole is its proximity to both Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. It would almost be a mistake to visit Jackson Hole during the ski season and not take some time to view these magnificent parks in the winter. This also provides a great source of activities for nonskiers in your group that aren’t interested in shopping.

Families and Kids

As previously stated, Jackson Hole isn’t the best resort for beginners due to the density of difficult terrain relative to the easy terrain. This in turn means that it may not be the best resort for families with young or inexperienced kids in tow, as your options for skiing may be limited.

Traveling to Jackson with children is not a death sentence for your ski trip, though. Jackson Hole does offer a ski school for children ages 3-14 where they will be taught by world-class instructors.

If skiing doesn’t interest your young ones, or they are too young to begin lessons, Jackson has many highly rated child care centers to look after your children while you ski! Note that you will have to find an in-town daycare as the Jackson Hole Kid Ranch daycare on the mountain will not be open to the public for the 22/23 season.

Jackson Hole Families And Kids

For Beginners

Simply put, Jackson Hole isn’t the best resort for beginners. You’re liable to pay a lot of money for your trip to only have access to a very small amount of terrain relative to what more experienced riders will enjoy. It’s best to save your trip to Jackson Hole for when you’ve accrued some experience on the mountain.

If you’re a beginner that will be skiing at Jackson, fear not, the Teewinot lift serves a small area that provides access to a couple of gently flowing green trails.

Jackson Hole also offers a ski school through the Mountain Sports School. Kids can be enrolled in the ski school from ages 3-14. Adults can also take lessons with the school in both group and private settings. They offer everything from beginner lessons all the way to full-day guided experiences with Olympic skier Tommy Moe!

Jackson Hole Beginners

For Snowboarders

Snowboarders will be right at home at Jackson Hole. There is a big population of snowboarders at this resort, and the terrain is very suitable for snowboarding. Snowboarders will also enjoy the stash areas, as they suit freestyle snowboarding well.


Jackson Hole has a lively apres culture. With the Teton Village right there, this is where the majority of the apres is based. You’ll find many well-known bars that you can ski right up to, also offering great food! Check out local favorites like the Mangy Moose, Continuum, and the Handle Bar.

Apres is not limited to adults, as many of these slopeside locales are welcoming of children as well, with plenty of options to keep them satisfied!

If you’re not staying in Teton Village, you can catch a ride for $3 on the START Bus, which makes its rounds every 15 minutes. This will get you from the resort, back into town with no worries. In town, you’ll also have plenty of apres to attend to with great western-style bars and saloons.

Jackson Hole Skii

The Bottom Line

Jackson Hole is a great mountain… For the right people. Most beginners will probably wish they were somewhere else, and even some rising intermediate riders may find themselves overwhelmed. That being said, if you’re a confident intermediate or advanced skier, and you don’t mind rubbing some elbows on a powder day, you really can’t beat the action at Jackson Hole. Just make sure you’re willing to fork over some cash!

You may have a hard time visiting Jackson Hole if you’re a true ski bum, with just enough money for gas to get to the mountain. That’s not to say it can’t be done though. Utilizing the links provided in this article, you’ll be able to look ahead and find good deals on lodging, flights, and lift tickets, enabling almost any budget to make it to Jackson Hole!

While you may find more bang for your buck with fewer battles in the lift lines at other resorts, you certainly won’t find comparable terrain quality and difficulty in one single spot than at Jackson Hole. This alone makes Jackson Hole well worth the price, crowds, and journey to get there.


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