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A company with high reputation for innovation, Zeagle still continues its passion producing high quality equipment in the scuba world.


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Summer Worsley

PADI Instructor & Writer
Summer has been teaching scuba for the last 10 years.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.

A firm favorite among American divers and with a growing presence worldwide, Zeagle has made quality scuba equipment since the 1970s. 

The company offers divers of all levels a range of gear including BCDs, masks, fins, regulators, and accessories. Although perhaps best recognized for its innovative BCD ranges, Zeagle’s full offering of scuba equipment is highly respected.

Known for challenging and disrupting accepted wisdom about dive equipment, Zeagle is committed to using the highest quality, most durable materials in its products. For dive gear that lasts, you can’t go wrong with Zeagle.

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Zeagle Scuba Dive Equipment

Zeagle BCDs

BCDs are the product that helped propel Zeagle to its current standing in the industry. The company introduced its patented Rip Cord Weight Release System. This allows divers to quickly and easily release the integrated weight pockets on its integrated BCDs. 

In addition, Zeagle’s  Ranger, Ranger LTD, Stiletto, Zena, SAR, and Code 91 BCDs are Berry tested and American made. Berry endorsement means that the BCDs are fit for use in American military and search and rescue situations.

The Ranger is probably Zeagle’s most recognized BCD. Featuring a rugged design, the BCD is crafted from 1050 denier ballistic nylon, making it incredibly durable. It is suitable for tech divers and recreational divers alike and can be mounted with twin tanks. The hybrid design offers good trim while still keeping the BCD suitable for newer divers.

Zeagle has also made a foray into dive gear designed specifically for women with its Zena model. It’s an incredibly lightweight unit, which makes it ideal for overseas scuba trips. Other standout Zeagle BCDs include the entry-level Scout model and the Covert XT. Divers looking for a jacket style will appreciate the Halo model.

Custom fitted BCDs are rare, but this is something Zeagle offers its clients. Divers can choose their BCD style, colors, and input their measurements online and Zeagle will custom make a BCD in its Utah factory. There is additional costs with this service, but for some divers it’s more than worth it.

Besides traditional BCDs, Zeagle also manufactures wings and bladders for sidemount diving and technical diving.

Aqua Lung Men’s 3mm Quantum Stretch Shorty
Zeagle Ranger (Unisex)

The Ranger is a scuba classic and has been going strong (with minor tweaks over the years) since 1994. Renowned for its heavy-duty build quality, this BCD will be with you for years to come. It can be used for both technical and recreational diving. Techies might not love some elements, such as the quick-release system, but must admit it’s not a bad wing and handles twins no issue..

Aqua Lung Men’s 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Suit
Zeagle Scout (M / Unisex)

The Zeagle Scout is compact and weighs in at 3 kg / 6.6 lbs, making it an ideal lightweight choice for travelers. The rear-mounted weight system consists of two pockets which hold a maximum of 16 lbs (7.26 kg).

Zeagle’s power inflator system can be hooked up to a standard garden hose making it super easy to wash out the interior of the air bladder. 

Zeagle Regulators

Zeagle’s merging of the technical and recreational dive philosophies is abundantly clear in its regulators, even in the entry-level models such as the highly recommended Envoy II. The regulator featured a balanced first and second stage, plenty of high and low-pressure ports, and is fashioned from durable brass. This regulator has a reputation for easy breathing that is well deserved.

Moving a few price points and specifications up, Zeagle’s F8 regulator has reached near-legendary status and can hold its own against Apeks and other brands known primarily for regulators. Like the Envoy II, the F8 has a balanced first and second stage. It is also environmentally sealed making it suitable for cold water use. The venturi lever is renowned for its ease of use and the reg delivers breathing quality of an exceptional level.

We also recommend the Onyx II for particularly demanding cold water divers. This is the environmentally sealed version of the Onyx and it performs on all counts. A sleek black finish makes the reg look as tough as it is. 

Another reason to love Zeagle regulators is that even in the top of the line models, they are competitively priced. Over the years multiple scuba magazines have earmarked various Zeagle regs as their best buys.

Zeagle Fins

Zeagle does one fin type only, but it does it very well. Again continuing with the merging of tech and rec dive styles, Zeagle’s Recon fins look like they belong on a techie’s feet and they perform at that level too. An overhaul of older fin technologies, the Recon features optimal responsiveness no matter the diver’s preferred fin stroke, and peak aerodynamic engineering to minimize the effort required to cut through the water and boost propulsion.

The bungee-style strap system at the rear of the fit ensures comfort and ergonomics but also makes it easy to get the fins on and off. The fittings are high-quality and super durable, divers should have these fins in their dive bags for years to come.

Although marketed primarily to technical divers, Zeagle’s Recon fins are equally suitable for confident recreational divers who would like to explore the underwater world with extra finesse. Helicopter kicks, anyone? These fins make even the trickiest fin strokes to master a breeze.

Zeagle Masks

Like Zeagle’s fin range, Zeagle’s mask range is limited somewhat. But again, the two products the company does offer are high performing products designed to last for years. Divers can choose between Zeagle’s Scope Mono or Scope Dual.

Essentially the same mask, the Scope Mono has a single window while the Dual features two windows, as the name suggests. Crafted from sleek black silicone, the skirts fit comfortably on a range of faces. The Mono is a low-volume mask with an ample nose pocket that many divers appreciate. Frameless styling means it looks a little like an Oceanic Shadow, and it performs just as well as Oceanic’s much-loved mask.

The Dual is unusual because unlike other two-window masks, it is technically frameless with the frame underneath the silicone skirt. This is a slick mask that both techies and rec divers rate highly. It also offers interchangeable optical lenses.

Zeagle Instruments & Accessories

Beyond its core range of products detailed above, Zeagle also makes precision air gauges and plenty of accessories, including specialist safety and rescue diver essentials. One thing that sets Zeagle apart from other companies is its color kits. Divers can give their gear a makeover with splashes of color.

Zeagle Company & History

In 1979 Dennis Bulin, an avid skydiver, decided to apply skydiving’s ripcord technology to a BCD, the innovation propelled Zeagle into the scuba world with force and earnt the company a reputation for innovation that is still held today.

For many years, Zeagle had a close working relationship with Apeks, and distributed the company’s regulators. At that time, the regulators were labeled Zeagle or Apeks. Then in the 90s, Zeagle began working on its own regulators and Apeks was acquired by Air Liquide (the same company that owns Sea Quest, Aqua Lung, and U.S. Divers). Since the early 2000s, Zeagle has manufactured its own regs in its Florida factory.

Today, Zeagle is part of Huish Outdoors, a company that also owns leading scuba brands Oceanic, Hollis, Atomic Aquatics, Bare, and others. 

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