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One of the world’s first scuba equipment manufacturers with an unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation, TUSA has been producing high-quality kit for around 68 years.


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Summer Worsley

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TUSA is a well-known dive brand that’s synonymous with quality. For the past six decades, it has produced some of the finest scuba dive equipment on the market. From masks and fins to computers and diver propulsion vehicles (DPVs), TUSA leads the way.

TUSA’s popularity comes from its ability to cater to every type of diver. In each of its product ranges there’s something for beginner divers to techies and sports divers alike. Combining colorful designs with great technology and some of the finest materials available, TUSA’s products are built with quality, safety, and style in mind. And better still, they also come with affordable price tags.

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TUSA Scuba Dive Equipment

TUSA Masks

TUSA’s masks suit all levels of diver. A popular choice with those beginning their diving adventure is the Liberator Plus. A basic two-window design, it’s stylish, comfortable, and fits most faces, including divers with beards and mustaches. An oversized nose pocket and bulky straps make it easy to equalize and adjust even when wearing gloves. The Liberator Plus can also be fitted with corrective lenses.

But it’s the Freedom range that really stands out. TUSA recognized that every diver has different facial characteristics. By analyzing mask fit, bone structure, and mouth movement, engineers came up with the company’s patented Freedom Technology.

Every mask in the TUSA Freedom range combines varied silicon thickness with a dimpled texture around the forehead and cheekbone areas. The result is masks that offer greater flexibility, comfort, and reduce leakage by increasing the skirt’s contact with your skin.

The Freedom One and Freedom Ceos are one-window options while the Freedom Elite and Freedom HD are two-window masks. The Pro versions also feature CrystalView optical glass with an anti-reflective and UV coating. All TUSA masks are available with black or clear silicone skirts and come in a huge variety of colors.

​Tusa Freedom Ceos

Tusa has used its patented Freedom Technology to create a mask with improved comfort and fit. The silicone used in the skirt varies in thickness which is great in places that are usually difficult to seal. Key areas, like the buckle point, have a dimpled surface for extra flexibility when moving your head or making facial expressions. There are stability ridges below the cheekbone to cut the amount of compression when at depth.


TUSA has worked hard on fin development and has produced a wide range of different styles. Whatever your kicking preference, there’s a TUSA fin to suit you.

Take the HyFlex Switch as an example, a popular choice for frog kickers. A top-quality polyurethane material produces a sturdy blade making it great for quick maneuverability. Six ridges are positioned behind the blade vent giving divers a smoother and more efficient kick cycle by reducing water resistance.

For flutter kickers, there’s the X-Pert Z-3 Zoom. TUSA uses its Propeller-Fin Technology in this split fin, with two wing-shaped surfaces specially angled to create lift and forward propulsion, like a propeller. This split-fin is slightly shorter than the majority of similar products on the market but still outperforms in terms of propelling you through the water with the smallest amount of effort.

If you prefer full-foot fins, the TUSA Solla is an excellent choice. Reinforced side panels provide extra stability while the three-channel blade with crescent tips gives maximum propulsion through the water. An anatomically designed foot pocket makes the Solla comfortable to wear both above and below the water.

As is signature for TUSA, all fins come in a wide range of color options to match any scuba outfit.

Aqua Lung Calypso Classic
Tusa Solla Full Foot Fins

It is durable and  offers efficient blade placement.

The side rails of this fin are reinforced for extra stability.

TUSA Regulators

TUSA’s regulators utilize a variety of technologies to offer something for everyone, including ortho-conscious mouthpieces, 360-degree swivel hoses, double-exhaust design, and a Venturi switch to change the direction of airflow through the mouthpiece.

A popular choice for beginner divers is the RS1207. It’s a simple design yet very lightweight, extremely durable, and great value for money. Being quick and easy to dismantle, re-assemble, and maintain, it’s also a good option for dive schools. If you’ve ever rented a TUSA reg from a dive shop, it was probably the RS1207.

The TUSA RS-681 is lightweight with a very compact balanced-diaphragm first stage, Teflon-coated plate to prevent dry mouth, four LP ports, and two HP ports making it a great choice for tech divers. The outstanding feature of this reg is the click-spring breathing control that’s easily adjusted to the perfect resistance. TUSA has such confidence in the RS-681 that it offers free parts for life.


TUSA’s preferred BCD design is definitely the jacket-style. All BCD’s in the range offer solid, all-round performance. The integrated weight systems are secured with a single lock and released by turning the handle 90-degrees in either direction. Harnesses are specially designed to prevent tank slippage and roll.

The TUSA Tina features a high-cut waist that makes it super comfortable for women, especially when wearing a weight belt. Quick-drying shoulder and back pads provide extra cushioning and give a good fit for the female figure.

For a BCD that incorporates all the best of TUSA technology, look no further than the Soverin-Alpha. This BCD provides enough lift for any type of diving, including cold water and drysuit diving. The single bladder is made from highly durable 500-denier Cordura. An enhanced lumbar and back pad offers extra comfort. And the Soverin-Alpha comes with six D-rings, two of which are repositionable for personal customization.

Aqua Lung Vision Flex Mask Snorkel Combo
Tusa Jasmine (W)

This stylish BCD is tailored for women. With its wrap-around style, there is additional padding in the shoulder straps and at the back to provide extra comfort and support. TUSA’s Ultimate Stabilizing Harness (U.S.H.) holds the cylinder snug against the body and helps prevent tank roll. Made from heavy-duty Cordura Nylon, the Jasmine is made to last.


DPV is the only product range where TUSA gives divers just one option. But, when it’s the SAV-7 EVO3, you’re in good hands.

A patented hands-free riding saddle lets you explore the underworld with ease and fold-out wings on either side allow two buddies to tag along with you. A long-lasting and high-performance battery, LED battery life indicator, and a quick responding variable speed control makes the TUSA SAV-7 EVO3 one of the most reliable DPVs on the market.

It’s not a cheap piece of kit. But if you’re in the market for a DPV, it’s well worth the money.

TUSA Dive Computers

TUSA has a good reputation for producing reliable, durable, and high-quality dive computers. Its Element II is a great all-rounder for recreational divers with four operational modes: air, nitrox, gauge, and free dive. It’s very easy to use with three buttons and a  clear display with backlight. Other features include deep-stop function, water activation, two gas switching ability, and visual and audible alarms. The Element II can also be purchased as part of a console.

TUSA’s innovation can be seen in its next-generation computer. The DC Solar Link eliminates the need to send your computer off for a battery replacement and hope its back in time for your next dive trip, as it runs on solar power. Simply recharge by sunlight or indoor fluorescent light and you’re good to go. And don’t worry if you forget to pack the data transfer cable. You can transfer your dive log directly onto a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

TUSA History & Company

TUSA is the scuba branch of the international sporting goods manufacturer, Tabata Co. Ltd. Founded in 1952, this Tokyo based company was one of the first to begin producing scuba equipment, beginning with masks and goggles that were handmade in Mr. Tabata’s garage.

As an industry innovator, Tabata began experimenting with different materials and was the first to develop crystal silicone mask skirts with its original Liberator range. Thanks to Liberator, dive equipment became fashionable as it was available in a number of vibrant colors — not just black!

Today, Tabata has increased it’s global presence and has a network of facilities in Australia, Taiwan, Netherlands, and the U.S., operating under some of the highest safety standards in the world. By branching out into different areas, such as VIEW swimming gear, Vitalshot golf equipment, and, of course, TUSA scuba equipment, Tabata has become a leader in recreational sporting goods.

For more than 65 years, Tabata and its TUSA brand have shaped the scuba world with new innovations and some of the best products on the market. By using only the finest materials and dedicating itself to research and development, TUSA will continue leading the way and improving the scuba experience of all divers for generations to come.

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