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Sherwood Scuba

Sherwood Scuba is celebrating sixty years in the diving industry of building high-quality, safe and reliable dive equipment.


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We asked our experts what they think about the Sherwood Scuba Dive Equipment.

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Summer Worsley

PADI Instructor & Writer
Summer has been teaching scuba for the last 10 years.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.
Since its beginnings, Sherwood Scuba has always stuck to its philosophy of designing and manufacturing the most reliable and durable products for the diving industry. And it doesn’t disappoint.

Using cutting edge technologies, its range of products, such as regulators, BCDs, dive computers, and tanks are robustly and precisely engineered to give excellent performance, even in the most challenging environments.

Sherwood produces equipment that can be used by every level of diver, from those beginning their diving adventure to experienced tech professionals. It continually adapts and develops new designs based on the needs of its customers. The result is a brand that divers appreciate for its effective designs that deliver safety and reliability time and time again.

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Sherwood Scuba Dive Equipment

Sherwood Regulators

Sherwood’s reputation was built on its regulators. They are some of the best on the market and are built to last.

Sherwood’s Brut Pro is an excellent example of an entry-level regulator and comes in at a good price point. A balanced piston first stage features a patented dry-sealed spring chamber to keep the interior clean. The second stage is a simple design with no user adjustments so it does exactly what it needs to do without the diver having to fiddle with knobs to find the ideal settings.

For divers looking for more control, there’s the SR2. It’s a compact design with a sleek finish that has a one-touch adjustment knob to fine-tune the breathing resistance. With enhanced cold water protection, the SR2 is great for diving in harsh conditions. The first stage has two HP and five LP ports mounted on a swivel turret, providing plenty of routing options for increased mobility, ideal for diving in enclosed environments.


Sherwood BCDs

Sherwood BCDs come in a range of styles. The Luna, Avid, and Zodiac+ are classic jacket-style BCDs that are durable, comfortable, and packed with extras, such as large pockets, strategically placed D-rings, and extra clips.

But, it’s Sherwoods back inflation BCDs that really stand out. Most back inflation BCDs only have shoulder straps connecting at the front of the waistband to support integrated weights integration. With the Axis, Sherwood has improved on this by adding an additional set of straps at the back of the harness to pull the cylinder tight into the small of the back, totally eliminating tank shift. This, combined with the ability to make micro-adjustments to the waistband, cummerbund, and shoulder straps, makes the Axis super comfortable to dive in.

The Sherwood Shadow is a favorite with instructors and DMs for its high performance. It gives you all the benefits of a jacket BCD but without all the bulk making it more streamlined. With 36-42lbs (16-19kg) of lift, the Shadow is perfect for cold water diving, even with larger steel cylinders.

Aqua Lung Calypso Classic
Sherwood Silhouette (M / Unisex)

Another dive school and rental shop favorite because of its rugged and adaptable design. The waist strap comes with a cummerbund for extra comfort. Both these and the shoulder strap are simple to adjust for a good fit. Sturdy and reliable, the Sherwood Silhouette BCD should provide years of dependable service.

Aqua Lung Mikron
Sherwood Luna (W)

Definitely, a BCD designed with women divers in mind. It features thick padding on the inside with a plush nylon finish. The jacket and air bladder are specially cut for a snug fit to female curves.

Sherwood uses a unique Halfpac backplate which offers the versatility of soft backplate with the stability of a hard backplate. This means it’s extra comfortable but will also hold your cylinder firmly in place.

One great feature of the Sherwood Luna is the padded neoprene neck. A small hint of color adds a nice feminine touch.


Sherwood Masks

Sherwood produces a huge range of masks to cover all preferences and budgets. Each model has its own unique reason for choosing it, from the Targa that uses a soft and supple silicone for a more comfortable fit to the frameless Macco with a strap system attached directly onto the frame for stability.

The Scope is a frameless, single-window mask that looks similar to ski goggles. Instead of silicone, the strap is elastic which prevents hair tangle which is appreciated by divers with long hair. Sherwood’s Scope is also available in a slim version for people with narrower faces.

Sherwood’s Ceto features a single mirrored lens and comes in two color options. The orange lensed Tangine is designed to reduce the amount of UV light penetrating the mask, thereby reducing glare, while the Rubicon’s purple-tinted lens is designed to provide more clarity when diving in low light levels, including night diving.


Sherwood Fins

Sherwood fins are popular with divers of all levels as they’re lightweight and highly durable. 

Its Elite model features a central flex channel for increased thrust and full-length power rails that provide stability. Elite fins are available in both full-foot and open-heel, which has a stretchable silicone heel strap.

The Triton features three vents located between the blade and foot pocket. This provides the diver with extra thrust on the down kick and decreased drag on the up kick. Whatever your style of kicking, the vents combined with a wide blade provides efficiency and easy maneuverability.

Sherwood’s Triton also comes in a Pro version that has stainless steel spring straps for added durability. A stiffer blade and foot pocket results in more snap meaning you need good leg muscles to get the most out of these fins. Triton Pro is not for everyone, but if you have strong legs and want to get somewhere fast, they’re a great set of fins.

Onyx Flex fins are designed with freedivers in mind. They’re extremely flexible and give a tremendous snap which propels you quickly through the water. Although popular with freedivers, the Onyx Flex are also great for scuba divers looking for that extra bit of power.


Sherwood Dive Computers

Companies as focused on technology as Sherwood will always produce quality dive computers. The company’s range of computers includes both console-mounted and wrist-mounted.

Sherwood’s Wisdom 4, an air-integrated console with two-button navigation and an easy-to-read display with large characters. Some of its features include automatic altitude adjustment, deep stop reminders, a user-replaceable battery, and a dive time remaining function that calculates and displays remaining dive time based on the rate of current air consumption. It also comes with Bluetooth technology which you sync with your smartphone or tablet to easily download your dive logs or upload all your settings from your device to the Wisdom 4.

For wrist computer lovers, there’s the stylish Amphos 2.0 that incorporates hoseless air integration to calculate remaining dive time. With four operating modes (time, dive, gauge, and freedive), a 24-dive logbook, two gas switching ability, and an independent PO2 alarm setting for each gas, the Amphos 2.0 has all that a recreational diver needs.


Sherwood Cylinders & Valves

Wherever you’ve dived in the world, chances are you’ve used a Sherwood cylinder valve as they’re among the most used in the industry. They’re designed to be compatible with and handle all modern high-performance regulators. Valves come in both DIN and K valve options.

Sherwood also manufactures premium aluminum cylinders available in a large variety of sizes from 6 cubic feet (0.17 cubic meter) pony bottles up to 100 cubic feet (2.8 cubic meter) full dive cylinders. You also have loads of bright, funky colors to choose from.


Sherwood History & Company

Sherwood Scuba started out life designing and producing compressed gas and air management equipment for use in industrial and medical devices. By the mid-1950s When Jacques Cousteau’s book, Silent World, was introducing everyone to the beauty of scuba diving, Sherwood had already built a reputation for its robust engineering of life support equipment.

The company made the natural progression into manufacturing components for early air regulators designed for use underwater. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, practically every reg on the market contained Sherwood parts. As the popularity of scuba diving grew, Sherwood grew too.

For years, the company remained in the background with its behind-the-scenes manufacturing. It wasn’t until 1972 that Sherwood introduced its own regulator, the SRB-2000, that was sold under its own name. Sherwood stepped into the spotlight and there it remained.

The next four decades saw Sherwood branching out to produce a full line of dive equipment and products, all designed to the same level of reliability and quality it had become renowned for. It still led the way with its innovative technologies, including the diver-controlled Venturi devices to control breathing resistance and environmentally sealed spring chamber to reduce corrosion and contamination.

Today, Sherwood has representation in over 200 countries and is still producing top-class equipment that divers around the world trust and depend on to keep them safe.


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