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ScubaPro instantly recognizable as the one of the largest and most trusted brands in the industry. ScubaPro is the successor to one of the five original dive companies in the United States.

Scubapro diving equipment

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Hunter Bierce

Hunter Bierce

PADI Scuba Instructor
Hunter Bierce is a PADI Scuba Instructor and multidisciplinary outdoor professional.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.
ScubaPro has a truly staggering amount of products available at a wide array of prices. They put in decisive effort to stay on the forefront of the industry, adapting all the latest trends and technological advancements to suit their product line, while maintaining a diverse selection of older and less optimized models to accommodate all budgets.

They try to make their gear simple and serviceable. Through their Parts for Life warranty program, any ScubaPro regulator purchased through a licensed dealer can receive free parts when it’s due for service. So when you inevitably need to replace an o-ring on a ScubaPro regulator, you know exactly where to look.

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ScubaPro Diving Equipment

ScubaPro Wetsuits

With options starting at less than $150 USD, ScubaPro wetsuits are great for divers on a budget. Wetsuits average around five different sizes for each model, and there’s enough variety in their stock to fit most any need, specific to scuba or otherwise.

Warmwater models such as the Profile Streamer and the Everflex Streamer highlight the best that ScubaPro has to offer. The Everflex model in particular comes in 16 different sizes, so you won’t need to compromise fit for comfort underwater.

ScubaPro wetsuit technology comes in the form of vests, shorts, shorties, hoods, and full-sized wetsuits ranging from 1mm to 7.5mm. Whether you’re seeking something as simple as additional sun protection, or the latest in semi-dry cold water tech, the ScubaPro standard remains the same. With high quality seam sealed neoprene construction, ergonomic shaping, and high strength YKK zippers, ScubaPro wetsuits are durable and dependable.

Everflex Mens 3mm Wetsuit
ScubaPro Everflex Mens 3mm Wetsuit

This ScubaPro wetsuit is made from X-Foam neoprene which is more hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly than other neoprene. Also friendly to the environment is the water-based, solvent-free glue which is used to assemble the suit.

On the inside are chest and back panels with thermal loop laminate to provide additional warmth. The legs and arms are pre-bent for better movement and comfort.

ScubaPro 5/4 mm Everflex Steamer Womens Wetsuit
ScubaPro 5/4 mm Everflex Steamer Womens Wetsuit

Like the previous Everflex wetsuit, the ScubaPro Everflex Steamer is made from X-Foam neoprene. It comes double layered which provides improved stretch and protection from cold water.

There is a diagonal back zipper for easy donning. Great for flexibility, warmth and saving our oceans!

ScubaPro 5/4 mm Everflex Steamer Mens Wetsuit
ScubaPro 5/4 mm Everflex Steamer Mens Wetsuit

Same specs as the women’s version but designed for men. Zippers on the wrists and ankles make getting into and out of the wetsuit easier. There is also a zipper at the neck which is great for when you are between dives.

Extra padding on the knees, shoulders, and elbows offers protection from the elements. The design has fewer seams than usual which increases flexibility.

ScubaPro Nova Scotia Men's 7.5mm Semi-Dry
ScubaPro Nova Scotia Men’s 7.5mm Semi-Dry

A semi-dry suit offers you the best of both worlds—the flexibility of a wetsuit with the warmth of a drysuit. ScubaPro’s Pure Design Concept uses fewer panels and seams for greater maneuverability. Stress discs are installed at stitch intersections to help protect seams for durability.

Both sleeves have non-slip pads for securing wrist gadgets. There’s also a handy zippered pocket to keep accessories.

ScubaPro Sport 7mm Women's Steamer
ScubaPro Sport 7mm Women’s Steamer

This wetsuit offers maximum stretch for amazing comfort and a perfect fit. Super soft neoprene makes it easy to get into and the interior lining feels great against the skin. ScubaPro calls the design the Triathlon Cut because it allows for lots of movement in the arms and shoulders.

Although they may look good, the purple panels at the ankles and wrists are also practical.

ScubaPro Regulators

Purchasing a regulator is usually the most anxiety inducing part of looking for dive equipment. It’s hard to know where to start when you’re deciding what to choose as your literal lifeline. Luckily, ScubaPro’s regulator finder lets you plug in your metrics as a diver to help you find the right product.

ScubaPro was the first company to use an air integrated inflator hose, the Air2. Almost 30 years and five generations later the Air2 is still one of the leading inflator reg options on the market.

ScubaPro has a couple great options for value as well. With the MK 2 EVO coming in at just over $400USD and a few more options still under $600, these sensible, no-nonsense regulators are perfect entry points for divers assembling their first octopus.

ScubaPro MK25 Evo
ScubaPro MK25 Evo

Another top-selling reg that has stood the test of time, the ScubaPro MK25 Evo is often found on dive instructors’ gear because they know how reliable it is. It’s also suitable for a range of diving activities and is just as at home in cold water as it is warm.

Fun design with interchangeable colored purge shields.

ScubaPro Fins

As mentioned, ScubaPro is very friendly to the entry-level diver. They make it easy to find gear that will suit you from the onset of your underwater career, and give you options to grow into the style of diving you prefer without draining your funds. ScubaPro Jet fins are less than $50 USD and feature a functional, full foot fin designed to hold your foot comfortably and help you move efficiently underwater.

If you’re a calm-water diver who wants more out of your kicks, look to ScubaPro’s options for split fins. If you frequently pack your dive gear, their sport and travel fins like the GO series will save you space and weight in your bag. Finally, if you are looking for unadulterated power and finesse, the Seawing fins are ScubaPro’s power drivers and a serious contender for some of the best performance fins on the market.

ScubaPro Go Travel Fins
ScubaPro Go Travel Fins

Lightweight, comfortable, durable, and a fast and nimble performer, SCUBAPRO’s GO Travel Fins are ideal for both globe-trekking divers and snorkelers.

Providing the comfort and barefoot freedom of a full foot fin, GO Travel Fins are made from ultra-strong.

Scubapro Seawing Nova
Scubapro Seawing Nova

A Full Foot Freediving fin with a comfy foot pocket and long flexible blade, that makes for speed and agility + is appropriate for all skill levels.

This fin has an upward directed wing tips for extra stability. These fins have variable blade geometry. The harder you kick, the more the wing tips arc upwards streamlining the blade and increasing speed, stability and decreasing drag.

ScubaPro Snorkel Sets

True to form, ScubaPro’s snorkels are exceptionally affordable, and give divers the chance to explore hybrid options to see what form of diving best fits them. Their semi-dry snorkels like the Nexus, the Phoenix 2, and the Escape feature specially engineered splash guards and purge valves to help deal with “wet” snorkels without a sealing top.

The Spectra Dry Snorkel is unique in its intent to be paired with a specific mask. The snorkel’s low drag profile and quick mask clip, it will stay out of your face when moving underwater. Also, the sealing top chamber makes it unnecessary to purge after submerging the snorkel.

In addition, ScubaPro has a selection of apnea snorkels for those who want something foldable, or want a multipurpose tube for freediving.

ScubaPro BCDs

ScubaPro has a fine selection of jacket and vest compensators. Available in both back inflate and vest styles, ScubaPro BCDs are made of hearty nylon with a focus on durability and longevity. Most of their selection comes with quick-release weight pockets and the option to include their integrated Air2 inflator.

While ScubaPro BCDs range from affordable to extravagant, their strength lies in making middle-of-the-line workhorse products. Their BCDs are suitable for heavy use and most any kind of recreational diving. The wrap around jacket styles such as their Glide Compensator are particularly hearty. While they might not be the lightest or the most portable, BCDs like the Glide keep you comfortable in all manner of conditions. Features like the wide tank strap, and the easily adjustable backpack ensure that you and your equipment stay right where they’re supposed to be.

The Equator BCD is a great middle ground between the hertiness of ScubaPro’s main BCD line and the portability of a travel BCD.

ScubaPro Ladyhawk (W)
ScubaPro Ladyhawk (W)

The ScubaPro Ladyhawk is designed to give women a sense of freedom in the water. A narrowed neck yoke, rotating shoulder buckles, swivel clips on the chest strap, and rear inflation give you a well-fitting BCD. This allows for plenty of movement around the chest and shoulder areas.

A flexible cummerbund compensates for changes at various depths to keep a good fit.

ScubaPro Hydros Pro (M / Unisex)
ScubaPro Hydros Pro (M / Unisex)

Probably the most advanced BCD we are featuring. ScubaPro has developed the first 3D injection, molded gel harness. What that means is that this BCD has loads of features to improve comfort, movement, stability and buoyancy control.

The gel conforms to your body giving you an ergonomic fit, adjusting to your torso length and shoulders.

ScubaPro Masks

ScubaPro Masks are a reflection of the company at large. They have a lot of reasonably priced options and a few speciality items, but generally speaking they make functional products focused on comfort and performance.

With an array of styles and colors, ScubaPro masks are great for new consumers who want to emphasize practicality in their dive kit.In addition to the optimized Spectra Mask and Snorkel combo mentioned earlier in the guide, ScubaPro specialty masks include such features as mirrored lenses to reduce subaquatic glare, and comfort mask straps to keep plastic from grabbing your hair. Their full face mask is appropriate for technical and cold water diving.

ScubaPro Trinidad
ScubaPro Trinidad

ScubaPro has designed the Trinidad with ease of use in mind. The one-window design is frameless making for a lightweight mask and an extended range of vision.

Buckles are part of the strap itself rather than being a part of the body of the mask.

ScubaPro Ghost
ScubaPro Ghost

Another frameless offering from ScubaPro. Made from soft silicone, the skirt is very flexible. It comes with easy-adjust buckles which give divers a range of strap angles to ensure a good fit. Both these features also mean the mask can fold flat for storing away.

With its sleek design and subtle colors, the ScubaPro Ghost will not scare the fish away.

ScubaPro Spectra
ScubaPro Spectra

The ScubaPro Spectra is a high-quality mask which also looks great. They have used a top-grade silicone to make the skirt and the split-style strap. This allows for a good seal and fit. Metallic paint gives the duotone frames of this mask a classy appearance.

The Spectra comes with ultra-clear lenses as standard.

ScubaPro Synergy
ScubaPro Synergy

ScubaPro’s Trufit ultrasoft skirt uses a design intended to provide a great seal on all divers—no matter their face shape. Using two different silicone thickness types, it offers rigidity and flexibility in all the right places.

A ribbed texture allows the mask to conform to your face.

ScubaPro Dive Computers

ScubaPro is known for making damage-resistant, high endurance dive gear and their computers are no exception. Both the Aladin and Galileo wrist computers are standard-setting single gas units at a reasonable price. All Computers are built around the concept of intuitive user experience, meaning you won’t be trying to figure out who things work while you’re underwater. Aladin computers also come in a console version for those who don’t want to commit to a wireless gauge. For those whose diving demands more than just a basic computer, the G2 can handle multiple gasses and multiple transmitters.

New to the industry, ScubaPro has recently introduced their new mask mounted computer for the Galileo series. This hands-free approach keeps information right in front of you, and lets stay in the dive without wasting time looking for your gauges.

ScubaPro Company and History

In its original form, ScubaPro was known as Healthways, one of the five original manufacturers of scuba gear in the United States.

Healthways is known for popularizing “scuba” as a colloquial word rather than an acronym. After Healthways went under, ScubaPro was founded under the remaining assets and assumed the name of Healthways most popular regulator unit the “scuba pro”.

In 1997, ScubaPro was purchased by the larger Johnson Outdoors, increasing their available resources while maintaining their commitment to making top quality dive kits. Johnson Outdoors also owns trusted brands such as Jetboil and Eureka! tent company.

ScubaPro publicly affirms their commitment to the ocean, and have developed top-down systems to mitigate waste and their carbon footprint from administrative means all the way to their front line production.

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