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One of the most innovative and reliable scuba dive equipment manufacturing company, oceanic still continues thriving to amaze the industry for 48 years.


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Summer Worsley

PADI Instructor & Writer
Summer has been teaching scuba for the last 10 years.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.
Oceanic has always been at the forefront of the diving industry and is renowned for its innovative and technologically advanced products. The company’s philosophy is one of producing easy-to-use equipment that does the job as intended, and it certainly delivers.

Through continual development, building, and testing, Oceanic succeeds in creating equipment that improves the diving experience. From masks and fins to regulators and computers, the company leads the way.

Divers around the world love Oceanic for its stylish, durable, and reliable kit that delivers on performance. The company believes its gear should be accessible to every diver, everywhere, so each product ranges features something for all budgets and diver levels.

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Oceanic Scuba Dive Equipment

Oceanic Dive Computers

Oceanic’s presence in the dive computer category has lead to advances that have changed the diving world completely. It uses duel-algorithm technology that allows divers to choose the decompression algorithm that works best for them without compromising safety.

Oceanic’s range of dive computers spans a variety of styles, including console, wrist-mounted, and a specialized freediving unit, the F10. There’s even the S.U.D., specifically designed to be used as a backup. This small computer has no strap or HP hose and instead has a clip that can be attached to a BCD D-ring. If you need to use your backup, the S.U.D. can easily be set up to closely match your main computer’s profile.

As an entry-level computer, Oceanic’s VEO 4.0 is a great option. It’s a simple model with four modes (air, nitrox, freediving, and gauge) that does the job for most recreational divers and freedivers. The VEO 4.0 is available as a wrist- or console-mount.

For great performance and value for money, the outstanding computer in Oceanic’s range is the OCi. This wrist computer incorporates the best of the company’s technologies that will satisfy even the most experienced diver. Features include wireless air integration to give divers a remaining dive time based on air consumption, a digital compass, and an algorithm able to track decompression status across four gas mixes.

Oceanic Geo 4.0 dive computer
Oceanic Geo 4.0

This good freediving computer has an utomatic altitude adjustment so you don’t need to manually make changes.It’s dual algorithm means you can switch as needed and to better match your buddy’s computer. This is a good computer for divers who dive a lot.

Aqua Lung Men’s 3mm Quantum Stretch Full Suit
Oceanic Geo 2.0 

The Geo 2.0 is a nearly seamless integration between watch and dive computer. Great for scuba and free diving with easy navigation through menus.

Aqua Lung Aquaflex 3mm Women’s Jumpsuit
Oceanic VTX

Futuristic and high-class dive computer with bluetooth that allows user to modify settings from phone or tablet


Oceanic Regulators

All regulators produced by Oceanic are designed with the same attention to detail as every other product. Each reg features dry valve technology (DVT) to prevent moisture and debris from collecting in the first stage. And, Oceanic is so confident in the durability and performance of its regs that it offers a lifetime warranty and free parts for life.

Oceanic’s regulator collection begins with the Alpha 8 Sport, the cheapest offering that’s compact but still packs a punch in terms of performance. Next up is the Alpha 10 with a pneumatically balanced second stage that’s designed to reduce resistance for effortless breathing.

The Delta 5 features an all-metal pneumatic valve for even smoother breathing and dynamic adjustment technology that allows divers to change resistance for a consistent airflow at any depth. It also has a heat exchanger located on the second stage hose connection to improve performance in cold waters.

At the top end is the ZEO + FDX-i, packed with hidden goodies. This stylish reg has a chrome-plated marine brass metal valve that’s highly durable, improves cold water performance, and recirculates moisture when you exhale to prevent dry mouth. Divers have extensive control over airflow for a better breathing experience in the shallows or at depth.

Oceanic Delta 5
Oceanic Delta 5

The Oceanic Delta 5 is a popular follow on from previous Delta models. Designed for all-weather and all-temperature diving, the Delta 5 is both balanced and environmentally sealed. For the price, this reg has features above and beyond what you would expect, including ribbed heat exchangers in the first and second stages.

Aqua Lung Mikron
Oceanic Alpha 10 with sPX First Stage

Simple, sleek, and made from high-grade marine chrome, this reg from Oceanic will last for years to come. It weighs just under a kilogram (2.5 pounds) and will not take up valuable weight allowance when you’re traveling.


Oceanic Fins

Oceanic’s range of fins offers something for all budgets. The Viper is great value for money and is still made with some of the finest materials available. These vented fins have a thrust channel that, when combined with engineered side rails, direct water off the blade tips without it spilling from the sides when kicking for increased efficiency. Oceanic’s Viper is available as full-foot or open-heel and comes in a variety of colors to match any outfit.

The Manta Ray’s design was inspired by the bio-mechanics of marine animals. It features a short but wide blade made of a soft flexible material that stimulates the skin’s elasticity. Like the Viper, water is directed off the back of the blade, increasing thrust.

For a fin for all occasions, there’s the popular Accel. Its clean lines, compact shape, and high-stretch heel straps help to reduce bulk and drag. Whatever your preference of kicking style and whatever the diving conditions, the Accel maneuvers you through the water quickly with little effort.

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins
Oceanic Manta Ray Fins

Oceanic manta ray offers excellent maneuverability with durable and easy to use strap system even with gloves on.

Oceanic Manta Ray Fins
Oceanic Viper Open Heel Fins

A great fin for beginners that comes in both full-footed and open-footed depending on your preferences.

It is efficient and extremely lightweight which is a perfect beginner fin for travelling scuba divers.

Oceanic Vortex V16
Oceanic Vortex V16

 Its fins use a patented Nature’s Wing Propeller Fin Technology, for speed and agility that require little effort to move through the water.

Built for speed comfort and manoeuvrability.



Oceanic Masks

Oceanic masks are all made with 100 percent silicone skirts and are designed for a perfect, something divers always appreciate.

One of the most popular models is the Shadow. Its one-window frameless design provides an excellent field of vision making it ideal for underwater photographers. The mask packs flat and is easily slipped into a BCD pocket and carried as a spare.

Oceanic’s Cyanea is a master class in mask design. Two oversized lenses and a minimalist frame provide a wide and unobscured range of vision. The ski-goggle style strap is made of chlorine and UV resistant elastic for a secure and comfortable fit.

Even freedivers and spearfishers are catered for with the Enzo. This two-window mask has a black skirt and is extremely lightweight and very low volume. Trouble-free buckles make the Enzo easy to adjust above and below the surface.

Aqua Lung Vision Flex Mask Snorkel Combo
Oceanic Mako

This stylish and lightweight mask is a great budget choice for both beginner and experienced divers alike. Because it has a low-volume design, this mask is effortless to clear. For a non-panoramic mask, it offers a surprisingly wide field of vision.

The Oceanic Mako comes complete with a wide neoprene mask strap for additional comfort.
The skirt is made from high-grade silicone and will mold to your face, giving you a snug fit throughout your dive.

Aqua Lung Sport Flexar Snorkel Set
Oceanic Shadow and Shadow Mini

This Oceanic is a frameless design mask which offers a good vision range. It comes with a neoprene strap for added comfort. Oceanic has made the Shadow to fit medium to large faces. The Shadow Mini has the same spec as its big brother but is specifically for divers with small or narrow faces.

The Oceanic Shadow packs down flat to fit inside a BCD pocket. This makes it the ideal mask to carry as a spare. This dive instructor favorite is long-lasting and reliable.

Aqua Lung Sport Flexar Snorkel Set
Oceanic Cyanea

Oceanic has come up with a design that incorporates a minimalist frame around oversized windows. Lenses consist of an ultra-clear glass which contains fewer impurities and lets in additional light. The result is a peripheral view offering color vitality that is worth paying extra for.

The Oceanic Cyanea comes with a strap inspired by ski-goggles. The elasticated material is Chlorine and UV resistant for comfort. And a silicone grip ensures it remains securely in place. This really is a unique mask offering great comfort and functionality.


Oceanic BCDs

Oceanic’s innovation continues with its range of BCDs. Made from a highly-durable fadeless Cordura material, all BCDs feature the company’s quick lock and release (QLR) integrated weight system.

The OceanPro is a BCD that keeps it simple. Its traditional jacket design is comfortable, easily adjusted, and is built to withstand the rigors of daily rental, making it a popular choice with dive centers and schools.

If you’re looking for a BCD with all the bells and whistles, look no further than the Excursion. Built for the serious underwater adventurer, the Excursion is as rugged as they come. The rear inflation bladder is made from a patented BioFlex material and tucks neatly behind you, leaving you unencumbered as you glide through the water. It also features large utility pockets and plenty of well-placed stainless steel D-rings.

For divers who like to travel, there’s the JetPack. This BCD delivers on performance and is literally designed as a one-size-fits-all, whatever your height or body shape. But the unique advantage of the JetPack is that it doubles up as a handy stylish backpack that can hold a complete set of dive gear and still leave room for clothes and toiletries.

Aqua Lung Dimension i3 (M / Unixex)
Oceanic OceanPro

The Oceanic OceanPro BCD is the kind of work-a-day jacket unit both dive centers and divers love. It’s easy to use, hardy and performs well underwater. Two large velcro-closure pockets allow plenty of space for spares and slates. Divers can choose to purchase the additional integrated-weight system. If they don’t, the OceanPro has four pockets.

And hats off to Oceanic for including trim weight pockets on an entry-level BCD. Always a useful addition.

Aqua Lung Dimension i3 (M / Unixex)
Oceanic Hera (W)

Another BCD designed specifically for women divers. The custom fit harness has a multi-position cummerbund and shoulder straps which adjust easily for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

The Oceanic Hera brings together the benefits of a jacket and rear inflation styles making it easy to use whatever position you dive in. The patented and adjustable depth-compensating cummerbund ensures you are comfortable and snug however deep you are.

There are two generously sized utility pockets as well as numerous D-rings and mounting grommets for all of your accessories. And being made from Cordura nylon, the Oceanic Hera is exceptionally durable.


Oceanic History & Company

​Oceanic was founded in 1972 by Bob Hollis who wanted to make innovative, reliable equipment that would improve the diving experience for every diver.

Hollis was a true industry pioneer. His passion for underwater photography led him to build his own camera housings and strobes in the mid-1950s. A decade later, he opened a sporting good store in California to begin selling his camera equipment.

Customers began asking Hollis to make different pieces of equipment which eventually became the thriving business known as Oceanic. It started out with a dozen products until it purchased Farallon, a local manufacturing company. This smart purchase gave Oceanic access to instrumentation products and Hollis and his team turned to researching and developing new and innovative instruments.

In 1981, the company introduced the world to the DataMax, the very first mechanical depth gauge. DataMax was an instant hit with the global dive community and Oceanic quickly became the premier dive equipment supplier.

Since then, Oceanic has continued to wow the industry with its dedication to innovation. It created rebreathers for the U.S. Navy, developed the first heads-up display (HUD) mask, and introduced the revolutionary duel algorithm technology. Oceanic was also the first company to produce a dive computer incorporated with Bluetooth.

In 2017, Oceanic was purchased by Huish Outdoors LLC, which also owns Bare and Suunto. The company remains dedicated to developing new technologies and cutting-edge products to maintain is position as one of the most respected diving brands in the world.


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