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Ocean Reef

A brand that invents, designs and produces equipment to be fully at ease in discovering the underwater wonders.

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We asked our experts what they think about the Ocean Reef Scuba Dive Equipment.

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Summer Worsley

PADI Instructor & Writer
Summer has been teaching scuba for the last 10 years.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.

Ocean Reef is something of an anomaly among scuba equipment brands. The company is primarily known by divers for its full-face integrated dive masks (IDM), but it also produces a range of high-quality snorkeling equipment.

Not only that, but Ocean Reef dips its toes into underwater agriculture. Off the coast of Noli, in Italy, the Ocean Reef Group has several biospheres where biologists are experimenting with subaquatic gardening 20 feet under the surface. The project, named Nemo’s Garden, illustrates Ocean Reef’s commitment to ingenious solutions and out of the box thinking.

Today, Ocean Reef is one of the market leaders in IDMs, which it makes for both sport divers and for professional divers. Here, we take a look at Ocean Reef Group’s scuba equipment and its snorkeling equipment.

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Ocean Reef Dive Equipment

Ocean Reef Full-Face Scuba Masks

While full-face masks have long been used by commercial divers, it is only in recent years that they have started making a splash on the sport diver scene. In part because of companies such as Ocean Reef which produce integrated dive masks. 

Integrated means that the mask contains a second stage regulator, this second stage is connected to the first stage via a hose, just like with other regulator set-ups. Full face diving masks should not be confused with full-face snorkeling masks. The latter are designed for surface exploration only.

The Neptune Space GDivers IDM comes in several colors and is designed by Ocean Reef to open full-face mask diving up to a broader audience. As the company notes on its website: “Why should scuba diving with full face masks be considered only for professional, commercial or long time experienced divers? … Why limit the revolution to scuba diving?”

A revolution indeed as the Neptune has proved popular among hobby divers. Featuring a sturdy system of six straps, the mask sits comfortably over the face and secures around the back of the diver’s head. It is designed to limit CO2 build-up as much as possible, which is something that many divers were concerned about when switching to IDMs.

The mask’s purge system is simple; in the exceedingly unlikely event the mask needs to be cleared, a purge button drains the water quickly and easily. The large field of vision and scratch-resistant window ensures exceptional vision quality. One side of the mask features a surface air valve so that instead of using tank gas on the surface, you can open the valve and breathe the surrounding air — just make it is closed before descent!

Neptune Space IDMs come with a hose as standard but divers can upgrade and add an extender kit (to add accessories) and Ocean Reef’s communications system.

The next model up is in Ocean Reef’s professional IDM, the Predator Extender. Built with demanding pro divers in mind, the Predator IDM largely has the same features as the Neptune Space models, but in supercharge mode. Here the regulator is covered in Anodized Anticorodal® aluminum, which is highly durable and, as the name suggests, shouldn’t corrode. The reg is cold water certified and balanced. 

Purchasing the Predator over the cheaper Neptune Space models also means reduced positive buoyancy.

Although these two full-face IDMs are Ocean Reef’s most popular, the company also produces the Iron model, which is perhaps designed less for sport divers than for divers working in hazardous environs, but it is marketed by Ocean Reef as the Ferrari of its product line, so there may be sport divers taking up the Iron mantle.


Ocean Reef IDM Training Sessions

Ocean Reef runs training courses teaching Scuba Instructors how to teach others to use their IDM masks and communication systems safely. Interested dive professionals should get in touch with Ocean Reef to find out about upcoming training sessions.

Aqua Lung Aquaflex 3mm Women’s Jumpsuit
Ocean Reef Neptune GDIVERS Space Full Face Mask

It’s a great Full Face dive mask that does not fog up. It has an adjustable airflow that works perfectly.

Aqua Lung Aquaflex 3mm Women’s Jumpsuit
Ocean Reef Predator T Divers Full Face Diving Mask

An updated version to the Neptune Space, with parts made of Anticorodal, which is a lightweight and durable aluminum.

Ocean Reef First Stage Regulators

Note that Ocean Reef IDMs can be used with other brands’ first stage regulators, but the company does produce its own line.

Ocean Reef’s SL35TX first stage comes in either DIN or International options and in a DIN Nitrox ready version. All are balanced and have an anti-freeze kit. Each features two high-pressure ports. The Nitrox version is ready to use with 100% O2 straight out of the box.

Ocean Reef Snorkeling Equipment

Much like Ocean Reef’s dive equipment, the company’s snorkeling product line is small, but what it does it does well. Snorkelers can choose between the ARIA full-face snorkel mask Uno, Classic, or QR+. Small people are catered too as well with the ARIA Jr full-face snorkel mask.

The Uno is Ocean Reef’s entry-level model and provides good value for money. The next model up is the Classic, which comes in either black or blue. The QR+ distinguishes itself with a sleek black silicone design inside the mask and an improved quick-release system. Additionally, snorkelers can choose from several color schemes.

Avid snorkelers can also invest in a snorkel mask communication system, similar to a walkie talkie.

Ocean Reef also produces fins, the short-blade Duo model. We think these powerful little fins are more suited to snorkeling than to scuba diving, and it seems Ocean Reef agrees as the fins are only listed on the company’s ‘snorkel’ section of its website. Light and little, these punchy fins are ideal for packing into your bag alongside the rest of your snorkel equipment. Like Ocean Reef’s full-face snorkel masks, you can choose from several different colors for your Duo fins.

Aqua Lung Aquaflex 3mm Women’s Jumpsuit
Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask

Made of high quality materials, Ocean Reef Aria Full Face Snorkel Mask has the largest field of vision on market.

It has an anti-fog breathing circulation which means no frustrating mask removal to clear lens.



Ocean Reef Company & History

Ocean Reef Group’s company history can be traced back to 1940s Italy when the Gamberini brothers accidentally discovered a new type of floating rubber. This attracted the attention of Commander Ferraro, an Italian Navy hero, who was at that time designing rubber masks and fins and so reached out to the Gamberini brothers for assistance.

Not long afterwards, the very first floating dive fins were on the market. The Gamberini brothers were courted by the Cressi brothers, a pair who’s name is today synonymous with scuba diving. So from rubber to scuba diving, the Gamberini family business made a switch and it has stayed with a foot in the scuba world ever since.

Today Ocean Reef has business premises in both San Marco and Italy. The company’s most popular product, the full-face IDMs grabbed even more attention when they were used in the 2018 rescue of the 12 Thai boys and their coach trapped in the cave system.

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