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Mares was founded as a spearfishing company set on promoting passion for the underwater world. Now, a little more than 70 years later, they carry the same intensity to nearly every facet of the scuba industry.

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We asked our experts what they think about the Mares Scuba Dive Equipment.

This is how they rate the quality and standard of Mares products.

Hunter Bierce

Hunter Bierce

PADI Scuba Instructor
Hunter Bierce is a PADI Scuba Instructor and multidisciplinary outdoor professional.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.
Mares has a fully developed line of recreational scuba products, but they really shine in their ability to build gear for niche communities within the industry. Their intended market consists of freedivers, spearfishers, and technical divers just as much as it does recreational scuba divers.

The Mares innovative spirit and technical standard of excellence have extended with the dive industry at large, allowing them to put out a truly impressive catalogue of products no matter what your specialty.

Beyond scuba, Mares has recently released their take on a rebreather unit, the Horizon, in a move that has pushed further standardization in the recreational rebreather market.

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Mares Scuba Dive Equipment

Mares Wetsuits

Mares manufactures traditional wetsuits for scuba divers and freedivers with enough variety to keep you warm in any conditions. They also make a variety of thinner skin suits for camouflage and sting protection while spearfishing.

Their traditional M-Flex line features 7mm full suits ranging to 2.5mm shorties. Mares starts with high quality neoprene and makes svelte, streamlined wetsuits in nearly every size and thickness. They’ve also retooled the seam placement on the suits themselves to improve comfort and flexibility underwater. The Mares M-Flex line alone is comprehensive enough to fit most diver’s diverse needs.

Their Graph-flex line of wetsuits takes the same principles as the M-flex design, and adds in an interwoven layer of highly insulating graphene to create, in their words, “likely the warmest scuba suit ever made”. Mares also has a wide selection of performance cut freediving wetsuits suitable for spearfishing, skin diving, or athletic training.

Mares Regulators

Above all, Mares regulators are renowned for their performance in cold water. Their all metal construction allows for incredibly efficient conductivity between water and air, helping your gases warm up before they reach your lips. Mares regulators are burly enough to handle the demands of any diver without being too complicated to exclude those just looking for practicality. Mares also has a line of ultralight, ultra durable travel regs that are perfect for travel.

Mares sets the standard for breathing assisted technologies. Their regulators feature a twin-powered, vortex driven design. Their regulators push air towards your mouth, making for ease of breathing for hard swims and high currents. Their updated models also include that allows for in dive airflow adjustment.

In addition, Mares carries a full fleet of tec systems. Most of their regulators are compatible with both recreational and technical kits.

Mares Rover 2s
Mares Rover 2S

Another dive shop favorite, the Mares rover is popular for good reason. It’s reliable, hard-working, breathes well, and can take a few hard knocks.

Mares’ very own Fluid Dynamic Deflector system and VAD (vortex assist design) mean an effortless breath quality more similar to a balanced regular than an entry-level unbalanced reg.

Mares Fins

Staying true to their legacy as a fin manufacturer, Mares has an extensive catalogue of performance fins. The Volo Race is of particular note for responsive and powerful options. At the crossroads of low price and potent return on your kicks, this fin should be on any inquisitive diver’s short list.

Mares fins come in both full foot and open heel options, and have plenty of variety for those looking for travel fins, and those designed for pure power.

In accordance with their history as a speargun manufacturer, Mares fins are designed to work hard while minimizing the amount of energy you expend. While they don’t have any split fin options, if you want to cover some distance in less fin strokes, Mares’ stock is definitely worth investigating.

Mares Avanti Super Channel Full Foot
Mares Avanti Super Channel Full Foot

Mares Avanti Super Channel Full Foot has new blade with 1 large central super channel and 2 traditional channels.It provides maximum thrust, whilst maintaining efficiency which reduces leg fatigue.

The foot pockets have been specially designed to mould to any foot type.

Mares Volvo Race
Mares Volvo Race

Mares Volvo Race has high performance with minimal exertion ratio. It has good support for the ankle to prevent tiredness when out in the water for long periods.

And of course, durable construction.

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus
Mares Avanti Quattro Plus

Mares Avanti Quattro Plus fin has 4 channels, which increases the thrusting power. This foot pocket adds thrust with less exertion and therefore fatigue.

Made of 2 types of material for durability and efficiency.

Mares Snorkels

Preferences for snorkels in the dive community vary widely. While some people don’t mind purging their snorkel with every unexpected splash, others prefer a dry or semi-dry option to avoid the inconvenience. With a selection of specialty snorkeling options, Mares can accommodate any preference and more.

Much like their regulators, Mares’ high-volume Rebel snorkels are designed for ease of breathing in any conditions. Their large bottom housing allows for greater airflow than traditional snorkels, while the Ergo models are designed with comfort in mind. Both the Rebel and the Ergo lines are available as simple, semi-dry, and dry options.

True to form, Mares also have a small selection of freediving specific snorkels for minimizing drag.

Mares BCDs

Mares has proven that they have both the innovative spirit and the staying power that it takes to stay on the front edge of BCD development year after year, on multiple fronts. Between travel jackets and daily drivers, Mares offers consumer based solutions to your unique diving needs.

For travel-tailored vests, the newly revamped Dragon SLS gives you a little more support than your typical travel BCD. It’s a more comfortable and more durable option than typical travel BCDs, built visibly more sturdily than comparable options. In a similar spirit, the Hybrid is a great choice for a high-volume diver who doesn’t want to compromise on weight and mobility.

Mares also makes BCDs for those who are new to the industry, the Prime Upgradable is perfect for someone who wants their gear to grow with their skill set. The Ranger is a similar, kids sized option.

Mares Masks

Perhaps best known for their hallmark X-Vision design, Mares masks allow for a large field of vision while being some of the most comfortable on the market.

Like their wetsuits, X-Vision line comes in enough fits and styles to outfit most anyone by themselves. The simple strap system is easily adjusted mid-dive, and ribs around the nose help reduce depth-related pressure. Coupled with the bi-silicone skirt and options for reducing bottom glare, X-Vision masks lead the way in comfort and practicality.

Mares also sets the industry standard for single lens masks. With an even wider field of vision and less water resistance, models like the I3 give you great vision and comfort. With the amount of models they have, and the amount of variation within those models, you’ll be sure to find a suitable option somewhere amongst the catalogue.

Mares X Vision
Mares X Vision

Mares has used two different types of silicone in the skirt and strap production. A strong, firm silicone maintains the structure of the mask.

The softer silicone has loads of elasticity and molds to your face. When at depth, pressure spreads around the mask and strap eliminating those red marks some divers are famous for.

Mares Dive Computers

Mares selection of digital dive computers is expansive. If you want a wireless or air-integrated watch or wrist computer, you have plenty of options to choose from depending on your budget and your intended use. But when it comes to consoles and analog backups, their selection is limited

When talking about Mares computers, the obvious starting point is the Genius. True to its name, this computer can handle anything you throw at it- nitrox, trimix, and tank integrated all without the trouble of hoses. The Quad and the Puck models are great watch-style computers with a lot of the same features as the Genius for more casual divers, with an optional air integration feature for those who don’t want to buy a tec computer.

While their selection of consoles is limited, the Mission Puck units are great options for those who are looking for value, or prefer hoses.

Mares Puck Pro Wrist Dive computer
Mares Puck Pro Wrist Dive computer

I love the simple interface of the Puck Pro. Sure it made be a little big, but that translates to being easy to read in almost any situation.

I dive as often as I can, and the battery definitely gets a work out. So, the user changeable battery is an amazing feature.

Mares Mares Quad Wrist Dive computer
Mares Mares Quad Wrist Dive Computer

The Mares Quad was a great purchase for many divers. t’s a full feature wrist-mount computer that is affordable. While the computer is big, and not easy to carry around on the surface, it is perfect when underwater.

The display is the easiest to read that I have dived with. Perfect for the diver who wants it all.

Mares Matrix Dive Computer
Mares Matrix Dive Computer

The Matrix is almost the perfect size for a watch dive computer, and the weight is great. Diving with the Matrix is as easy and it’s very reliable.

The digital compass is fool proof. The only down side is that I still have to have an analog pressure gauge.

Mares Company and History

Mares was founded by Ludovico Mares in Rapallo, Italy a few years after the end of World War 2.

Inspired by the waters of the Tigullio Gulf, Ludovico wanted to share his love for the sport of diving and for marine life by manufacturing the highest quality masks and spearguns available at the time.

Since then, Mares has expanded into nearly every niche of the dive market, upholding the rigorous standards of excellence the company was founded upon across the industry. True to their roots, Mares still makes some of the best freediving specific equipment available, alongside a fabulous selection of sling and pneumatic spear guns.

With the acquisition of the US based manufacturer Dacor, the regulator responsible for Darth Vader’s signature rasp, Mares has become one of the largest producers of dive equipment in the world. As of 2019, continuing with their reputation as boundary-pushers, Mares hit the rebreather scene with the release of their Horizon Semi-Closed Rebreather Unit.

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