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Fueled by passion for the underwater, Hollis has been producing the best technical diving products to push  divers to their limits and to get complex diving experiences.


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Summer Worsley

PADI Instructor & Writer
Summer has been teaching scuba for the last 10 years.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.
Set up in 2007 as the brainchild of Bob Hollis, the industry pioneer behind Oceanic, Hollis was created with a goal in mind: to use cutting-edge materials and technology to develop a line of equipment for adventurous divers from beginner to exploratory technical divers.

Hollis may not be the first name on recreational divers’ lips when they think of dive manufacturers, however, if you’ve made the transition to tech, it’s definitely a name you recognize. The company’s reputation for hard-wearing, quality kit means it’s a popular choice for divers after built-to-last equipment with great performance.

Hollis’ development team’s vast expertise allows the company to produce products covering everything a diver needs, no matter their level or the diving conditions. From fins, regulators, and masks to sidemount rigs and rebreathers, Hollis has you covered.

With the company motto of “no limits”, Hollis dive equipment enables every diver to truly explore the underwater world.

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Hollis Scuba Dive Equipment

Hollis Regulators

Hollis regulators have long been a firm favorite with tech and cave divers for their technical capabilities and reliable performance. But these cutting edge regs also benefit rec divers looking for dependable gear that will last a lifetime.

All Hollis regulators are pneumatically balanced for smooth, easy breathing and have a reversible demand valve that can be converted from right-hand to left-hand hose configuration. They also feature environmental sealing that prevents internal corrosion and icing of the first stage. Hollis’ regulators are available with either yoke or DIN valves.

First and second stages can be mixed and matched depending on your needs. For example, the 150LX second stage is usually paired with the DC7 first stage, which is good to 40% oxygen. However, switching out the DC7 with the H-O2 first stage gives you a reg system that can be used with 100% oxygen.

By far, Hollis’ standout regulator system is its 200LX DCX, which is designed to be used in extreme environments. It features a diver adjustable inhalation knob so you have complete control of the breathing system, a simple twist of the knob allows you to set the inhalation requirement to less or greater resistance as diving conditions or your preferences change

The outer casing is PVD coated which means the 200LX DCX is going to look like new even after several years of heavy use. It’s a regulator that is built to last. In fact, Hollis is so confident in the longevity of its regulators that it offers a lifetime warranty and free parts for life.

Aqua Lung Men’s 3mm Quantum Stretch Shorty
Hollis 200LX DCX

This is Hollis’ flagship regulator. It’s been designed to endure any strenuous water condition that you could enter. The outer casing is built to last and is PVD coated meaning it’s not going to show any signs of wear or tear even after several years of use.


Hollis Rebreathers

Bob Hollis first experienced a rebreather in the mid-1960s and went on to improve on the “bubbleless” technology. The Hollis Prism 2 is the company’s flagship rebreather and the only commercial CCR to stand up to rigorous testing carried out by the US Navy. It’s definitely not a fragile unit!

The Prism 2 is a fully electronic closed-circuit unit available with options for a front-mounted or back-mounted counter lung. The rear-mounted radial scrubber is specially designed to take the effort out of breathing.

A primary LED heads-up display is mounted on either side of the DSV and allows you to see crucial dive information at a glance. Just in case the batteries die mid-dive, there’s also an independent secondary analog display.

Hollis’ Prism 2 is not a cheap piece of kit, but if you’re after a bubbleless experience and are prepared to make the investment, you won’t be disappointed.


Hollis BCDs

Hollis BCDs are tough and hardy, built with a Cordura fabric that’s resistant to tears, abrasions, and scuffs. The L.T.S Light Travel System is a great option for recreational divers heading to warm water diving destinations. Weighing in at just 5lbs (2.26kgs), this lightweight BCD should keep you under baggage weight limits.

For those looking for something more substantial, the popular HD200 model has everything a sports diver could ask for and more. If you’re starting out in tech diving, there’s the modular HTS 2 that switches from a single tank soft pack to a dual tank backplate system.


Hollis Sidemount Rigs

Hollis offers a range of sidemount units from the lightweight SMS 75 to the SMS Katana and Katana 2. For tech students and divers just starting out on their sidemount adventure, the SMS 100 model is suitable for any diving environment from open water to overhead, and it’s ready to use straight out of the box.

For hardened cave divers and instructors, the SMS Katana 2 is constructed with years of exploration in mind. With a streamlined design, fully adjustable harness (making it one-size-fits-all), H or Y style harness configurations, and 40lbs (18kgs) of lift, it’s a sidemount rig that impresses on all counts.


Hollis Masks

Unsurprisingly, Hollis masks all come with the tech divers’ preferred black skirt. The lenses are made with extra clear glass that has a low iron content, giving a higher light transmittance and reduced green tint. This basically means the lenses are distortion-free and color and visibility are improved in low light conditions.

Though just a couple of styles to choose from, the M3 with its two-windows and the M-1 with a single-window are both popular masks. But for those who like something a bit different, there’s the MOD-1. This full-face mask utilizes two separately sealed cavities, a sealed dive mask and a lower Breathing POD that contains the mouthpiece. 

A communications microphone can be installed in the lower POD and the mask can be used with both OC and CCR systems, making the MOD-1 popular with U.S. military divers, professional underwater videographers, and scientific diver teams.



Hollis Fins

Again, there’s a limited choice of just two when it comes to Hollis fins, but both are high-quality products loved by many divers. Constructed with high-grade, heavy-duty rubber, the models are practically bulletproof. 

The F1 has always been a favorite with dive professionals with its spring strap, vented blades, and large foot pocket. However, Hollis introduced the F2 with a shorter blade that makes the fins more lightweight and gives better blade stabilization. Whatever style of kicks you use, the patented design increases efficiency.


Hollis Company & History

Bob Hollis founded Hollis in 2007. His already successful company Oceanic had been producing quality products for the recreational diving community since the 1970s. But Bob wanted to branch out and develop specialized equipment that would push the limits of technical diving.

Bob always had the ability to spot a gap in the market and fill it. In the mid-1950s, he realized there were no underwater camera housings and strobes were suitable for his needs, so he built his own. Bob pushed the boundaries of technical diving to fuel his passion for the underwater realm.

Today, Hollis continues with this philosophy and focuses on research and development. And it’s well placed to do so. Headquartered in Utah, the company is conveniently located to test its prototypes in a number of different diving environments, such as the coast and the Great Lakes. If something’s not right, technicians can start working on a fix the following day.

Although Hollis was initially founded to develop tech equipment, its range of industry-leading products appeals to both rec divers and techies alike.

In 2017, Hollis and its sister company Oceanic were purchased by Huish Outdoors LLC, an international company that also owns Suunto and Bare.


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