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Cressi has been a main name in the diving scene since the inception of the sport. Now, with a full product line in every corner of the market, Cressi has one of the top names in diving, and can be credited with some of the biggest breakthroughs in early diving technology.

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We asked our experts what they think about the Cressi Scuba Dive Equipment.

This is how they rate the quality and standard of Cressi products.

Hunter Bierce

Hunter Bierce

PADI Scuba Instructor
Hunter Bierce is a PADI Scuba Instructor and multidisciplinary outdoor professional.

Torben Lonne

Editor of
Torben is a dive nut, with a passion for dive gear.
Nearly all Cressi equipment is manufactured in-house at their facility in Genoa. The company attributes this as the reason for their stringent quality control, and at least part of the reason for their innovative reputation in the industry. Their access to the waters of the Mediterranean means that everything they produce can be tested in real world conditions from the onset, and honed to perform optimally in salt water.

Cressi emerged in the burgeoning spearfishing industry of the mid twentieth century. Since then, Cressi athletes have managed to accumulate a dozen world spearfishing titles, while moving into the competitive swimming world as well.

Regardless of what your preferred watersport, Cressi makes top-quality gear and were probably one of the first ones doing it.

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Cressi Scuba Dive Equipment

Cressi Wetsuits

Cressi covers just about the entire spectrum of possibilities when it comes to staying warm underwater. With a diverse line of wetsuits, semi-dry options, and a retooled dedicated drysuit, you don’t have to compromise on comfort or warmth during your search.

Across all options, Cressi has made some significant improvements to traditional wetsuit designs. Extended collars limit water circulation when you look up, dump valves on their hoods allow you to purge expanding air on your way to the surface, and their own tactics for neoprene reinforcement let high risk zones retain their elasticity while protecting them from ware over time.

The DIVER Wetsuit line is instantly recognizable to any seasoned wetsuit renter. It’s favored by dive shops for it’s simple, front zip design and built in hood.

Single piece and modular wetsuits are available from 3mm shorties to semi-dry compressed neoprene models. Cressi also manufactures wetsuits sized for children.

Cressi 2mm Front Zipper Lido Women's Shortie
Cressi 2mm Front Zipper Lido Women’s Shortie

This is the first wetsuit we’ve looked at with a zipper located on the front. Although not for everyone, front zippers can make life easier when getting the wetsuit on and off.

For those who will be diving in colder climes, the Cressi Lido shortie is suitable for wearing beneath thicker suits for added warmth.

Cressi Tortuga 2.5mm Men's Shortie
Cressi Tortuga 2.5mm Men’s Shortie

This thin wetsuit means the wearer retains a lot of flexibility. The material is light and easy to get on and take off.

A hook-and-loop fastening collar sits high for added comfort and protection from the elements. The Cressi Tortuga is ideal for diving in tropical waters.

Cressi Morea 3mm Men's Jumpsuit
Cressi Morea 3mm Men’s Jumpsuit

Made from Ultraspan neoprene, the Cressi Morea is amazingly flexible. With a rubberized neoprene chest panel, you have a non-slip contact area for BCD straps that is resistant to abrasion.

Padded knee and shin patches prevent your knees from getting scratched if you need to kneel. The stitching is done with an anti-fraying thread making the Cressi Morea a wetsuit that lasts.

Cressi Morea 3mm Women's Jumpsuit
Cressi Morea 3mm Women’s Jumpsuit

This suit is exactly the same quality and spec as the men’s version. The cut is designed for women and the suit is flexible enough to fit most female forms.

The Cressi Morea is comfortable, provides excellent protection, and really exceeds expectations.

Cressi Castoro Men's 5mm Jumpsuit
Cressi Castoro Men’s 5mm Jumpsuit

The Cressi Castoro Jumpsuit is double-lined with durable but soft neoprene. It provides great heat retention when diving at depth.

Pre-shaped legs help with flexibility when kicking and an under-zip lining prevents water infiltration.

Cressi Regulators

In 1965 Cressi released the Polaris 4 regulator and raised the standard industry-wide for durability and performance in second stage air delivery. Since then, they have continued to drive development forward specifically within the realm of regulators.

In terms of both durability under extreme conditions, and portability for travel divers, divers of all walks can find a Cressi regulator that will meet their specific requirements. In either case, these second stages are designed around the concept of ease of breathing. Though the means vary from product to product, Cressi engineers solutions to facilitate easy airflow..

The MC9 is the flagship model of their ultralight designs. At less than 150g, your luggage will feel lighter than ever. On the other end of the spectrum, the T 10 SC Chromo Galaxy features an enlarged diaphragm with over 10% more volume than most comparable products. The first stage of these regulators is sealed, not only preventing icing but also protecting from silt and other contaminants. Cressi octos are available in both DIN and INT versions.

Cressi makes their regulators serviceable, meaning when something inevitably wears out before a dive, anyone familiar with servicing dive gear should be able to get you back into the water.

Cressi AC2/XS2
Cressi AC2/XS2

You can’t really go wrong with this AC2 first stage and XS2 second stage. Both are made of the kind of high-quality materials we’d expect from Cressi and are durable.

Most of Cressi’s scuba gear has a reputation for dependability and these regulators are no different.

Cressi Fins

Befitting a company rooted in competitive spearfishing, Cressi’s fins combine decades of accumulated knowledge along with their novel manufacturing techniques to constantly push the boundaries of efficiency and optimization. On all fronts of the watersport industry, Cressi fins are among the finest and most efficient products on the market.

Cressi fins aren’t just characterized by their record breaking freediving long fins. Performance models such as the Reaction Pro specialize in comfort and precision when you’re on the dive.

In 1979, Cressi introduced nylon to the world of diving fins, today they continue the tradition of using novel materials in their products with an in-house tripolymer injection moulder. The Gara Modular is of particular, using an interchangeable carbon blade system, this is the premier choice for serious underwater fishermen.

Cressi Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins
Cressi Reaction Pro Full Foot Fins

The Reaction Pro are non-vented fins with full foot pocket designed for scuba diving, snorkeling, recreation. A full foot pocket style fin, with a long blade and built in runners to effectively direct water flow down the blade.

It is made using a patented three material molding process to provide comfort and suppleness in the foot area.

Cressi Frog Plus
Cressi Frog Plus

The Frog Plus features many of the great characteristics of a traditional paddle fin along with introducing a revolutionary new blade material that is both extremely durable and nearly indestructible.

The Frog Plus utilizes Cressi’s patented three material injection molding process.

Cressi Snorkel Sets

While it’s hard to be boundary-pushing when it comes to snorkels, in typical Cressi fashion they’ve managed to add some features.

Their Itaca Ultra Dry uses a submersion-triggered dry guard to keep water out of the snorkel, and a purge valve located lower on the housing to more easily clear water from the snorkel when you surface. The Cressi Corfu offers similar protection from water with a specially engineered splash guard

Cressi also offers a selection of snorkeling packages that include mask, fins, and snorkel for those who want to buy a complete set or are entering the world of scuba.

Cressi Premium Snorkeling Equipment | Ranger & Tao
Cressi Premium Snorkeling Equipment | Ranger & Tao

Combining Cressi’s Ranger mask and Tao snorkel, this is a great entry-level snorkeling set. The semi-dry snorkel features a splash guard to reduce any water entry.

A comfortable, flexible mouthpiece helps prevent jaw ache and can be easily replaced.

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set
Cressi Palau Snorkel Set

Cressi includes their Onda mask in this set and we can understand why. Although it’s been around for decades, the materials used are still some of the highest quality out there.

All the parts of the Cressi Palau snorkel set provide great comfort but also a toughness that will last you for years.

Cressi BCDs

While they are boundary-pushing in nearly every other way, Cressi BCDs don’t shine for their innovative features or ground-breaking features. Instead most of their products are sturdy, user friendly and built out of bomb proof materials.

The Solid jacket, as the name implies, is a parsed-down backpack style device. Designed specifically for dive centers looking for workhorse products, this design is light enough to be managed by beginners, while retaining the kind of durability it takes to spend every day in the water. Similarly the R1 takes the same principles and applies them to a more consumer-minded product. With a focus on functionality and affordability, the R1 is built to cover any need a recreational diver could have. They also manage to keep the weight down for travel.

If looking to buy your first jacket and octopus set up, Cressi offers a couple different packages at an affordable rate. With a primary, a secondary, and an analog pressure gage these bundles are the perfect starting point for those who want to get their toes wet, and to leave room for customization in the future.

Cressi Start (M / Unisex)
Cressi Start (M / Unisex)

The Cressi Start was initially intended to be used by dive schools and resorts. It has a basic design but is highly functional making it ideal for beginner divers too.

One nice feature is that the waist strap is independent of the air bladder, so if you tighten it while the jacket is deflated, it’s not going to squeeze your stomach too much when you inflate.

Cressi Aquapro (M / Unisex)
Cressi Aquapro (M / Unisex)

The Cressi Aquapro is a popular choice, suitable for the majority of recreational divers. A rigid but fully padded back support provides stability for the cylinder and prevents it from moving around.

Gravity-release weight pockets are located on either side of the jacket. Give the securing buckle a squeeze, the pocket drops down, and the weights fall straight out.

Cressi Ultralight (W)
Cressi Ultralight (W)

The Cressi Ultralight has to be one of the lightest BCD’s on the market at just 4.6 lb / 2 kg (M). It features a fast folding system for quick, easy, and compact storage.

This does mean that there are not as many fancy features—it has all the essentials and does the job well. Rear inflation means this BCD will not obstruct your movement when in the water.

Cressi Masks

As is the case with all of their multi-plastic products, Cressi’s unique testing and manufacturing capabilities have allowed them to turn out products at unprecedented quality. Cressi masks are notable for the consistency of their craftsmanship across a wide array of different approaches, across multi-frame models to their simpler frameless offerings.

Cressi’s patented Integrated Dual Frame tech sandwiches a mask’s lens and silicon skirt between two rigid frames. This approach assures a perfect seal between the lens and the skirt, keeping water on the outside of the mask. With their new models such as the Calibro Plus, Cressi is integrating a membrane around the nose pocket to trap moisture and reduce goggle fog mid-dive.

Their simpler models apply the same attention to detail and rigor in assembly. The frameless, single-lensed SF1 is small enough to fit into your pocket, and its wide lens allows for great visibility. The amount of features Cressi can cram into a single mask is impressive by itself, take a look at their offerings and you’ll find masks that will meet needs you didn’t even know you had.

Cressi Panoramic
Cressi Panoramic

Our first pick of the four-window masks, the Panoramic offers divers an increase in peripheral vision. The lenses fit together exactly for an uninterrupted panoramic view.

The mask is available in a huge variety of colors and comes with either a clear or black skirt.

Cressi F1
Cressi F1

The Cressi F1 is a popular choice for divers around the world. Its frameless design sits close to the face giving you an unobscured view.

Clearing the mask is easier as there is less space for water. And because there’s no frame, the Cressi F1 is really flexible and easy to store.

Cressi Nano Masks
Cressi Nano

Cressi has designed the Nano to have the minimum internal volume possible with a two-window mask. The compact hydrodynamic shape reduces drag and aids movement when in small spaces.

The buckles swivel to keep the mask secure and comfortable as you move. It’s a great option for advanced divers and freedivers alike.

Cressi Dive Computers

As Cressi utilizes their unique production capabilities to optimize hardgoods such as masks and fins, their facilities across Genoa also have the capabilities for on-site manufacturing of electronic components too. Through these methods Cressi was able to release the Leonardo, the first dive computer designed and manufactured completely in-house by a dive company. Priced around $200 USD, the Leonardo is the ideal modular computer for enthusiastic new divers in the market for their own electronic gage.

Cressi’s extended line of computers offers a nice balance of watch-style and console based options. In either case they’re built around the ideal of streamlined user-interface and specific function. Their analog and digital console models are a good option for more conservative divers and those who don’t want to pay for a hoseless model. Playing to their strong suits, Cressi also makes high-performance freediving computers.

Cressi Leonardo
Cressi Leonardo

The Cressi Leonardo is a recreational dive computer with a simple design. Designed, developed, and produced 100% in Italy, the Leonardo is one of the leading entry-level computers on the market today.

This user-friendly computer contains all the features a recreational diver needs.

Cressi Neon
Cressi Neon

The Cressi Neon is a plucky little computer perfectly suited to the needs of recreational scuba divers and freedivers.

While it might not boast all the bells and whistles more expensive models do, the Neon is a solid, entry-level computer at a very wallet-friendly price. Good strap with a slightly above average length.

Cressi Company and History

Cressi was founded in 1946 by brothers Egidio and Nanni in the city of Genoa, Italy.

Originally looking to capitalize on the burgeoning freediving scene in the Mediterranean, Cressi is still located in the city of its inception, and has since diversified into nearly every corner of the scuba diving market. Cressi prides themselves in their in-house means of testing and production, to them, these practices ensure the quality and durability which are the hallmarks of their products.

As the sport of recreational scuba has evolved over the last century, Cressi has been at the forefront of development. As a company they introduced the world’s first open-heel fin, and the first mask with a separate piece for the diver’s nose. They’ve also set the standard for high performance apnea fins, whose effectiveness has been proven by a dozen world freediving championship titles.

Cressi recently broke another big boundary in the diving world- four years ago they made the first dive computer designed and manufactured completely in house by a commercial dive manufacturer.

As a company, the quality of Cressi products says more than a guide ever could.

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