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Safety while diving

Diving is fun – 99% of the time.
However, a few times diving goes wrong because safety wasn’t in focus.
Follow our guides and stay safe both underwater and before & after the dive.

Stay safe while diving. The water is unforgiving if you fool around and don’t take the necessary precautions.
Follow our guides and upgrade your safety knowledge. You owe - it not only to yourself - but also to keep your dive buddy safe.
Always remember: Dive within your limits!

Alternate Air Source: Rules And Recommendations

As a diver you need the octopus. And I don’t mean that 8-legged ocean creature, I mean your alternate air source; in other words your second regulator or your backup. The octopus works the same way your primary regulator does. If your primary regulator fails your...

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Safety Stop: Why Do I Need To Do It?

We generally see scuba diving as a fun sports activity that we are simply passionate about. To become a good scuba diver we need to receive professional training and then get into the water. That is true, but that is not all. We need to always remember a few important...

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Buddy Diving For Safety and Support

If you could choose solo diving or buddy diving, which would you prefer? It is actually not the question of preference; it is a matter of safety. If you are a novice diver, the buddy system is a must for you, and if you are an advanced or expert diver, it still might...

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Safer Diving: Situational Awareness

How to develop the sixth sense of advanced scuba diving, the illusive “situational awareness”. This is the last article in our three-part article series about emergency planning. First we covered personal dive planning and yesterday we talked about dive emergency...

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Safer Diving: Team Emergency Planning for Scuba Diving

How to increase safety for your entire dive team! This is the second in a three-part article series about emergency planning. The first covered personal dive planning, this second one covers the dive team emergency plan, and the third and final will cover situational...

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Safer diving: Always have a backup plan

This is the first in a three-part article series about emergency planning, this one will cover personal planning, the second will cover the dive emergency plan, and the third and final will cover situational awareness. Scuba diving is a fantastic sport, one that...

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Vertigo during a dive – Which way is up?

Have you ever experience vertigo doing a dive? It’s the same feeling you get when spinning to many time around. Often when it happens it’s due to different pressure on your eardrums ex if one ear is equalized and the other isn’t. As soon as the other ear “pops” you...

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Solo Diving: Would You?

It was not until 1999 that solo diving was formally entered into the certification roll by SDI. Although PADI, NAUI and other agencies have not included this type of diving certificate until now, solo diving has slowly gained acceptance among diving enthusiasts around...

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