Lightweight and portable

The Gili 11’ Adventure inflatable SUP board is a cargo-friendly all rounder that can play at being a touring board.

This board will appeal to beginners who want to practice touring as well as intermediate paddlers who want to carry more equipment, or take a pet along on their adventures.

The high weight capacity makes it good for taking a couple of kids with you. Its 22 lbs also makes it quite manageable.

This board is affordable, and comes with plenty of features and accessories. It is lightweight, compact, great for travelling and offers great maneuverability and stability on the water.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

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    Excellent Stability
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    Pretty fast
  • check-mark
    Lightweight and portable
  • check-mark
    High weight capacity, excellent for bringing along pets or children
  • check-mark
    Ideal for all levels

Things we don't like:

  • check-markEVA pad could have more grip

Where to buy:


Gili Adventure 11′


  • Score: 4.5/5
  • Construction: 4.3/5
  • Stability: 4.5/5
  • Maneuverability: 3.8/5
  • Portability: 4.5/5
  • Price/Quality: 4/5

The original Adventure SUP was Gili’s second paddle board. The upgraded version has better fins, paddle and cargo options.

Lightweight and portable, the Gili 11’ Adventure is excellent for travellers. Despite how lightweight it is, it provides great stability in the water. The materials used in the construction ensure a rigid and sturdy paddle board that  only weighs 22 lbs.

It’s not as rigid as the Meno SUPs, which have the carbon rails. That means it’s not as fast as the Meno 11’’6 & 12’6, but it gives the 10’6 a good run for its money.

With a whole range of new features on the 2021 model, Gili has curated a fast and stable board that exhibits an overall high quality.

Thanks to its stability and rigidity the Gili 11’ Adventure is a great board for everyone. It has the stability and sturdiness which will allow beginners to practice using touring boards, whilst also having the speed and manoeuverability that more advanced paddle boarders seek.

It’s a pretty good competitor to the Bluefin 10’8 Cruise Carbon for value. Pretty good considering the Cruise Carbon is double chambered!

The construction and rigidity of the board also means it has a decent weight capacity of 290lbs. This means paddle boarders can take plenty of equipment along for their iSUP adventure, or even have their pet accompany them.

At 290 lbs, it also makes it an excellent board for families as it allows paddle boarders to take children on adventures too! That’s because it can actually accommodate up to 320 lbs before it gets too unstable.

Overall, the Gili 11’ Adventure iSUP is an excellent paddle board for those looking to explore the water from beginner to advanced paddle boarders. The board is made of premium materials and is of excellent quality.

The 3 paddle options also create wiggle room for people’s budgets. Combined with the 4 color-schemes, Gili’s current version of the Adventure is a good offering.

At this price and with this board’s profile, beginner to intermediate paddlers will appreciate it. Gili’s touring board will otherwise appeal to paddlers (with more balance) looking for more speed and touring capabilities.

With lots of added accessories and features this board is excellent value for money and will last a long time if properly looked after and maintained.

Specs & Features

  • Best Suited For: Beginners, intermediates, and families
  • Material: Dual-layer, fusion laminated military grade PVC with a drop stitch core using Fusion Dual Layer Technology
  • Volume: 238 l
  • Capacity: 290 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11′ x 32″ x 6″
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Recommended Inflation: 15 PSI
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  • One of the most prominent features of the Gili 11’ Adventure iSUP is the weight capacity. This board is made to be extremely stable and sturdy on the water and can hold up to 320 lbs for more advanced paddle boarders. That said, the recommended weight is 290 lbs.
  • Full length EVA pad adding to stability and balance for users. This EVA traction pad increases grip but also adds extra comfort with its layer of cushioning.
  • The board also includes a high quality EVA kick pad on the back of the board which aids when making pivot turns and moving the board on the water.
  • As well as all the performance features the board has two bungee ties to hold down personal items (one at the nose and one at the tail of the board).
  • The board also has 20 D-rings, which is a lot! It’s ideal for attaching personal gear and equipment or adding features such as a fishing rod or kayak seat.

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The Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP has lots of unique takes on the standard features and is made from high-quality materials differentiating it from other options on the market.

An added bonus of the Gili 11’ Adventure iSUP is the added accessories included when purchasing the board. It comes with fins, a 3 Piece Hybrid Adjustable Travel Paddle, a Gili 2-Stage Hand Pump, a lightweight leash and backpack.

  • Paddle: There are 3 paddle options available: fiberglass with nylon blade, carbon fiber with nylon blade, carbon shaft with carbon blade.
  • Leash: A coiled lightweight safety leash which extends to 8 feet. The coiled design ensures the leash stays out of the water and out of the way. It has a comfortable ankle strap and stays unnoticed when paddle boarding.
  • Pump: The Gili 2-stage hand pump is amazing. It’s small and lightweight, excellent for travelling as it breaks down. With continuous pumping cycles in both upward and downward action it also makes it easier to inflate your board to 15 PSI. The pump also comes with a gauge which indicates the board pressure (PSI).
  • Backpack: The Gili Inflatable SUP Backpack, fits all the accessories and has extra space for personal belongings. This bag features padded rucksack straps for easy and efficient transportation.


The Gili Adventure 11’ is built using a tight drop-sitch core protected by fusion dual PVC layers, which provides an excellent, sturdy and stable board.

32 inches width is pretty standard for all rounders but the form makes the Adventure additionally suitable for some light touring. But not at the cost of stability.

The shape and materials used to make the Gili 11’ Adventure iSUP ensure that it is extremely stable on the water. Because of the materials, the board is lightweight whilst also having a high weight capacity of up to 290 lbs.

More advanced paddlers can push 320 lbs., because it requires a bit more balance.

Capacity speaks to stability and the experience we had with this board speaks to this positive relationship.

The higher weight capacity means that you can have personal belongings and equipment and the board will maintain its stability and sturdiness.

The length and width allow for stability which is excellent for beginners and paddle boarders who want to improve on their abilities.

The higher weight capacity also makes it great for families or riders with dogs who want to bring someone along on their paddle board ride.

This is an excellent board for those wanting to advance into touring thanks to its shape and materials. More advanced riders might want to consider the Gili Meno 12’6 Touring board.


Although the Gili 11’ Adventure is not the the best for tracking compared to their touring SUP, it is very good for maneuverability.

Due to it’s lightweight construction the board is still surprisingly easy to turn in the water despite its length and width.

Its lightweight materials and rigidness also make it excellent for practicing back step turns, allowing paddle boarders to spin on the spot if need be.

The added EVA kick pad at the back of the board also makes it easier to move and turn the board in the water. The width and length of the board provide further stability making this board an excellent choice for beginners who want to practice turns on the water.



At 22 pounds, the Gili 11’ Adventure is very easy to carry. The board comes with a heavy duty backpack which makes it easy to travel with. The backpack is large enough to fit all the accessories and as well as added space for personal belongings.

The bungee tie-downs at both front and rear of the board make it easy to carry personal belongings and equipment to the water once the board is inflated.

When inflated the board has a central flat-handle which makes it easy to carry to and from the water, whilst also being small and unnoticeable when using the board when seated. There is also a handle at both the rear and the front of the board.

We liked how easy it was to unpack, carry to the water line and pack up again. That’s thanks to the bag, which is plush and comfortable, even when wearing it while biking.

Price/Quality Ratio

High quality materials along with innovative technology make this board an affordable and high quality purchase. The added features and accessories ensure the board is part of a comprehensive package which requires no added accessories or purchases. Along with a 2 year warranty the Gili 11’ Adventure iSUP is a great investment for everyone from beginners to advanced paddle boarders.

It is apparent when using the board that it is of high quality, as it’s very durable, sturdy and rigid on the water. For families, beginner and intermediate paddle boarders this board is a good investment if looking for quality and durability. For advanced paddle boarders the Gili 11’ Adventure provides great maneuverability and stability ideal for longer paddle boarding adventures.

Optional Accessories from Gili

  • Gili Detachable Paddle Board and Kayak Seat
  • Gili Fishing Rod Holder for Paddle Boards
  • Gili Paddle Board Deck Cooler Bag
  • Gili 12V Electric Paddle Board Pump

This is a good board. The update improved all the right things. In terms of performance and portability, we enjoyed the Adventure 11 and judge it to be a good option for both beginners and intermediate paddlers.

While it’s light enough to easily transport and paddle along, don’t expect it to win any races. The Bluefin Cruise Carbon or Gili’s Meno 12’6″ will be better for this.

But the Adventure has great performance features such as stability and sturdiness, as well as coming with a comprehensive paddle boarding kit of accessories and gear.

Gili also offers a 12’ version of the Adventure model which is a pound heavier and has an increased capacity of up to 330 lbs. If you want to know what else Gili Sports has to offer, check out our roundup of the best Gili Sports paddle boards.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    Excellent Stability
  • check-mark
    Pretty fast
  • check-mark
    Lightweight and portable
  • check-mark
    High weight capacity, excellent for bringing along pets or children
  • check-mark
    Ideal for all levels

Things we don't like:

  • check-markEVA pad could have more grip

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to inflate the Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP board?

The Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP Board can be inflated and deflated in about 10 minutes. Check out this article to find out more on the Gili 11’ Adventure iSUP board.

What pressure can the Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP board be inflated to?

The Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP Board needs to be inflated to 15PSI. With the pump that’s included, that’ll take a little less than 10 minutes.

What does the Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP board come with?

The Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP Board comes with fins, a coiled leash, Gili 2-Stage Hand Pump, 3 Piece Travel Paddle (in 3 different material options) and backpack.

What weight can the Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP board hold?

The Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP Board can support a weight of up to 290 pounds, 320 pounds for more advanced paddle boarders.

Is the Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP board covered by warranty?

The Gili 11’ Adventure Inflatable SUP Board is covered by warranty for up to 2 years.


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