Why Trust Us?

You don’t want to look at your rolled-up inflatable paddle board and regret buying it. Getting the wrong paddleboard that isn’t fit for your needs, experience, or location – will only lead to a board you never use!

Our guides will show you what board is the right to buy. We are a group of water fanatics that come from different backgrounds including yoga, scuba diving, sailing, and swimming. We’ve collectively tested more than 60 boards between us and found too many that aren’t worth the space they take up in your garage.

Our guides have pictures of the SUP boards and accompanying reviews that illustrate what paddle boards and which accessories are best for you. Our reviews reflect our experience nerding out over valves, paddles, and seams as much as our countless days on many different boards.

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A Word From Our Editor

Paddle boarding is one of the most accessible and fastest growing water sports around the world. The increased popularity of the sport over the last few years is a reflection of how important it has been to get out these last few years. This also, unfortunately, means that a lot of mediocre boards and gear–especially paddles–has flooded the market.

That’s where DIVEIN sails into the picture. We’re here to steer you away from buying something you’ll regret. Our primary focus has been inflatable paddle boards and our experienced group of paddlers tests the products we’ve researched with updates, continuously adding to our guides.

Just get out on the water!

Christos Nicolaou

Christos’ love of the water grows organically out of his roots as an islander from Cypress. He has paddle boarded in more seas off of more continents than any DIVEIN writer. After becoming adequately adept with the sport, he began competing in amateur SUP races on weekends and found a community of like-minded people who enjoy paddle boarding as much for the exercise as for the freedom and peace it brings.

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