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20 Best Paddle Board Accessories in 2021


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The result is 20 of the best Paddle Board Accessories on the market today.

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There are so many different paddle board accessories available that can make your time on the water much more enjoyable. Having a range of different paddle board accessories in your arsenal will make you stand out from the crowd and make you look like a real professional. With the right paddle board accessories, you can listen to music, maneuver you paddle easier and even be safer in the water. 

Nevertheless, the range of paddle board accessories can be immense and it can be difficult to choose the right accessories from all the products on the market. This is why we have compiled a list of the best 20 paddle board accessories for 2021 , in order to present the most useful and effective accessories for your enjoyment.

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The Top 10 Best Paddle Board Accessories in 2021

  1. OutdoorMaster Shark II Electric Pump
  2. Dry bag
  3. Paddle board carry strap
  4. Waterproof speaker
  5. Waterproof phone case
  6. Paddle board Lock
  7. Paddle board anchor
  8. Life vest
  9. Paddle board leash 
  10. Paddle board fin

If you have any questions about what are the best paddle boarding accessories for you- then jump to our comment section below and ask our experts.

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The OutdoorMaster Shark II is a corded electric air pump that continues the success of their first version. While the original was good on functionality, the latest improvements make the newest one popular with paddle boarders, kayakers, and for blowing up inflatable boats.

It’s especially useful when blowing up multiple inflatable boats and boards.

After continuous use for both inflatable SUPs and kayaks during summer, the Shark II proved to be a welcome accessory that makes getting out on the water quicker and easier.

Where to buy:
Specs & Features:
  • Supported pressure range: 0.5-20 PSI (0.034-1.378 Bar)
  • Max Pumping Speed: 350L per min at 1st Stage, 70L per min at 2nd stage
  • Max Energy Consumption: 10A, 120W (12V)
  • DC Power Cord Length: 9ft (2.75m), 4.5ft Hose
  • Weight: 3.6 Lbs
  • Can be plugged into a car’s cigarette lighter socket for power
What we like:
  • Easy to use
  • Handle for portability
  • 9ft long power cord for attaching to your car
  • Active cooling helps when you want to inflate multiple paddle boards
  • Automatic compressor
What we don’t like:
  • No built-in battery so needs a car or jump pack to work
  • Only connect to a 12V DC connector. You can't connect it to a normal power outlet

The main selling point of this innovative electric air pump is the frost-activated cooling system that allows the pump to be used for up to 30 minutes, allowing you to inflate 3 paddles boards or similar inflatable products.

This electric air pump is one of the most popular products on the market and for good reason. It’s easy to use and transport and gets the job done, allowing you to inflate your iSUP or inflatable kayak using the 12V power from your car.

Additionally, the Shark II is compatible with most of the major SUP brands and many of the major inflatable kayak and boat brands.

A reliable dry bag is a great accessory for your paddle boarding activities. A dry bag will let you bring the valuables onboard so you don’t have to leave them on land when you’re out on the water. Dry bags come in different colors and sizes.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • One of the best dry bags on the market
  • Tough and rugged, this dry bag was built to last
  • Budget friendly
What we don’t like:
  • We don’t recommend submerging the bag.

We recommend the waterproof dry bag from Nature & Friends, as it’s a budget friendly option, but still keeps your things safe and dry. This dry bag is lightweight, with the simple roll-top system, we know from most dry bags.

For more information on dry bags check out our guide to the Best Dry Bags in 2021

If you find it difficult to carry your paddle board to and from the water, then a paddle board carry strap is the perfect accessory for you. It allows for easy carrying and can make it easier to transport your paddle board to the water. A good quality carry strap should be adjustable and padded in order to make it comfortable to use.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • Fits around all boards not just paddle boards
  • Can join paddle with board for all in one carrying unit
  • Saves you time and energy
What we don’t like:
  • Although it is very comfortable, it doesn't hold together if not maintained

We recommend the Jinvun Paddle Board Strap, that provides an all-purpose carrying strap for your paddle board and paddle. In addition the use of neoprene padding makes the strap strong, durable and comfortable. Unlike most carry straps for paddle boards, the Jinvun Paddle Board Strap comes with an built in paddle holder, making it an all in one paddle board carrying solution.

Waterproof Speakers are essential for a paddle boarding session. There is just no substitute for the ability to take your playlists and listen to your music out on the water. A good quality waterproof speaker should be completely waterproof and produce a clear sound.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • 360 degree sound
  • Amazing quality of sound
  • Small and compact speaker
What we don’t like:
  • Can be bulky when tied to you on the water

We recommend the UE Wonderboom, as it is the most suitable speaker for paddle boarding. The Wonderboom is small, compact and comes in a range of different colours and patterns. Not to mention the sound is unbeatable; crisp, clear and offers 360 degrees of sound projections. Get two, daisy-chain them and you have impressive stereo sound. It is also very waterproof with a rating of IPX7.

Having a waterproof phone case is awesome as having your phone with you  on the water means you can take pictures, take calls and even play music while on the paddle board. A good quality waterproof phone case should be submersible and should allow you to operate your phone while it is in the case

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • One of the best waterproof cases on the market
  • The sleek design of this waterproof case means it looks good while paddle boarding
  • You can operate your smartphone through the case
What we don’t like:
  • Having a waterproof case slung around your neck can be quite bulky and this case is no different

We recommend the universal waterproof phone case from Mpow, that is compatible with most smartphones. This waterproof phone case is fully submersible and waterproof, meaning that you wont need to worry about getting your phone wet while paddle boarding. Furthermore, the Mpow phone case allows you to operate your phone’s touchscreen capabilities.

A paddle board lock can be useful when leaving your paddle board unattended in public places. It is a very effective and easy to use paddle board security system. A good paddle board lock can give you peace of mind against paddle board theft, by allowing you to secure your board to stationary objects such as roof racks

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • Best security system for paddle board on the market
  • Tough and secure
What we don’t like:
  • Don’t forget your combination

We recommend using the DocksLocks Paddleboard and Surfboard Lock Anti-Theft Security System. Offering a strong and secure locking system that is versatile and easy to use the DocksLocks Paddle Board Lock is the perfect solution for securing your paddle board.

Granting you the ability to render your paddle board stationary in the water, a paddle board anchor useful for paddle board yoga enthusiasts. It can additionally be used to rest on long distance paddle board tours, when paddling against currents, or for fishng. A good quality marine anchor needs to be rust resistant and compact like this one.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • Green colour means you can see it in the water
  • The anchor is designed to hook easily
  • White pvc flotation buoy for easy spotting
What we don’t like:
  • Still quite heavy to carry around on your paddle board

We recommend the Gradient Fitness Marine Anchor for anchoring your paddle board. This anchor is very convenient for paddle boarders as it is compact and weighs only 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kgs. It comes with marine grade rope and a pvc flotation buoy.

Life vests are an important safety feature for many water sports, including paddle boarding. Having a life vest can protect you in rough conditions and can give you the confidence to brave any environment while paddle boarding. A good life vest should be sleek, buoyant and well-fitted.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • Looks great and comes in a range of different colours
  • This life vest will last a long time if properly maintained
What we don’t like:
  • There are one too many buckles on this life vest

We recommend the O’Neill Superlite Life Vest as it is US Coast Guard approved and offers safety without sacrificing comfort. This life vest comes in a range of different colours and sizes and has buckles that allow for an adjustable fit and easy fastening.

For more information on life jackets check out our guide to the Best Kayak Life Vest in 2021

A paddle board leash allows you to be connected to your board in any scenario, and can function as a passive safety device in rough conditions. It’s always good to have a spare paddle board leash, as they can get lost or destroyed over time. Good quality paddle board leashes should be buoyant and should not tear under pressure of being stretched.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • Great replacement for original leash
  • Stretches to a substantial length when needed
  • Come with a waterproof pouch
What we don’t like:
  • Attachment to board needs to be physically tied together

We recommend the WooWave SUP Leash as the perfect replacement for your paddle board leash. This paddle board leash is adjustable and can stretch out to 11 feet / 3.35 meters making it very durable and as well as comfortable. It also comes with a waterproof pouch that can fit your phone, keys and wallet.

Another perfect accessory for your paddle board is having a spare paddle board fin. Paddle board fins can be damaged on rocks as well as being scratched and banged up from transporting the board. It’s always a good idea to buy a paddle board fin as you never know when you’ll need one.

Where to buy:
  • Amazon with worldwide shipping
What we like:
  • Perfect replacement fin
  • Fits on most board brands
  • Improves paddle board tracking and performance
What we don’t like:
  • Not ideal for touring

We recommend the Santa Barbara Surfing iSUP Fin as the perfect replacement for your paddle board’s fin. This paddle board fin is compatible with the slide-in fin system used by a lot of paddle boards from a number of various brands (they have a check sheet, to see if your board is compatible). Furthermore, the fin improves your paddle boards tracking resulting in less stroke changes and less energy consumption.