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This model of 1st generation night vision binoculars from SIGWEIS  has lots of features you’ll mostly find in pricier alternatives. There are levels of IR illumination, zoom levels, and the ability to record footage onto an SD card. Considering what it can do and the really competitive price, these binoculars are a pretty good value.

Given the ability to illuminate and record footage in the absolute darkness, these are great for observing raccoons or spotting other wild-life as well as keeping tabs on your property at night.

SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars come with a few limitations that are typical of this generation of goggles. But, they still manage to punch above their weight in terms of performance and the overall experience.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Reasons to buy:

  • check-mark
    Offers excellent value for an affordable night vision binoculars
  • check-mark
    Housing has a pleasant feel to it
  • check-mark
    Straight-forward and easy to use
  • check-mark
    Comes with both hard and soft case
  • check-mark
    Includes SD card and USB data transfer cable
  • check-mark
    Can be used as a video recorder during daylight hours
  • check-mark
    Heavily tinted UV filter to protect IR illuminator
  • check-mark
    Can adjust IR levels to avoid washout
  • check-mark
    Tripod mountable

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markCovers shorter distance than advertised
  • check-markIR light reveals position to subjects.

Where to buy:

Sigweis Night Product Image

SIGWEIS Night Vision

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A Featured-Packed Affordable Unit

Finding night vision goggles that suit your needs can be tricky. Whether you’re camping, hunting, bird watching, or need it for surveillance, using NV binoculars makes it all easier.

SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars is a user-friendly model that can crossover from day to night seamlessly. Being able to record footage is also a nice feature.

Enjoy seven levels of IR illumination and seven digital zoom levels, all packed in a weatherproof shell. And for its price, it also has a premium-feeling hard case and a soft case too. SIGWEIS is an impressive value-laden pair of night scopes.

With a good balance of build and performance, SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars are useful for checking out wild-life, protecting your property from predators of all sorts and for a whole slew of tasks that are rendered difficult if not impossible during the night.

It should be noted that the infrared light can be seen by anyone you’re looking at. That’s normal for this generation.

Something as random as checking anchor lines on a boat is great. So is keeping an eye on vermin.


Its black color blends well for its intended nighttime purpose. Included in the package are the SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars, its hard and soft cases, a neck strap, USB file transfer cable, a 32 GB SD card, and a pen-sized lens cleaner.

SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars is a complete package for a relatively low price!

Construction-wise, this night vision scope is plastic-made. It’s an expected barter for any budget-friendly model. But SIGWEIS noticeably has a more premium look than most units within the same price range.

Its shell may not be as rugged as the polymer-made Sightmark Ghost Hunter or aluminum ones like ATN Binox-HD Smart Day & Night, but that doesn’t mean it’s not robust enough.

Remember that this SIGWEIS night vision scope doesn’t have treaded rubber padding or grip points. We found this feature useful for extra oomph while holding the binoculars, particularly when it’s raining and tends to slip. Creative XP, ESSLNB, and SOLOMARK have this convenience on board.

SIGWEIS vs. Creative XP
Sigweis Night Vision Vs Creative Xp Rubber Padding
There’s no treaded rubber padding for a more secure grip.

These binoculars are a compact unit and can be used with one-handed operation. The indents on the sides make for a secure enough grip. In the middle of pitch-black darkness, the last thing you want is to drop your night vision scope to the ground so the included neck strap is great. It’s a little safety precaution you won’t get with Night Owl Pro Nexgen. Best Guarder NV-900 took it further, combining rubberized side grips and padded hand straps.

There’s also rubberized eyepiece protection to help block out light during the day or keep the LCD screen’s light contained during the night. If you don’t want anyone to spot you surveilling late hours, keep this in mind.

The rubber shield around the eyepiece keeps screen light from seeping out.

All in all, SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars construction is one of the most reliable for entry-level models. It’s not the best of the rest. But it can go face to face with your hunting and surveillance operations.

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On the Outside

There are six buttons outside to help you customize the view smoothly. It includes IR increase/decrease buttons, menu, power, capture, and mode buttons. Once you get a hold of them, you can seamlessly operate this SIGWEIS night vision scope.

Every setting button you need for an effortless viewing experience.

Hiding on one side is the SD card and USB cable ports. A rubber flap protects both, so no worries about losing your memory card or damaging the ports with water. You can take shots, record videos, and store and transfer them with no complications.

Sigweis Night Vision Sd Card And Usb Port
Find the SD card and USB port under a lid on the side.

There are a couple of battery panels at the bottom of SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars. Each of them accommodates three AAs. You’ll also see the mount here if you want to rig your scope in a tripod.

The battery panels and tripod mount at the back.


Here’s an in-depth take on SIGWEIS’ performance. We tested and compared this night vision scope with other models, and here’s what you can expect.

Zoom Options and Field of View

Take a closer look at details with SIGWEIS’ 3x optical zoom plus 4x digital zoom. That’s more than what you need to have a clear and crisp view of things in the distance. But if you’re looking for better accuracy, ATN Binox 4k with 16x zoom options.

SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars provide 525 feet max coverage at 10o field of view. On paper, this model offers a viewing distance of 1000 ft. But after testing, we can say that it’s limited to 328 ft. before objects and shapes become unrecognizable. Expect that its field coverage is lower than advertised.

Sigweis Night Vision Night Scope
This night scope can give a 525 ft. FOV at max. comprehensive distance of 328 ft.

It’s better than alternatives like Sightmark Ghost Hunter with 85 ft. FOV at the same distance. This SIGWEIS night vision scope is also way ahead of X-Vision Night Vision Pro with 59 ft. and Night Owl Pro Nexgen with 44 ft. FOV at only 200 feet.

NOTE: Remember, maxing out your zoom options affects your FOV’s stability. Yes, details are more emphasized, and so is every little movement in your hands and body. If you plan to use your SIGWEIS night vision scope for a long-range and extended period (i.e., surveillance purposes), it’s best to mount it on a tripod for stabilized view. Also, when out wildlife watching, little zooming is better. You don’t want the lion popping out in the background unnoticed.

IR Illumination 

Choose from 7 levels of 850 nm IR illuminator. It’s the most typical wavelength for most security cams and night vision binoculars. It’s obvious to the naked eye when there’s a nearby light source. This part is also prone to damage from heavy UV exposure during daytime use.

But with SIGWEIS, the IR illuminator is heavily tinted to give it extra protection. This safety feature prolongs the lifespan of your day & night vision scope without additional hassle. It is claimed that this also conceals the IR rays from the target of viewing, but it DOES remain visible and even quite noticeable. There are IR filters available to camouflage the red light.

The Zoom is Descent

The above screenshots show a grainy image for the zoom. During video playback, the images are actually more fluid. Taking photos are much better, but don’t expect sharp pictures when fully zoomed in.

A heavy UV filter tint protects your IR illuminator during daytime use while concealing IR rays in darkness.

Now. How well does the IR illuminator perform? We liked the reliable and effortless brightness adjustment from typical low light settings to pitch-black darkness. With the seven IR levels to choose from, there are more options to how much light you can add. There’s a better range than jumping from one setting to another with obvious differences like in 3-level Bushnell 260500 Equinox Z and SOLOMARK Digital.

Sigweis Night Vision Ir Level Options
The more IR level options, the better brightness adjustment in various settings.

Objective Aperture

How big or small the objective aperture is will affect the visual quality you receive in your night vision scope. In a nutshell, it’s the size of the outer lenses serving as light’s entry point. The bigger it is, the more brightness they can collect and provide to your view. However, it also means the additional weight on board. Read the guide to binoculars to find out more on this.

With SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars, it’s got 25mm objective lenses. It’s not the biggest, and it impacts its overall performance. Not to a deal-breaker point, though. Units like ATN Binox 4K Day & Night and ATN Binox-HD Smart have a 65mm-wide objective aperture which aids in higher viewing quality. But it comes with an exchange of stability during handheld use, especially one-hand operation.

Night Vision Field Of View
The 25mm objective aperture is powerful enough to give a quality output.


SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars offer an IP56 weatherproof rating. It means it can withstand solid particles that, even if dust enters the unit, won’t cause any harm. Not dust-proof, but almost there. It’s a night vision scope that can also endure high-pressured water contact directed from any angle. You can rely on it surviving when hunting or viewing nocturnal wildlife during heavy downfall.

That’s an edge on more expensive competitors like Creative XP Digital and SOLOMARK 7x31mm Digital with IPX4 weatherproof rating. Night vision scope with this rating means they’ll stay safe and dry against light splashes, but not on prolonged exposure.

We found this waterproof rating to be generally well-deserved (accurate).

Ocular Display

It’s the smallest of its type we’ve tested with a 2.31″ LCD screen output display. The average screen size for most digital night vision scopes is 4″ like in ESSLNB  Night Vision Goggles, Creative XP Digital, Bestguarder NV-900, and SOLOMARK 7x31mm Digital.

Bigger lenses are good for more people to see the viewer. That makes these more suited for individual use. Beyond that, there’s a magnifying glass as an output eyepiece (ocular lens). Plus, there’s no need to connect your night vision scope to a device via an app or do file transfer as we did with Bushnell 260500 Equinox Z. You can instantly review your photos and videos when you opt for SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars.

Though the LCD screen is small, the ocular lens amplifies its size.

Now, we understand that not everyone will like a digital LCD. For you all who want the classic dual-ocular lens feels and perks, we recommend Night Owl Pro Nexgen and Sightmark Ghost Hunter.

Run Time and Power Source

SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars run off six AAs. For nighttime use, enjoy seeing clearly through the darkness for eight hours straight with its IR illuminator on full blast. It’s a superior alternative to X-Vision with less than 6 hours of nighttime use. But if you want a workhorse, you might want to check out the ATN Binox 4K for its stamina.

Day and Night Use

Although not as technical as a military-grade unit, SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars serve well in both day and night time. Super user-friendly, making it accessible for anyone. Whether it’s bright outside or drowning in darkness, seeing the surroundings is no problem.

Night Vision Binoculars: Sigweis
SIGWEIS got you covered day and night.

We’re impressed by the IR since it can see through the glass at night. It is a significant edge over Night Owl Pro Nexgen, SOLOMARK, and Bushnell 260500.

Sigwei Night Vision Through The Glass

On pic: 90-105 ft., you can see through the glass.

There’s a bit of washout when looking at reflective materials. That even includes bright clothing in some cases.


For every gear we test, portability earns a point. These night vision binoculars are no exception. We’re glad that SIGWEIS included a hard case to keep your unit safe during long-distance travels and a soft case for daytime carry.

Sigwei Night Vision Portability
We enjoyed the convenience of both the hard and soft cases.

As you would expect with its hard case, it’s heavily padded to ensure that even if you drop your SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars, the damage won’t be a problem. The 3D outer texture itself provides a good grip. Its compartments offer clutter-free organization for every accessory you need.

Keep your night vision scope and accessories safe and organized in its hard case.

The soft case is the ideal option for short-distance travel during the daytime. It’s a handy alternative if you think the hard case is too much. Sling it over your shoulders, and you’re all set to go.

Technically, this night vision scope from SIGWEIS is not the lightest model we tested. It weighs 2.87 lbs. But considering its robust construction and for such a compact dimension, it’s easy to handle.. But if you still believe that lightweightness is more valuable than anything else, see X-Vision Night Vision Pro, Nightfox 100V Wide Screen Digital, and Sightmark Ghost Hunter. All are just a little over a pound heavy.

Besides, this SIGWEIS unit’s dual-case package is a bonus for a sub-two hundred-night vision scope. Other pricier options only come with either a soft or hard case or none at all.

If this night vision scope didn’t make it to the cut, one of these models will. 


For around $190, SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars are a worthy unit returning the best value for its price. You get the entire package (the accessories and cases alone are a steal!). It gives a premium-like build and feels without a complicated interface. This model can go head to head with almost any night vision scope twice its cost and won’t disappoint with its performance.

You can easily see spot animals from a distance or have a closer view of the stadium. This night vision scope allows you to switch from day to night use without worrying about damaging your IR lens. Plus! SIGWEIS can see through glass.

Capture pictures, record videos, and review them instantly. You can count that your hunting trip won’t lead nowhere, even when it’s raining. It’s waterproof and can handle dust particles without harming your night vision scope. The comprehensive distance SIGWEIS covers is shorter than marketed. But this is typical for most binoculars.

Effortlessly see through the darkness, get a closer view and make surveillance a piece of cake with SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars.

Buy these night vision binoculars if:

  • You want a night vision binoculars offering good value for their price
  • Looking for a scope that comes as a complete package
  • Want an easy-to-use interface

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Reasons to buy:

  • check-mark
    Offers excellent value for an affordable night vision binoculars
  • check-mark
    Housing has a pleasant feel to it
  • check-mark
    Straight-forward and easy to use
  • check-mark
    Comes with both hard and soft case
  • check-mark
    Includes SD card and USB data transfer cable
  • check-mark
    Can be used as a video recorder during daylight hours
  • check-mark
    Heavily tinted UV filter to protect IR illuminator
  • check-mark
    Can adjust IR levels to avoid washout
  • check-mark
    Tripod mountable

Reasons NOT to buy:

  • check-markCovers shorter distance than advertised
  • check-markIR light reveals position to subjects.

Frequently asked questions about SIGWEIS Night Vision

How far can you see with SIGWEIS Night Vision Binoculars?

The advertised maximum distance this night vision scope can reach is 1000 feet. After testing, we found that it can only work up to 328 ft. before the view becomes incomprehensible.

Can you see someone using night vision?


You can see anything you would with a naked eye and further. The difference? You can still perform surveillance even when it’s pitch black when using a night vision scope.

SIGWEIS works well and can peek through glass windows and at its best when viewing man-made structures.

What is the best night vision scope?

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