The right pair of binoculars can make the difference between inconvenience and ease. Outdoor activities like bird watching and hunting require a certain level of precision that only high-performing optics can deliver.

An 8×42 binocular is an excellent choice for general use. They are easier to handle than 10×42 binoculars. Moreover, they usually perform better in low-light conditions than the latter. They allow you to locate your subjects quickly with their wide field of view. Practically, they are more than good enough for hunting.

A great pair of 8×42 binoculars that is ever more popular these days is the Maven B1.2 – 8X42. It is an updated version of Maven’s flagship model under the B series, Maven B1 – 8X42.

In this in-depth guide, we will talk about the significant updates made to this model. We will also discuss what features were retained from their predecessor and we will also look at how they fare compared to cheaper alternatives, so let’s dive in!

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    Versatile and suitable for different activities
  • check-mark
    Wide field of view
  • check-mark
    Reliable color fidelity and image quality
  • check-mark
    Good low-light performance
  • check-mark
    Generous eye relief
  • check-mark
    Lightweight and compact
  • check-mark
    Long-lasting chassis
  • check-mark
    Smooth focus system

Things we don't like:

  • check-markExpensive
  • check-markNo carrying case

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Maven B1.2 8×42


Established in 2013, Maven is a relatively new name in the outdoor optics industry. The founders built it out of a shared vision. To deliver high-quality and high-performing binoculars directly to consumers.

Maven has developed several product lines of binoculars. Similar to Nikon or Steiner, they provide a price and quality scale from which consumers can choose.

One of these product lines is the award-winning B series. The Maven B1, which comes in both 8X42 and 10X42, is the flagship model under this series. Maven released its updated version, Maven B1.2 – 8X42, in early 2021.

The Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is the company’s all-purpose, do-it-all binoculars. It boasts a sportsman-inspired design incorporated with the latest technology.

That includes fully multi coated lenses, Bak4 optics and extra-low dispersion glass. What this means is clear images with little distortion around the edges.

As an updated version of the Maven B1 – 8X42, these binoculars come with a bunch of improvements. They have a wider Schmidt-Pechan prism and a wider field of view. Additionally, they deliver good image quality even in low-light settings.

Moreover, the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is a lot lighter and more compact. Yet, it has the same heavy-duty construction as its predecessor. It is easily portable, especially with the double-layered microfiber storage bag included.

These binoculars also meet the needs of those wearing glasses. They have a generous eye relief (18.1 mm) like the Maven B1 and guarantee a comfortable viewing experience whatever the activity.

Let’s take a deeper look at the features of the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 and find out if it is the right pair of binoculars for you.

Specs & Features

  • Dimensions: 5.2” x 5.7” x 2.2”
  • Weight: 26.81 oz.
  • Exit Pupil: 5.25 mm
  • Linear Field of View: 420’ at 1,000 yds.
  • Eye Relief: 18.1 mm
  • Available Colors: Grey/Orange, Black/Grey
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  • Extra-Low Dispersion (ED) Glass
  • Fully Multi-Coated Lenses
  • Wide Angle Schmidt-Pechan Prism
  • Dielectric Coating
  • Tripod Adaptable
  • Included Accessories: Double-Layered Microfiber Storage Bag, Lens Caps, Neoprene Neck Strap

Image Quality

As an updated version of the Maven B1 – 8X42, Maven B1.2 – 8X42 has a wider field of view of 420’ at 1,000 yds. Its predecessor only had a field of view of 388’ at 1,000 yds. This improved field of view allows you to see the entire field a lot better.

These binoculars come with the same extra-low dispersion (ED) glass as their predecessor. ED glass helps minimize chromatic aberration, a common problem in optical devices. This issue occurs when different colors of light travel at varying speeds as they pass through the lens.
With the ED glass, the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 can produce clear and high-contrast images. It also guarantees reliable color fidelity. Cheaper models like the Athlon Midas 8×42 UHD also come with ED glass.

These binoculars also boast dependable light transmission. They deliver optimal performance even in low-light conditions. Moreover, they offer sharp edge-to-edge clarity.

With all these capabilities, the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is suitable for different applications. You can bring it to your bird watching and hunting trips. It is also ideal for general-purpose wildlife observations. However, if you are only a casual hunter or wildlife observer, the cheaper Athlon Midas 8×42 UHD might give you more value for money.

These binoculars have a Schmidt-Pechan prism larger and wider than their predecessor’s. With improved dielectric coatings, these roof prisms offer optimized brightness. Essentially, these coatings enhance the overall image quality.


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Construction Quality

The B1.2 has the same coatings as the omre premium flagship binos. External glass surfaces have oil-resistant and scratch-resistant coatings. These coatings increase durability, keeping it in pristine condition as you use it over the years.

These binoculars can take a hit, even as they are exposed to tough conditions time and again. They are housed in a heavy-duty magnesium alloy frame. With this chassis, they can withstand any external challenge.

In many ways, it reminds of the Athlon Midas product.

The Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is filled with nitrogen, so it is fogproof. You can take it to the highest of peaks without the temperature changes disrupting your viewing experience.

Tested at a depth of 1 m for half an hour, these binoculars have an IPX7 waterproof rating. They can perform even when the conditions are far from ideal. Light to moderate rains won’t be a problem.

This is the kind of performance sailors look for in marine binoculars. We can imagine these working quite well–though we’ve not yet tested them in those conditions.

When you buy the Maven B1.2 – 8X42, make sure that you register it on Maven’s website for the warranty. Under the unconditional lifetime warranty, Maven can repair or replace your unit. Also, note that the warranty does not cover loss, and cosmetic and deliberate damages that don’t affect product performance.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Weighing in at 26.81 oz., these binoculars are lighter than the Maven B.1, which weighs 29 oz.

That’s well over a pair like the Celestron Nature DX 8×42, but the glass quality and magnesium body of the B1.2 accounts for heft.

You can easily bring them wherever you go, thanks to the accessories provided in the box. These accessories include a double-layered microfiber storage bag and neoprene neck strap.

When you need a stable viewing experience, you can easily mount the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 on a tripod.

These binoculars meet the needs of people who wear glasses, offering a generous eye relief of 18.1 mm. In contrast, the Athlon Midas 8×42 UHD offers an eye relief of 17.2 mm, which is also pretty decent.

Further, these binoculars have a smooth focusing mechanism. You can achieve the right focus without a hitch. On the other hand, the Athlon Midas 8×42 UHD’s focus knob is a point for improvement. It is quite stiff and requires a lot of effort to turn.


The Good

The good thing about the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is that it is a pretty decent choice for all-purpose viewing. It can be used for bird watching, hunting, and wildlife observation.

These binoculars offer a better viewing experience than the Maven B1 – 8X42. They achieve this with an ED glass that optimizes light transmission. Moreover, the Schmidt-Pechan prism improves overall image quality. The picture has a good yellowing while still having a bit of pop.

With enhanced light transmission, the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 performs well in low-light settings. If you are hunting from dawn to dusk, it’s going to serve you well.

Further, comfort is an important factor to consider when choosing the right binoculars. If you are wearing glasses, these binoculars are suitable for you. They have a generous eye relief, ensuring that you won’t feel any discomfort while looking through the lenses.

The Maven B1.2 – 8X42 boasts a light and compact yet strong profile. Thanks to the magnesium alloy body, it can take a beating and last for years. Moreover, it is a lot lighter than the Maven B1 – 8X42. You can carry it with you wherever you go.

You can hang these binoculars around your neck using the neoprene neck strap included in the box. When you are not in action, you may also store them in the microfiber storage bag provided. Lens caps are also included (it’s strange when caps are not included).

The Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is tripod adaptable, too. If you need it to remain stable, you can simply mount it on a tripod for seamless viewing.

While the Athlon Midas 8×42 UHD is a far cheaper option than these Maven binoculars, it does have a stiff focus knob. These binoculars have an easy-to-operate focus system. You can smoothly adjust the focus while you are in action.

About the Company

Maven focuses on providing the right gear for the modern-day outdoor enthusiast. A relatively new company, it was founded in 2013 by outdoor enthusiasts who have decades of experience in the industry.

The founders had a simple vision. They wanted to develop high-quality and high-performing optics at an affordable price. They bank on their years of combined expertise and shared love for the great outdoors to understand and meet the needs of today’s consumers.

With Maven’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) business model, the middleman is eliminated. It offers a wide range of binoculars that are on par with leading European competitors.

One thing that sets apart Maven from other competitors is its Maven Custom Builder. Launched in 2014, this service allows you to put your own personal touches on your binoculars.

You can customize your own binoculars, riflescopes, and spotting scopes. Different camouflage patterns and anodized colors are available to match different tastes.



This was a surprising product. In the versatile 8×42 profile, it’s quality makes it very interesting for a lot of different people. We look forward to using it for sailing for example.

But it’s also a good option for birding and even spectating sports.

The Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is part of an award-winning series of optics tailored for the tough outdoor enthusiast. An updated version of Maven’s flagship B series model, Maven B1 – 8X42, it comes with many improved features.

Significant updates include a wider field of view and a wider Schmidt-Pechan prism. Nonetheless, these binoculars still have the same ED glass and exterior coatings as their predecessor. All these features deliver optimal brightness and clarity, even in low light conditions.

While Maven has eliminated retail markup with its DTC business model, you may still find the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 a little bit pricey. Such is the case, especially if you only need binoculars occasionally.

Since the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is somewhat in the high-end price category, it can be considered a long-term investment. It has a pretty solid construction, so you can expect it to last for years. With its compact profile and reliable performance, it is an ideal go-to for every adventure.

These binoculars are highly recommended for those who frequent the great outdoors. They are suitable for enthusiasts who engage in different outdoor activities, thanks to their versatility and ability to perform in any situation.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative with an 8x magnification and 42-mm objective lens diameter, consider getting the Athlon Midas 8×42 UHD.


Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    Versatile and suitable for different activities
  • check-mark
    Wide field of view
  • check-mark
    Reliable color fidelity and image quality
  • check-mark
    Good low-light performance
  • check-mark
    Generous eye relief
  • check-mark
    Lightweight and compact
  • check-mark
    Long-lasting chassis
  • check-mark
    Smooth focus system

Things we don't like:

  • check-markExpensive
  • check-markNo carrying case

Frequently asked questions

What is the best pair of Maven binoculars for general use?

The Maven B1.2 8×42 binoculars are excellent for general use. Recently, the company launched an updated version, Maven B1.2. This updated version also comes in 8X42 and 10X42 models.

Read more about the Maven B1.2 8×42 features in this in-depth guide.

Is the Maven B1.2 - 8X42 better than the Maven B1 - 8X42?Is the Maven B1.2 - 8X42 better than the Maven B1 - 8X42?

The Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is an updated version of the Maven B1 – 8X42. It comes with many significant improvements. To name a few, it has a wider field of view of 420’ at 1,000 yds. and a wider Schmidt-Pechan prism.

You can find out more about the differences between the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 and the Maven B1 – 8X42 here.

What is the ideal field of view for binoculars?

When it comes to binoculars, the field of view refers to the width of your view of the field at a distance of 1,000 yds.

Generally, the smaller the magnification, the wider the field of view is. The wider the field of view, the easier it gets to spot subjects without scanning the field.

8×42 binoculars like the Athlon Midas 8×42 UHD and the Maven B1.2 – 8X42 have considerably wide fields of view.

How does a Schmidt Pechan prism work?

A Schmidt-Pechan prism is a type of roof prism. When the light passes through this prism, it bounces six times. The rendered images are not as crisp as those produced by roof prisms like Abbe-Koenig, but they are still pretty good.

A Schmidt-Pechan prism requires really good phase-correction coatings to produce high-quality images.

If you want to explore other top of the line binoculars, check out this list.

Where are Maven Binoculars made?

Maven designs all their binoculars in Wyoming. They then import lens glass from Japan and assemble all their products in San Diego, California. Maven built means, globally sourced but American Assembled.

Is the Maven B1.2 covered by warranty?

The Maven B1.2 – 8X42 is covered by an unconditional lifetime warranty. Maven can repair or replace your unit, although the warranty does not cover you if you lose your binoculars.

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