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Coleman Cooler Quad

Coleman camping chairs are a mainstay on camp grounds, festivals and sporting events. The Coleman name has withstood the test of time, much in the same way that their products weather yearly camping trips season after season. After so many decades of outdoor excellence, they’ve brought their A-game to this affordable and feature-rich piece of folding furniture.

Their Cooler Quad Chair handles the two essentials of a frontside folding chair: comfort and a dependable cup holder, but adds a four can cooler to save you the trek to the icebox. Features aside, the biggest draw by far to this chair is the price, only a fraction of most of the other camping chairs we reviewed.

This chair had us impressed on all ends, and with its wide availability, the Cooler Quad is a stalwart defender of Coleman’s reputation as a king of camping.

As is the case with many mass-manufactured chairs, there tends to be some variance in quality over the years. I haven’t experienced any issues with mine despite pushing the weight limit and the cooler capacity up to the limit, but there is enough evidence floating around to question the integrity of the joints.

Beyond this, it’s a cheap and cheerful camp chair that will give you everything you need and a little more, inarguably a bargain deal anyone shopping around should consider.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    The built-in cooler takes relaxation to its logical conclusion
  • check-mark
    Another mention of the deserved for being effective
  • check-mark
    Mesh side pocket is spacious enough for a tablet, phone, book, and more
  • check-mark
    Excellent value for the included features
  • check-mark
    Covers bigger and taller people very well

Things we don't like:

  • check-markArm rests could be a bit longer
  • check-markThe back material isn't the most breathable

Where to buy:


Coleman Cooler Quad


The makings of great camping chairs aren’t all that complicated, and Coleman’s Cooler Quad hits the nail on the head. The tall back, wide seat, and subtle-yet-serviceable padding let me feel like I could really relax and forget momentarily that I was supposed to find things to criticize. There’s no reinventing the wheel here, just a few decades of practice that have culminated in a really good product.

If there’s anything exceptional about the Cooler Quad chair, it’s the size. With the exception of REI’s Camp Xtra, it has the undisputed largest seat of any of the camping chairs we’ve tested. It’s undoubtedly the largest in its weight class. I harp on being tall a lot in these reviews, but it’s not often that I come across a product that feels like it was built for big people. The length and width of the seat gave me plenty of space to be comfortable, and then some.

Coupled with a tall back, I felt more at home in the Cooler Quad than in most regular kitchen chairs. (If you’re still doubtful, Coleman’s Big-N- Tall Quad is worth investigating.)



Artful employment of padding along the seat makes the Cooler Quad a little more than just an oversized camp chair. It doesn’t take much. Just a thin layer of foam that adds something to the polyester does the job without making it feel like you’re sitting in a pile of mashed potatoes.

This Coleman camping chair also did a great job staying dry when the sun came out, and I started to sweat. It never managed to soak through, though I doubt that would be the case in any kind of rain.

The armrests were the only thing I found lacking. If anything, they felt a little too short in comparison to the rest of the chair, but I’d still consider it a hair-splitting rebuff and something I had to think about to notice.

That’s all there is to it. By making a simple folding camp chair well- Coleman’s Cooler Quad has made the rankings as one of our favorites. It’s definitely one of the more comprehensively comfortable models that we tried out. If the arms were a little longer and a little higher, it would be perfect- but by no means is this a deal-breaking oversight.

Specs & Features

  • Weight: 8lbs 2oz (measured)
  • Capacity: 325lbs
  • Materials: Steel frame, cushioned polyester back and seat
  • Built-in four can cooler
  • Mesh cup holder
  • Spacious side pockets
  • Adjustable arm height
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Comfort is often something that gets overlooked at the behest of cool features. Thankfully the Cooler Quad does a great job balancing robust construction with add-ons such as the titular 4-can cooler on the left armrest. You know you’re getting a quality chair with an integrated cooler rather than a carry cooler with a seat.

The cooler itself is an easy-access zippered pouch that hangs from the bottom of the left armrest. Upon rigorous testing and inspection, we found that it indeed can hold four standard-sized 12oz cans and keep them cold for at least a couple of hours, though it’s way more effective if you throw a cold-pack in there with them.

Comparatively, we’ve seen this design attempted by other models such as AmazonBasic’s Camp Chair. But, after much comparison and a little deliberation, we’ve found that Coleman’s chair has better insulation and feels more organically integrated into the chair’s overall design than alternatives.


Coleman Cooler Quad Features

A camping chair with such a high-grade integrated cooler wouldn’t be much without a cup holder to match. The Cooler Quad, in addition to being one of the better-developed chair coolers we’ve seen, has an overbuilt cup holder that fits the devotion to absolute relaxation that we see in all the other features of the chair.

The mesh cup holder has a soft plastic grommet stitched into the armrest fabric, reinforcing the mesh and helping the cup holder retain its shape so you have effortless access to your beverage of choice.

Finally, the Cooler Quad also features a side pocket. These hanging pockets have quickly become the industry standard for folding chairs across a wide range of types. Coleman’s take on the pocket is in line with the quality we see in the rest of their chair. The pocket is backed with the same high-tensile fabric that makes up the rest of the seat, and the mesh is divided into three separate compartments.

The inner pocket, in particular, could hold a surprising amount- books, frisbees, sandals, and even my comically oversized water bottle. The outer two pockets are perfect for keeping things like keys, sunglasses, and phones safe and accessible.


Related Reviews


Even though Coleman’s Cooler Quad is one of the larger chairs that we’ve tested, it’s by no means the heaviest. Weighing in at a negligible 8lbs 2oz, the Cooler Quad won’t punish you for parking a little ways away from your intended destination. When you consider this in tandem with the carrying sleeve, the Cooler Quad lies somewhere on the more portable end of the full-sized camp chair spectrum.

By no means is this something you’d want to port around with you for more than a few minutes of walking–if you’re looking for the most portable option, I’d encourage you to take a look at our review of the CLIQ Chair. But in terms of full-sized camp chairs, you won’t find much better. The Coleman Cooler Quad isn’t for trekking miles down the trail, but at the very least, you can throw it across your back on a sling and have your hands free to carry a few extra things to the campsite.

Beyond this, there’s not much else to tell. As is the case with any outdoor gear, you want to make sure that you store the chair somewhere dark and dry when not in use. Mold is always a killer when it comes to things like camp chairs, but UV light may be the biggest cause for concern. Tempting as it may be, don’t leave your chair set up on a nice day with the intention of coming back in a few hours. It takes a couple of minutes to store but will significantly extend the lifetime.


Setup/Ease of Use

For all of the features and the size of the Cooler Quad, setting it up is just as easy as any other basic camp chair. There are no moving parts, footrests to avoid, or sunshades to deploy. The only thing between you and an afternoon of grilling is getting it out of the sleeve.

The Cooler Quad’s weight capacity is a staggering 325 lbs, which is about as substantial a construction as you’re going to get out of a chair in this price range. Between the integrity of its build and the wide, solid feet and base, you can throw the Cooler Quad on most any approximately level surface. I found that the hardest part about using the chair was deciding how I wanted to stock the cooler.



There are plenty of draws to the Cooler Quad, but by my figuring, none are more compelling than the price tag. I’d place the Cooler Quad at the top end of our best budget options. Prices will vary depending on the retailer. But generally speaking, you can have one of our favorite chairs for less than 40 dollars.

Compared to the competition, even our other top contenders, you’re getting a lot of value out of this chair. There aren’t many other options out there with such a high carrying capacity, this many features, and low weight at any price range.

Second to price, is the wide availability of the Cooler Quad and Coleman gear as a whole. It’s one of the top sellers on Amazon and available at most large hardware stores or consumer retailers. I’d caution you to vet resellers if you’re digging for a deal, as there is some variability in the factory quality, and you want to be able to see your concerns addressed if there are any defects.

Other Models

Check out our guide that compares all the models mentioned in this review. We have tested all models described. Coleman’s Cooler Quad is widely imitated and has perfected many of the features that are now standard in any given camp chair. AmazonBasic’s Camp Chair is essentially a pared-down version of the Cooler Quad, delivering all of the same amenities but in a smaller size (though larger, padded versions are available for a price increase.) REI’s Camp Xtra and Alps Mountaineering’s King Kong are very similar models in terms of size but cost a little more due to the consistency and materials that go into them.

Within the realm of Coleman products, their Big-N-Tall Quad is a true beast of a chair. With a max capacity of 600lbs, cushioned back, and self-bailing seat, it’s one of the only models that can give the Cooler Quad a run for its money. We also really enjoyed their Aluminum Deck Chair, which brings the same wide seat and throws in a side table at the cost of easy transport.

If you’re curious about our methods for reviewing chairs or want to broaden your understanding of the kinds of products out there, our buyer’s guide is a great place to start getting the lay of the land. We also have a list of our favorite camp chairs across the board; check it out to see how the Cooler Quad stacks up against other top contenders.

The Coleman Cooler Quad is widely emulated and seldom matched. Between the cooler, the reinforced cup holder, and the side pocket, the Cooler Quad is designed to keep you right where you are. In total, it’s a pretty great deal for anyone looking to invest in a mid-tier camp chair that offers competitive comfort and all the features you could want.

I’d also recommend the Cooler Quad to anyone who wants a roomier camp chair but doesn’t want to spring for the more expensive top-of-the-line models.

Our Overall Review

We have thoroughly tested - and read reviews from other experts and users. In summary, this is what we think:


Things we like:

  • check-mark
    The built-in cooler takes relaxation to its logical conclusion
  • check-mark
    Another mention of the deserved for being effective
  • check-mark
    Mesh side pocket is spacious enough for a tablet, phone, book, and more
  • check-mark
    Excellent value for the included features
  • check-mark
    Covers bigger and taller people very well

Things we don't like:

  • check-markArm rests could be a bit longer
  • check-markThe back material isn't the most breathable

Frequently asked questions

What is the most comfortable camping chair?

Comfort is king when it comes to camp chairs, and we’ve put some serious man-hours into finding out which is the best for every occasion.

Most comfortable camp chairs:

  • GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker
  • Alps Mountaineering Escape
  • Coleman Cooler Quad Chair
  • Marchway Ultralight Folding Chair
  • Coleman Aluminum Deck Chair

For more details on what to look for in your next camp chair, head over to our buyer’s guide. And to see how the above-listed stack up, our top chairs page offers a detailed comparison.

How to fold a Coleman camp chair?

Folding up a Coleman camp chair is easier than you might think, regardless of how many pockets, coolers, or other fancy features they may have. All you need to do is grab onto the armrests and draw them towards the center, and the rest of the chair should collapse. After this, you’ll want to slide the folded chair into the carrying sling, and then you can be on your way.

If you’re in the market for a new camp chair and aren’t sure where to start, our buyer’s guide has a ton of resources to help you get started. To see our favorite picks from Coleman and more, take a look at our top camp chairs article to see what else is out there.

How to clean a Coleman camp chair?

If you notice some mildew on your chair or happened to enjoy a particularly muddy weekend, cleaning off your camp chair is a relatively straightforward process.

How to clean your camp chair:

  • Make sure your chair is completely dry
  • Remove as much surface dirt as possible with a stiff-bristled brush, dry sponge, or other gentle scraping implements
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the results, get some gentle detergent like white vinegar, ethanol alcohol, or soft soap. Dilute the detergent in water and give the whole chair a spray and scrub
  • Leave the chair to dry in the sun, but don’t leave it exposed for any longer than you have to
  • Store the chair somewhere dry

If your chair isn’t holding up anymore, it may be time for a new one. Those curious should head over to our buyer’s guide for everything you need to know about what your criteria should be. From there, our best camp chairs of the season can give you side-by-side comparisons of some of the top picks across the industry.

What is the best heavy-duty camp chair?

When you’re searching for a new camp chair, sometimes you aren’t looking for the lightest possible option- you want the beefiest chair out there that can soak up as much strain as possible. Here’s a list of some of our top contenders in the durability category.

Best heavy duty camp chairs:

  • Alps Mountaineering Escape
  • Coleman Cooler Quad
  • Helinox Chair Zero
  • REI Co-op Camp Xtra Chair
  • CLIQ Camping Chair

If you aren’t sure what exactly it is you’re looking for in your next chair beyond carrying capacity, take a look at our buyer’s guide for more information on the state of the industry. Also, be sure to check out our top picks of the season for an in-depth comparison between the best of the best.

How to store camp chairs?

The key to successfully storing your camp chair- and any outdoor gear for that matter- is prep. You never want to put anything away for long-term storage while it is dirty and wet. That’s a recipe for mold. You should also take care that your storage area is dry and temperature regulated for the same reasons.

How to store camp chairs:

  • Clean and dry the chair completely
  • Place in a dry, temperature-controlled area
  • Cover with a tarp if you’re worried about dust accumulation

If you’re wondering what all goes into the perfect camp chair, our buyer’s guide can answer similar questions and more. Those in the market for a new chair can head our top picks of the season for side-by-side comparisons of the latest and greatest models available.

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