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Treasure of Galapagos

The Safari Endeavour is a vessel for adventuring and finding fun out of outdoor activities. Appreciating the beauty of nature is one thing you can do while onboard. This cruise ship defines luxury in a different approach. Its size is one thing, but the overall interior design makes it entirely different from the others. The Safari Endeavour is a 4-decker cruiser ship that has 42 cabins. These cabins can accommodate a total of 84 guests. These people are taken care of by 34 crew members hired to ensure that all the guests have a good time. Amenities, fine-dining, and drinks are also available onboard, so there’s no need for stopovers and docking just to get these needs.

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Treasure of Galapagos Liveaboard

The Overall Review

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The Treasure of Galapagos, liveaboard, galapagos
Treasure of Galapagos Liveaboard
Good Liveaboard

3 reasons to dive

  • Some people stated that the Treasure of Galapagos was luxurious and offered an in-depth experience of the surrounding islands.
  • Several divers commended the tour guide on his knowledge and appreciation of the islands and environment.
  • Many divers said that the snorkeling activity was full of beautiful creatures and it was a treat to see hammer head sharks up and close.

2 reasons NOT to dive

  • A couple of people noted that engine room was noisy at night specially if you were on the lower deck.
  • Some divers said that they needed more time exploring the reef and the instructor was too restrictive.

Key facts

Year (re)built: 2009
Max divers 16
Internet No
Nitrox No
Rental equip. No
Camera station No
Min. logged dives No minimum
Aircon Yes


The avarage price for diving with this liveaboard is
per day.

We've calculated this price based on a 7 day stay.
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    Boby Taylor

    Liveaboard Director

    Boby has been diving and guiding on liveaboards since 2005, and love it

    Torben Lonne

    PADI Instructor

    Torben is the Editor of Divein and a true water lover. 

    Ron Simon

    Dive instructor/Liveaboard director

    Ron has been a Cruise Director on 10+ Liveaboards throughout the world and has a keen understanding...


  • Very large guest capacity
  • Cruise ship perfect for adventuring because of its size and durability
  • Lots of amenities, you would never be bored
  • Wine bar
  • Experienced crew
  • Diverse cuisine available
  • An in-depth itinerary that details each place
  • The Sea of Cortez is home to a very rich marine life
  • A plethora of activities to choose from, from outdoors to indoors
  • Has a dedicated library inside

Pictures of Treasure of Galapagos

Description and details

Diving on the Treasure of Galapagos in Galapagos

The More the Merrier!

The maximum recommended 84 guests is a very high number compared to other mainstream cruise ships in Mexico. This large number is perfect for events and bigger gatherings. This makes socializing and chatting a lot easier when compared to smaller boats.

Each guest is pampered with a premium cabin that has modern appliances and equipment. One example would be the flat screen TV that is entirely standard in today’s society.

A very large number of guests also means that the management needs to work extra. Every cabin is equipped with an air-conditioning unit in order to keep everyone cool despite the location of the cruise ship.

Socializing and Onboard Activities

A library isn’t a rare find, but cruiser ships usually ditch this kind of concept. Luckily, the Safari Endeavour offers this experience to the guests of the vessel. The library ambiance is also very cozy.

A dining room and a cask wine bar are also open for people who are starving or simply thirsty. These two rooms are located on the main deck to make accessibility much easier. Because of the number of guests, the management is preparing good food from different cuisines around the world.

An intimate lounge is also available on the cabin deck. This is alongside the massage suite that is a good activity to do after a very long day outside.

Bathrooms where showers and hot tubs are on the upper deck. Gym equipment and fitness related ones also belong to the upper deck. The sun also shines brightly on the sun deck, thus making it a very good spot for sunbathing or tanning.


The Safari Endeavour is very strict with its alcohol policies. Minors aren’t allowed to drink alcoholic drinks to prevent any kind of damage. However, a lot of other drinks are available for children, so they can enjoy the cruise as well.


The Sea of Cortez can be cruised from December through March. This time frame or season is where Safari Endeavour is very active. Alongside the diving and other indoor activities, it also offers island-hopping services.
The Baja California is very famous for its content. A lot of unusual marine life is on the place itself. Whale sharks and most importantly, sea lions are very abundant in this region.

Professional divers would gladly assist you when they finally find a very good diving spot. The Sea of Cortez has been traversed by many divers already, so they’re very familiar with it nowadays. This makes the determining process much easier which would then result in more time of diving.

Other outdoor activities that they are able to do would be daylight hiking, snorkeling, and kayaking. However, these events depend heavily on instructors and management.

Either way, guests would really enjoy staying or doing things either outside or inside the boat. The luxurious interior provides an exquisite look to it.

Boat features
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Audio & video entertainment
  • Library
  • Air Conditioned saloon
  • Aircon Cabins
  • Sun Deck
  • Indoor Saloon
  • Non-Diver (Snorkeler) Friendly
  • Warm Water Showers
  • Outdoor Dining
  • En-Suite bathrooms
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Family Cabins
  • Seaview Cabins
  • Rooms with Balcony
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Dedicated Local & International Crew
  • Nearly 1:1 Crew-to-Guest Ratio
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Leisure Deck
  • Bar
  • BBQ Area
  • Family Friendly Cruise
  • Jacuzzi / Hot Tub

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