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MY Andromeda

MY Andromeda is one of the best cruise ships for liveaboard diving in Egypt and Sudan. This vessel has a sophisticated and luxurious interior designed by H2 Yacht. Diving in Sudan can be a dreamlike experience. It has some unique diving adventures.  Divers can explore wrecks and enjoy the view of hammerhead sharks. Visit the overwhelming north wreck and Ras Mohamed in Egypt. The famous north wrecks have many technical diving spots. A trip going to these wrecks and reefs will genuinely show the wonders the deep and will offer divers an out of this world experience.

A proper review of
MY Andromeda Liveaboard

The Overall Review

We spent 5.6 hours reading reviews from experts and divers about MY Andromeda Liveaboard.
In summary, this is what divers think:

Boat Font View on the My Andromeda Liveaboard, Egypt
MY Andromeda Liveaboard
Okay Liveaboard

3 reasons to dive

  • Some people said the liveaboard was spacious and a sleek look to it that made everyone feel they were cruising in style.
  • Many people noted that the dive crews were very attentive and knew all the best locations to dive and find the marine life.
  • Many people were happy with the fact that they got to see hammer head sharks, mantas and the opportunity to swim with the dolphins.

2 reasons NOT to dive

  • Some people were taken back by the repetitive nature of the meals prepared the chef on a daily basis.
  • A couple of people noted that some smokers didn't have a designated smoking area and this caused a rift between the non-smokers.

Key facts

Year (re)built: 2014
Max divers 26
Internet Yes (free)
Nitrox Yes ($)
Rental equip. Yes ($)
Camera station No
Min. logged dives No minimum
Aircon Yes


The avarage price for diving with this liveaboard is
per day.

We've calculated this price based on a 7 day stay.
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The right Liveaboard for you! is run by passionate divers with a love for great diving. Liveaboard diving is one of our favorite ways of diving.

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The passion behind this guide is run by passionate scuba geeks - and our liveaboard guides are no exception.

    Boby Taylor

    Liveaboard Director

    Boby has been diving and guiding on liveaboards since 2005, and love it

    Ron Simon

    Dive instructor/Liveaboard director

    Ron has been a Cruise Director on 10+ Liveaboards throughout the world and has a keen understanding...

    Torben Lonne

    PADI Instructor

    Torben is the Editor of Divein and a true water lover. 


  • Explore remote places from Egypt to Sudan with five-star diving experience
  • Hammerheads, reef sharks, mantas, other pelagic marine life, school of fish, moray eels and sea turtles
  • Comfortable European style interiors and furniture
  • Air-conditioned cabins with en-suite bathrooms
  • Huge saloon with A/V entertainment and sun deck good for sunbath
  • Buffet-style local, Italian and international cuisine
  • Complimentary snacks and drinks
  • Beer and spirits available
  • Snorkeling for non-divers
  • Large dive deck and platform with warm water showers and charging station
  • Nitrox, gear rental and free Wi-Fi

Pictures of MY Andromeda

Description and details

Diving on the MY Andromeda in Egypt and Sudan

MY Andromeda has a sophisticated and luxurious design. It is spacious enough to accommodate all kinds of underwater and cruise adventurers. It has a length of 40m/131 feet and has complete safety equipment ready to use in any emergencies.

Boat Interior

This yacht can accommodate a total of 26 guests in its cabins. It has a honeymoon suite, two queen-bed cabins and two twin bed cabins on the main deck. There are eight more twin bed cabins on the lower deck. All the rooms are comfortable enough to make every passenger’s tour relaxing and unforgettable. All rooms have air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. The saloon is spacious enough for guests to watch the latest movies. There is a large library of movies, magazines, fish books, novels and games for kids. Also, this boat has a satellite phone and free Wi-Fi to communicate with friends and family back home. There is a comfortable open area that also has a covered part in front of the saloon, where guests can rest between the dives. There is a huge sun deck that provides sunseekers enough space for sunbathing and a shaded area as well to see the ocean view while drinking a cup of coffee.


There is a buffet style meal on board served with a variety of cuisines. The menus prepared by the chef are served with local, Italian and international food. There are four meals a day including snacks. The crew will serve complimentary beverages and snacks on board. Guests may also enjoy homemade biscuits and toasts free of charge. Spirits and beer are available for a fee. The buffet pre-meal begins with the arrival of passengers on board. We recommend guests to inform booking agents for other dietary restrictions.

Dive Deck

There is adequate space for the dive deck and dive platform to ensure enough space for the divers and their underwater journey. Non-divers may also enjoy snorkeling. There are two-handheld showers for rinsing after every dive. There is a total of 20 dives including night dives for the whole journey. Nitrox is available on board, and diving gear rental is available once booked and reserved in advance. The dive guides are professional and well-trained to guide divers all day long.


 Sudan is well-known to have a rich diversity of marine life. It offers untouched coral reefs and vast numbers of schooling fish, moray eels and sea turtles. There are large pelagic species such as reef sharks, mantas and hammerheads. May to October is the rainy season, while November to June is the best time to visit and to have better visibility.

The Tiran Islands is a scuba divers dream that links the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. The Marine Reserve and Ras Mohammed National Park is a magnificent place to enjoy the natural beauty underwater. There are some sites with fast currents and steep walls. Both day and night dives are great to experience as different marine life comes out once the sun goes down.

Boat features
  • En-Suite Bathroom
  • Wi-Fi (Free)
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Spacious Diving Platform
  • Separate Zodiac/Dhoni
  • Lounge/Tv Area
  • Power Socket Adapters

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