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The 24 meters (approx. 79 feet) wooden vessel Epica is the new addition to the Scuba Republic family. It offers fantastic diving trips to the famous site of Raja Ampat round the year. The elegant liveaboard has a capacity to host 12 guests in 6 basic cabins. It offers the best sites like Komodo National Park and Raja Ampat as itineraries. While diving with Epica, you can have an opportunity to discover thousands of fish species, soft and hard corals, pristine reefs, large pelagic including manta rays and sharks. The thrilling encounter of Komodo dragons at the famous site of Komodo National park is indeed the biggest attraction.

A proper review of
Epica Liveaboard

The Overall Review

We spent 7.5 hours reading reviews from experts and divers about Epica Liveaboard.
In summary, this is what divers think:

Epica Liveaboard
Okay liveaboard

4 reasons to dive

  • Several divers said that every dive brought something completely different, barracuda and trevally schools, rays, huge jump head parrotfish and the most beautiful, pristine coral.
  • Many people stated that the dive instructors performed well planned dives and everyone felt safe and well taken care of.
  • Many people said they were happy with the BBQ's on the beach while watching the sun set.
  • Divers said it was an experience that they will never forget.

2 reasons NOT to dive

  • Some people stated that the cabins were small and compact.
  • A couple of people were taken back by the basic and not inspiring food served on the liveaboard.

Key facts

Year (re)built: 2016
Max divers 12
Internet No
Nitrox No
Rental equip. Yes ($)
Camera station No
Min. logged dives No minimum
Aircon No


The avarage price for diving with this liveaboard is
per day.

We've calculated this price based on a 7 day stay.
To find the actual price you should look at these booking sites:

The right Liveaboard for you! is run by passionate divers with a love for great diving. Liveaboard diving is one of our favorite ways of diving.

We have done the research for you and found everything you need to know about Epica - we found the best prices and we've collected reviews from other divers.

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Read the reviews

The passion behind this guide is run by passionate scuba geeks - and our liveaboard guides are no exception.

    Boby Taylor

    Liveaboard Director

    Boby has been diving and guiding on liveaboards since 2005, and love it

    Ron Simon

    Dive instructor/Liveaboard director

    Ron has been a Cruise Director on 10+ Liveaboards throughout the world and has a keen understanding...

    Torben Lonne

    PADI Instructor

    Torben is the Editor of Divein and a true water lover. 


  • An ideal liveaboard for a low-budget planner
  • Explore the famous dive sites of Indonesia
  • Enjoy scuba diving at a budget-friendly price
  • Fun-filled thrilling adventure at Komodo National park
  • Offers cruises at the popular dive site Raja Ampat all year round
  • Capacity to welcome 12 divers onboard
  • 6 twin bed cabins to be shared with fellow divers
  • Cabins are incorporated with basic necessities
  • Fresh wholesome meals three times a day
  • Expert instructors to assist every dive
  • Instructor ratio for the diver is 4 to 1
  • Hammock and bean bags on the upper deck
  • Portholes provide a mesmerizing view from the cabin
  • Rental equipment available

Pictures of Epica

Description and details

Diving on the Epica in Indonesia

Epica – a budget-friendly yacht for an amazing diving experience

If you are searching for a compact low-budget diving trip, then Epica is the ideal choice. It is a budget-friendly liveaboard sailing in the sea of Indonesia, with a space to host 12 divers. It offers a fun-filled adventure to the famous dive sites including Raja Ampat and Komodo National Park. You can witness the presence of Komodo dragons and large pelagic like manta rays and sharks in the diverse underwater adventure.

Boat Interior – simple yet attractive

The classic wooden liveaboard Epica is specifically designed to provide a budget-friendly trip to a short group of people. It has the capacity to accommodate 12 divers in 6 twin bed basic cabins, which do not have any luxurious amenities but provide all the basic needs to have a comfortable trip. In each cabin, there are electric fans, power sockets and a compact storage area for keeping the luggage. All these cabins are located on the lower deck of the boat. Every cabin has a sliding door which opens at each side of Epica. You can enjoy the fresh sea breeze at night and wake up with the striking sunrays by keeping the slider open while you sleep. There are 2 shared bathrooms with hot/fresh water facilities.

Deck Areas – dive safely and enjoy freely

The dive deck has space for divers to get ready for plunging in the turquoise blue water. Equipment is there, which is available for rent. Instructors onboard are ever ready to supervise the divers on each dive. While cruising with Epica, 3 dives per day are scheduled and night dives can be made with extra charges. 1 instructor is assigned for a group of 4 divers to ensure the safety and comfort of each diver. The spacious sundeck is partially covered and has a dining area to enjoy the food. The large open area of the sundeck has a hammock, bean bags, mattresses and chairs for the non-divers, who just want to enjoy their time in a comfortable environment. You can either have a sunbath viewing the charismatic vista or gaze at the starling sky at night.

Food and Entertainment

The designers of the most affordable vessel Epica, have not ignored the non-divers onboard. They have provided some basic perks for their leisure time. You can enjoy the music and groove on it with your friends or fellow divers. Non-divers can relax on the hammock or lay back on the bean bags placed on the upper deck. The communal area has a table with chairs on the shaded upper deck, where the divers can enjoy a wholesome meal. Food is freshly prepared by expert chefs. You can enjoy the taste of local delicacies thrice a day. You can marvel at the mesmerizing views of the crystal-clear water and the surroundings while satisfying your appetite.

The best time to go

Diving in Raja Ampat is possible all year round. The Indonesian sea is considered as the richest in the world. You can plan your trip to the famous dive site of Komodo, Pink Beach, and Raja Ampat with your close group of friends or family with the sailing beauty, Epica.

Boat features
  • Sun Deck
  • Non-Diver (Snorkeler) Friendly
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Custom built for diving
  • Charging stations
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Dedicated Local & International Crew
  • Leisure Deck
  • Available for Charter

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