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Carpe Diem

If you want to travel in small groups, this is your perfect vessel. Available for only 8 guests on board, The Carpe Diem will bring you year-round to the Rajat Ampat andKomodo Park. While traveling, you will be able to enjoy the well-appointed saloon, perfect for social gatherings. No matter where you dive, you will always be accompanied by dive guides with high service standards and local knowledge. When not being out on the sun, you can enjoy air-conditioned cabins and the saloon, with a great variety of local and international dishes. And if there is a moment when all this is too much, you can always take some silent moments in the onboard library or enjoy the yoga studio set on the large open desk space.

A proper review of
Carpe Diem Liveaboard

The Overall Review

We spent 7.5 hours reading reviews from experts and divers about Carpe Diem Liveaboard.
In summary, this is what divers think:

Carpe Diem Liveaboard
Good Liveaboard

4 reasons to dive

  • Many people were happy with the dive sites the cruise director chose.
  • Divers said they saw a diverse coral and a lot of marine life that exceeded their expectations.
  • The big moment on of the cruise was when the sails were hoisted and everyone celebrated.
  • Some people were happy with the food the chef prepared.

2 reasons NOT to dive

  • Some divers said the coral was a bit colorless and plastics could be seen floating about.
  • A couple of people noted that the cabins were a bit small.

Key facts

Year (re)built: 2012
Max divers 8
Internet No
Nitrox No
Rental equip. Yes ($)
Camera station Yes
Min. logged dives No minimum
Aircon Yes


The avarage price for diving with this liveaboard is
per day.

We've calculated this price based on a 7 day stay.
To find the actual price you should look at these booking sites:

The right Liveaboard for you! is run by passionate divers with a love for great diving. Liveaboard diving is one of our favorite ways of diving.

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The passion behind this guide is run by passionate scuba geeks - and our liveaboard guides are no exception.

    Boby Taylor

    Liveaboard Director

    Boby has been diving and guiding on liveaboards since 2005, and love it

    Ron Simon

    Dive instructor/Liveaboard director

    Ron has been a Cruise Director on 10+ Liveaboards throughout the world and has a keen understanding...

    Torben Lonne

    PADI Instructor

    Torben is the Editor of Divein and a true water lover. 


  • Perfectly designed for small groups or individuals;
  • Year-round dive itineraries to Komodo Park and Raja Ampat;
  • Meticulous attention to cabin design and aesthetics;
  • 4 cabins available, all serviced with individually controlled AC units and en-suite showers and toilets;
  • Well-appointed saloon with an onboard library;
  • Large open deck space used for alfresco dining, chilling out or yoga studio;
  • Delicious locally sourced meals and a selection of fine wines available at anytime;
  • An observation deck, perfect for non-divers;
  • Nearly 1:1 crew-to-guest ratio;

Pictures of Carpe Diem

Description and details

Diving on the Carpe Diem in Indonesia

The Carpe Diem

The Carpe Diem is a perfect getaway for small groups or individuals who appreciate personalized services. The liveaboard is a traditional Indonesian sailing vessel, whose design has been copied from the Dutch pinnace vessels used around 1600. Interestingly enough, phinisis are still being produced on the South Sulawesi beaches by the Konjostribesmen. All they are using is ironwood, teak and rudimental tools. However, the look the Carpe Diem is having was kick started on the 15th February 2012.

Carpe Diem Interior and Features

This liveaboard offers 4 cabins with room for 8 guests. But although there are only 4 cabins, there are 3 different versions, all set up with en-suite combined showers and toilets: The Nutmeg cabin is a large cabin for two people, located on the main deck. It spans almost through the entire width of the boat. It has large forward-facing windows and a skylight, in addition to the ample storage space. The Clove cabin, located on the lower deck, has two single beds, which per request, can be converted into 1 double. This cabin has an individually controlled AC unit.

The cabin also has good natural ventilation, all due to the large skylight and a porthole. As such, guests can switch between the sea breeze or AC at any time during the day. On the lower deck, there are two more cabins, Pandan and Cinnamon. The capacity of these rooms allows for 3 guests per room. Just like the Clove cabin, it has individual airconditioning, as well as natural light and ventilation, which are part of the room design.

Great attention has been given to the cabin design as well as aesthetics, all in order to provide a warm, beautiful atmosphere to any guest. To make sure guests have the full comfort, the Seven Seas had social interactions as one important aspect in the overall design. As such, the main deckhouse is decorated with awell-appointed saloon, which is comfortable enough to accommodate all guests at the large table. Due to the size of the vessel, the saloon also contains the house library with numerous books.

The Seven Seas is also decorated with a large open deck space, which although it is typically used for alfresco dining, the space has been utilized for a yoga studio while offering breathtaking views. As a nice addition, the top of the deckhouse’s space is a wonderful spot for taking some relaxed moments and enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

The Beauty of Food

For the Seven Seas, food is an important aspect of the overall experience. With that in mind, they make sure guests are never disappointed. Fresh ingredients are the starting point for every meal, with a French chef making sure the food has a delicious mix of tastes. Moments like encountering local fishermen bring additional buzz to the kitchen, as they are unto preparing the freshest seafood one might have.


The dive itineraries, all accompanied by qualified dive guides, would usually include Raja Ampat from November to April and Komodo Park from May to September. Trips to the Banda Islands, Ambon, and South Raja are always done in between as well. Visiting Indonesia for an unforgettable cruise with Carpe Diem will be the best choice you have done today.

Boat features
  • Daily housekeeping
  • Audio & video entertainment
  • Library
  • Air Conditioned saloon
  • Aircon Cabins
  • Sun Deck
  • Indoor Saloon
  • Non-Diver (Snorkeler) Friendly
  • Warm Water Showers
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Charging stations
  • En-Suite bathrooms
  • Non-Smoking Rooms
  • Outside Showers
  • Family Cabins
  • Kayaks On-Board
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Separate Rinse for u/w Camera
  • Dedicated Local & International Crew
  • Nearly 1:1 Crew-to-Guest Ratio
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Leisure Deck
  • Observation Deck
  • Available for Charter
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Stand Up Paddleboard

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