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How to become a Scuba Diving Professional?
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DIVE.in guides you to ways of becoming divemaster or dive instructor. Dive everyday and get paid while doing it

Going Pro: How To Become A Dive Master

Taking scuba diving from a passion sport to one that makes money can seem like a thrilling prospect. The sport you love can become a career or you can learn even more about the activity that you enjoy. One way to accomplish this is through the divemaster certification...

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How To Become A PADI Dive Instructor

Do you dream of diving all the time, diving all over the world, and becoming a pro-diver? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then becoming a PADI dive instructor could be for you!!! Teaching others to dive and giving them an exciting underwater hobby...

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Benefits of Being A Dive Instructor

Taking the plunge to learn to teach diving is rewarding in many ways! Majority of certified scuba divers worldwide never venture further in their dive education than to the entry level certification (Open Water Diver or similar). There are still quite a few divers...

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From Normal Life to a Scuba Diver Life: Getting the Job

In the last episode we saw our ‘hero’ giving up his normal life to become a full time scuba pro. A baby was on the way and it was uncertain where would be the best places to go or to avoid. Faithful DIVE.In readers came to the rescue with helpful ideas and comments...

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The 6 toughest PADI Divemaster skills -Tips and Tricks

Everyone has experienced strengths and weaknesses with their water skills. Dive masters and Instructors need to be able to not only do the PADI dive skill but show them to demonstration quality. Whether you are a novice diver or an experienced dive instructor, here...

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Living the Dream – Behind the Diving Industry

Days off in my job aren't like 'normal' days off. I have to grab them as I can and when I can. Sometimes I get one day a week other times it can be longer before I get a break, but when I do have them they are pretty perfect. Sitting on the deck of my gorgeous beach...

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Become A Dive Pro: The Zero To Hero Program

For those who want to become a certified divemaster but do not have a great deal of time to complete the task and training, there is still an option available to you. If you are a newbie who wants to learn quickly but are not sure how to become a divemaster without...

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