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Why Trust Us

Our stable of writers is first and foremost a diverse group of consumers. We’re lucky enough to have a job that requires trying out new products during the day and incorporating them into our daily lives. This comparative analysis isn’t so much scientific as it is testing the experience.

Trust us because we test gear for its quality through rigorous use in different conditions. Trust us because we’re honest about what products are anecdotal excellent–subjectively cool or tasteful. Trust us because our reviews put products in a proper context that provides useful information based on reliable research and application.

A Word From Our Editor

Sometimes the latest trends are clearly not the best ones. Leaf through style magazines, take note of the most popular figures appearing with an Aperol Spritz smile and one might wonder why everyone doesn’t look the same, walk the same or even think the same way.

Our reviews present a more practical take on lifestyle in the everyday sense of the concept. Products that cater to leisure are sometimes subtle because the lines between work and play can be blurred. Our aim is to provide perspectives that guide or maximize the balance between pleasure and functionality, tastefulness and utility. More than subtlety, it’s the pursuit of the sublime.

Our Review Team look at the pursuit as being paramount in the each and every day, the experiential rather than assuming a product tagline will deliver instant style and grace.

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