Pre-Dive Checklist: Add Fun To Your Safety Check Routine

Pre-Dive Checklist: Add Fun To Your Safety Check Routine
Sergiy Zavgorodny

When you are about to dive underwater where your equipment is essentially your life support, there is no such thing as being too cautious.

Double checking your equipment and having your buddy check it too may take a few extra minutes, but they are often very worth it.

Obviously, you want to discover any equipment issues before you are underwater.

Even the most basic things can be overlooked when caught up in the excitement of the impending dive.

That’s why it really helps to have your buddy check all of your scuba gear and then check each other one more time before starting your dive.

The two of you also need to be comfortable with where each other’s equipment is and how it works; it may be what saves your or your buddy’s life.

Do you know The Value Of A Scuba Checklist?

Here is a look at the safety check basics when you’re preparing for a dive.  Not only is a complete list included, but also a list of helpful mnemonics so you never forget to check a thing.

The Checklist: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

  •  Check your BCD. Make sure that it is properly adjusted, in good operational use, and that the low pressure inflator connection is tight. Also make sure that your tank is adjusted properly so that you are not only safe, but comfortable throughout your dive as well.
  • Check your weights. The belt should be already set up with an ease of access for right hand release. Ensure that you are not over-weighing yourself and that your quick release is easily accessible should you need to quickly dump the weights.
  • Check your buddy’s releases. This is of utmost importance for the safety of your buddy. Know where the releases are, and how they work. Go so far as to ensure that you can find them with your eyes closed; you need to find these in an instant should something go wrong.
  • Check your air. Make sure that your tank is completely filled with air and make sure that you have enough for the dive you’ve planned. Make sure that the valves are open and that the regulators are fully functional. While checking your own air, also make sure you know where your buddy’s octopus is and how to use it.

Mnemonics to Make it Fun

The whole point of diving is to have a good time.  There’s absolutely no reason why your pre-dive checks shouldn’t be an enjoyable experience as well.

Divers having fun while doing safety checks Credit: AISPIX by Image Source

Divers the world over have shared their silly and strange mnemonics for memorizing the basic checks that need to be done.

Here are a few of the best:

  • A-B-C-D-E-F-G
    • A – Air
    • B – BCD
    • C – Computer
    • D – Defog Mask
    • E – Everyone Else
    • F – Fins On
    • G – Go Diving!
  • “Big Women Really Are Fun”
    • B – BCD
    • W – Weights
    • R – Releases
    • A – Air
    • F – Final
  • “Balinese Woman Really Are Friendly”
    • B – BCD
    • W – Weights
    • R – Releases
    • A – Air
    • F – Fins


There are many ways to remembering the safety steps most important is that you think safety before every dive. And that you remember to check all the different factors. Which way you do is doesn’t matter as long as you do it!

Do you have another way of remembering the pre-dive safety check? Tell us how you do!


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