The Secret of Smoking Underwater!

The Secret of Smoking Underwater!

Now that I have the attention of all the smoking divers, in this article, you will learn the secret behind smoking while scuba diving. I know, everybody says: “what!”

Okay, I lied. You will learn how to make it look like you are smoking underwater. And how is this useful you might ask? Just for fun, and isn’t that what scuba diving is all about?

Go diving, and have fun taking with your underwater camera.

Everybody has photos of marine animals, wrecks and corals in all forms and shapes. Do something the others aren’t doing.

Take photos of yourself in funny situations underwater, for example sitting in a chair smoking a cigar. For all the nonsmokers, don’t worry, this is without getting smoke in your lungs.

Smoking underwater – create smoke rings

The secret trick to blowing smoke underwater is milk. Yes, that’s right, normal milk. Blowing out milk in the water makes the milk look like cigarette smoke.

For this to go well, you will need a couple of things:

  • A cigar (use the cheap ones covered in plastic) or something that looks the same.
  • Milk, preferably in a small carton with a straw.
  • Camera and someone to take the pictures.
  • If you want it fancy bring a chair (remember to bring it up afterward).
  • Use your imagination for more props.

The approach

For an easy way to take fun pictures, pick a dive site preferably with a sand bottom. Please don’t do it over coral reef where you

risk damaging the corals or yourself.

Once on the bottom, this can be done in shallow water, give yourself time to get ready. Pick a spot with good conditions for the best results.

When everyone is ready, the “smoking” diver takes out the regulator and takes a sip of the milk. Blowing out the milk slowly will make it look like smoke. With either the cigar in the hand or mouth, it will make it look like you are smoking a cigar underwater.

The easiest way to drink the milk when you are underwater is to bring a small box of milk and drink it with a straw.

If you only have milk in a bottle, hold the bottle upside down, and blow bubbles up into the bottle. The air will go up and force the milk down into your mouth.

Now, remember to place the regulator back in the mouth before you are all out of air. If you can’t find the regulator think back to your basic dive training. To find it either reach back to your right shoulder or lean right and take your hand down past the right thigh and up around. If in doubt consult a dive instructor before going in the water.

It’s a good idea to bring a couple of extra weights, so you will be negatively weighted.

Fun pictures of yourself

Rasmus Werth –

This is an easy way to get some fun pictures of you and your diving buddies in a fun situation. This does well as a diving holiday card to friends and family.

There are many other ways to take fun underwater pictures if you just use your imagination. If you have other ways of taking

good or fun pictures, let us know. Leave a comment with your ideas and experiences in taking fun pictures. This way we can spread the fun of taking underwater pictures.
If you have any pictures we would also be glad to share with our readers. Send them to us via email.

The boring, but important Safety note:

Remember to always exhale, never holding your breath. It’s hard to focus on a lot at the same time, so it’s easy to start going upwards while posing for a photo. It is preferable to have an extra diver looking out for you.

And don’t leave anything behind when you are done. Take only pictures, leave only bubbles.

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