Crazy Shark Attack – Whitetip Reef Shark Vs Moray Eel!

Crazy Shark Attack - Whitetip Reef Shark Vs Moray Eel!

The following collection of videos with sharks vs eel and eel vs eel is not intended to inspire hysteria or fear-induced anxiety. Rather, it is to illustrate how lucky scuba divers are to be able to observe the rawness of the ocean without being in danger at all.

As we already know, nature is no stranger to conflict and struggle to survive. Such are the trials of life, as David Attenborough so adroitly voices in the BBC series.

And this is even more true for the animals competing for survival underwater. The video above shows a group of 3 Whitetip Reef Sharks attack a Giant Moray Eel and, in a brutal display of nature’s unswerving mercilessness, tearing it to pieces. A sharks vs eel scenario is not unheard of, but rarely is it captured so luridly.

Ironically enough only a year ago we saw the exactly opposite when a Giant Moray Eel attacked a Whitetip Reef Shark and ate it whole. Like all things natural, balance is often restored in a fashion and vengeance of one species on another means that balance of power keeps an entire ecosystem running smoothly. Perhaps the sharks vs eel fight was round 2.

Moray Eel vs. Moray Eel

But’s it’s not just sharks against Moray Eels. Underwater, everyone is a potential enemy or dinner, including members of one’s own species. These videos prove that the ocean can be a dog-eat-dog world… or an eel-eat-eel one at least.

Moray eels help keep the populations of some of the more troublesome and poisonous fish from ballooning. The otherwise beautiful but pestilent lionfish are preyed upon by giant morays which are uniquely evolved to snatch and drag its prey into its gullet using its pharyngeal jaws. In essence an extra pair of independent teeth the likes of which was the likely inspiration for Ridley Scott’s Alien Xenomorph.

Check out this video from the Smithsonian illustrating how the moray eel consumes its prey. It took more than 50 years of dedicated investigation to understand how the moray eel jaws work.

Eel double jaw mechanism



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