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Venture the Similans National Park with the 24m Similan Explorer liveaboard. This wooden boat specializes in four and five-night dive trips, giving divers plenty of opportunities to dive with the great marine life of the Andaman Sea. The onboard dive guides take pride in offering great diving and to delight their diving guests. The Similan Explorer also includes equipment rentals and dive courses to meet your every need.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people were happy with the diving at Richelieu Rock and Elephant Head and they offered the most diverse marine life.
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    Several divers commended the diving guides on a well executed brief that left everyone feeling safe and assured of good diving conditions.
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    Some divers said they were able to spot the Whale Shark, school of fishes and the night dives were memorable.
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Things we don't like:

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    Some people mentioned the accommodation was too cramped for the number of divers on board.
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    Some divers said that some of the dive sites had a limited amount of marine life and this was a disappointment.
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Diving on The Similan Explorer liveaboard in Thailand

The MV Similan Explorer, a 25 meters/82 feet long yacht is an excellent choice if you want to explore the underwater beauty of the Similan Islands in Thailand. This luxury liveaboard can accommodate as much as 20 guests. The MV Similan Explorer has a wooden monohull with three decks. With six cabins designated for guests, the main deck is a wonder to behold. Also, for privacy purposes, 2 four Berth cabins and 4 Twin Berth are suited with curtains. You can also choose from a variety of different air-conditioned cabins on two of her three decks.

While the boat is known for its 5D/5N trips, the MV Similan Explorer also goes for 3D/3N trips throughout the season. This unique liveaboard may not be the finest or the most-luxurious boat around, but its qualities will rival that of most boats. The liveaboard is managed and operated by a very professional PADI multi-lingual team, that ensure that all your needs are met adequately, with your safety and convenience their priority.

Experienced crew

The MV Similan Explorer is a highly-recommended and a great-value Similan Islands liveaboard diving boat. The staff and crew have been running these cruises long enough to know how to take the very best care of guests, only visiting the best dive sites, and making sure safety, convenience & enjoyment are prioritized.
With the MV Similan Explorer, you can dive the manta rays at Koh Bon, Richelieu Rock, and Tachai as well as the reefs at the beautiful Similan Islands. You can go for a 2-3 nights adventure, and the dive guides will gladly oblige your wish to help you find special critters such as nudibranchs, pipefish, and seahorses.

Boat features

To ensure safety, the boat carries safety equipment such as a DAN oxygen kit, first aid kits, two 15-person SOLAS life rafts, and SOLAS life jackets both for adults and kids. The communication gear in the MV Similan Explorer comprises SSB radios for communication involving long distances, VHF radios GPS, CB radios, echo sounder, radar as well as mobile telephones. What’s more, Nitrox is available.

During the low season every year, the Similan Explorer is docked for maintenance which includes a complete overhaul of the generators, hull, and engines. Other equipment such as compressors, diving kits, and tanks are checked by professionals before the start of each season.

Finally, the equipment rental on Similan Explorer is among the cheapest of all our boats, but that in no way means it’s inferior. The dive center team pride themselves on high-quality, good-condition diving gear for the comfort. This includes the use of snorkel gear, wetsuits and open-heel booty fins for free. And the team supply biodegradable toiletries (soap/shampoo etc.) to ensure that the environment doesn’t suffer.

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