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The SV Sea Pearl was built in 1915 and enjoys a 105-year history on the open seas. This vessel was renovated with modern features in 1999 and is now regarded as one of the best liveaboards in Seychelles. The liveaboard has a length of 118ft/36meters and a beamwidth of 21ft/6.6meters. It uses a Cummins MPC 300HP engine that gives it a cruising speed of 7 knots. What’s more, this vessel has a fuel and water capacity of 3400 and 12000 liters respectively.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people were happy with the friendly and welcoming crew
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    Divers said they got to see 1-2 octopuses and at times up to 4 at once
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    Some people said the land excursions and beach BBQ was a highlight for them
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    Divers commended the captain and his team on being service-oriented and authentic
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    Many said that they would return to this great liveaboard
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Things we don't like:

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    Some divers noted that most of the dive sites had shallow waters of 20 meters in depth
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Diving on the SV Sea Pearl in Seychelles 

SV Sea Pearl liveaboard

Explore the fantastic dive sites that can only Seychelles can deliver with an abundance of coral reefs and marine species of all kinds. Most of the dive destinations are located on the inner islands of Seychelles which means you won’t have to venture very far to start diving. Seychelles is also the only place where divers will get to see mid-ocean isles of granite formations that makes Seychelles the oldest islands on earth. Moreover, the crew onboard this liveaboard will ensure every moment of your stay will be enjoyable and memorable.

Interior and entertainment areas

The SV Sea Pearl can accommodate up to 20 guests in eight spacious cabins. There are two types of cabins that you can choose from and they are (1) a triple cabin with 1 bunked bed and 1 double bed and the other option (2) double bed and 1 bunked bed. There is also a policy onboard the SV Sea Pearl that will ensure that you don’t share a cabin with a stranger. What’s more, each cabin has a washbasin and the whole vessel is equipped with air-conditioning.

Relaxation & leisure areas on the SV Sea Pearl

There are many places on the liveaboard where you can relax and have some quiet time between dives. The salon is considered the entertainment hub of the liveaboard and is equipped with a TV and DVD player. You can also venture out to the outer decks where you will be met with wonderful sea views. The sun deck has comfortable loungers as well as a bow net for soaking in the afternoon sun. You will also find a covered back deck with loungers for relaxation in the shade and al fresco dining.

Food on the liveaboard

The SV Sea Pearl will always ensure that you are well fed with three main meals served on a daily basis. All of the meals will be served buffet-style food that is energy driven and fresh to sustain you throughout the day. The chef will serve you authentic Creole cuisine with international-inspired dishes. Snacks will also be presented throughout the day.

Itinerary on the SV Sea Pearl

A normal dive itinerary on the SV Sea Pearl will last six till seven nights. These dive itineraries will take you to the oldest islands recorded on earth. Some of the locations you will visit include Anse Source d’Argent, and La Digue.

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