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Take your cruising and diving experience to the next level with South Moon. This boat was built in 2004 and was revamped just recently to keep up with its users’ needs and luxury. It is made of superior quality wood and measures 27 meters/88 feet in length. South Moon is a spacious boat that can accommodate up to 20 persons. It houses 10 large cabins that are all equipped with air conditioning units and en suite bathrooms. The divers and their company could relax in the boat’s cozy lounge that is fully air-conditioned and furnished with up-to-date entertainment devices. If you would prefer to bask in the sun, you may choose from two sun decks – one is shaded and equipped with a flat-screen TV located in the lower deck, and another one on the upper deck for that full view of the majestic Red Sea.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Many people said the South Moon was clean and had the amenities of a great liveaboard.,
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    Divers said the dive master was knowledgeable and chose a well planned itinerary that had the best dive sites.
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    Several divers reported that the dives were full of abundant marine life and the water was crystal clear.
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    The crew was helpful and very welcoming they made the whole journey entertaining and left as family.
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    Many divers said they would return to the South Moon as it was one of their best experiences in their life.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markSome divers said there were to many divers diving at the same time and a more private approach was warranted.
  • check-markMany people noted that the briefing was more centered to experienced divers and less so for novice divers.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the South Moon in Egypt

South Moon is a luxurious boat that was built in 2004 and was overhauled in 2014 to contain all the up-to-date amenities that every one of its user’s needs. It is ensured that the boat has new everything – the design, rooms, electrics, engines, furniture, plumbing, and so much more.

Aboard, one can enjoy its luxurious facilities and amenities. In between dives, its users may enjoy the boat’s fully air-conditioned lounge that has comfortable and cozy sofas, modern entertainment sets like flat screen televisions and computer, books, magazines, and other entertainment materials. You may stay here to relax and chat with your friends after a very long
adventurous day!

For those who love the sun an open air, they may choose 2 beautiful sun decks. The first one is located on the lower deck, which is shaded and has a flat screen television for entertainment; here one may enjoy the ocean breeze while watching their favorite movie. It has comfortable tables and chairs for every guest’s convenience. The other one is located on the upper deck and is perfect for guests who prefer to bask in the sun’s full glory while enjoying a panoramic view of the Red Sea. Also, the Wi-Fi on board is completely free!

For those who want to dive, you will enjoy South Moon’s dive deck. The place is spacious to accommodate your diving equipment. The boat has two air compressors and a Nitrox membrane on board, as well as diving and snorkeling equipment that one could use for a minimal fee. The diving equipment is all regularly checked for the ultimate diving experience. In fact, all equipment is in accordance with the Egyptian coastal license requirements, including the emergency rafts, life jackets, fire extinguishers, fire hoses, fire pumps, and line-throwing gun, all for its user’s safety!

The Cabins

South Moon houses 10 spacious cabins, 8 of them have twin beds while the other two have two bunk beds installed. Every cabin has an en suite bathroom and is equipped with an air conditioning unit. You and your guests will surely have a very good rest to prepare for another day’s adventure.


In South Moon, the guests may enjoy three international cuisine meals served as a buffet. It is catered to fit the guests’ needs and tastes where one may enjoy the chicken, meat, vegetarian, seafood, kosher, and the like. Afternoon snacks are also served, and one may enjoy the fresh fruits and amazing cooking that served all day round, completely free of charge. Also, drinks (mineral water, coffee, soft drinks, and tea) are available all day for free.


Visit the famous wrecks of Thistlegorm in the Red Sea. It is one of the most famous wrecks in Egypt that has sunken in 1945 while trying to navigate the sea to deliver guns and equipment to Suez. Since it has sunken, it stayed at the bottom of the sea, covered with numerous corals and if you have an advanced certification, you may dive to explore the sunken ship! You may also visit Rosalie Moller and Abu Nuhas, other wrecks, which are located in a much shallower site.

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