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Sinar Pagi - Review 2023

Built in 2017, the Sinar Pagi is a traditional wooden phinisi which sails the Indonesian waters. It brings its guests to wonderful sites across the archipelago, such as the Komodo National Park, Banda Sea, and Raja Ampat. Although this ship offers year-round cruises, there is a specific time table it follows which gives its guests the opportunity to experience dives in other areas. From April to September, trips go to the Komodo National Park while from October to March, the route of the Raja Ampat is explored. Its experienced crew has always been ready to make every cruise a memorable experience to everyone.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Several divers commemorated the diverse corals that was home too eels and sharks.
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    Many divers said that the diving master was exceptional and knew just where to dive for the best experience.
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    Many people noted that the chef was willing to alter the menu according to the preferences of the travelers.
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    The crew was upbeat and welcoming.

Things we don't like:

  • check-markThe lower deck cabins was disturbed when the anchor was lifted in the evening.
  • check-markMany people stated that the heat was overwhelming when they went exploring the islands.

Where to book:


Where to book:

Diving on the Sinar Pagi in Indonesia

Although this liveaboard is quite a rookie when it comes to sailing years, it is not left out when it comes to the fantastic features that make it’s every cruise a memory to reminisce.

With a cruising speed of 10 knots, it braves the scheduled routes on a safe manner anchored not only in its modern safety features but also on the safety standards which the crew members adhere to.

Sinar Pagi offers many areas for social interaction for its guests. There is an indoor living room where audio and video entertainment facilities are available for use. Here, the guests can watch movies or listen to music. There is also an outdoor dining area where kitchen-fresh gourmet dishes can be enjoyed. The sun deck allows guests to enjoy the sun rays and get some tan meanwhile. There is also a library where a good collection of books is kept.

The Cabins

Sinar Pagi houses a maximum of 12 guests through its 6 cabins – all of which are situated on the liveaboard’s lower deck.

There are four Deluxe Double Bed cabins and two Deluxe Twin Bed cabins. Each cabin can be occupied by two guests. Each of the rooms have individual air conditioning with temperature control. There are en-suite bathrooms for every cabin.

Food & Beverage

Every cruise with Sinar Pagi is made even more memorable by the food and beverages that are served. Three full meals in buffet style are served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cooked as needed in the ship’s kitchen, the onboard chef makes sure that only the most satisfying dishes from Western and local recipes are prepared.

In between the full meals, snacks are served to boost the guest’s energy for the next dive or just in time for other social activities in the ship. Beverages like tea, coffee, and soft drinks are also served. Alcoholic beverages like a beer can also be consumed.

For special dietary restrictions, it is advised that advanced notices are made upon booking to ensure that such matters will be attended to during the cruise. It is however advised that such requests be limited to those in relation with religious beliefs and allergic reactions.


All year round, Sinar Pagi offers cruises to fantastic diving destinations across Indonesia. Guests can choose between Komodo National Park, Banda Sea, or Raja Ampat routes depending on the chosen month of booking. The average length of the cruise is usually 6 nights.

Guests can enjoy the inclusive airport and hotel transfer towards the port where Sinar Pagi is docked at the time of the chosen cruise.

From these destinations, the guests are offered opportunities of encountering amazing marine animals such as whales, sharks, dolphins, manta rays, and stingrays. Guests will also be delighted to witness schools of fishes swim gracefully in synchrony. During dives, there will also be encounters with jellyfish, corals, sponges, sea horses, crustaceans and mollusks as well. Land excursions are also included to let guests immerse themselves on secluded beaches and tribal villages.

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