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Rocio del Mar - Review 2023

The Rocio Del Mar welcomes you to its accommodating wide decks, perfect for approx. 20 guests. Its ability to host lots of people easily puts it in the top spot for groups and family picks. Inside the cruiser there are 10 premium rooms that are equally spread across the two decks. The Rocio Del Mar has also a second deck dedicated for entertainment and wellness. BBQ parties are happening on this side of the boat, particularly on the sun deck. The rich seas of Mexico allowed the management to create 3 different itineraries for different types of groups. These itineraries are sure to visit different places that are popular when it comes to water-based adventures in Mexico.

Our Overall Review


Things we like:

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    Several divers commended the black forest coral as it provided great views and a immersive experience into under water diving.
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    Some of the divers liked the opportunity to dive with the sea lions and they loved the interaction and friendly nature of the animals.
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    Some people stated that the chef went out of his way to cater for people who were allergic to certain products.
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    Many of the divers said that this was an experience that they would repeat.
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Things we don't like:

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    Some divers said the brief done by the instructor should have been more lively and not just read off of a piece of paper.
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    A couple of people noted that the sun balcony had limited space and everyone could not enjoy the sunlight all at once.
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Diving on the Rocio del Mar in Mexico

Cruiser Interior and Services

The boat is fully air-conditioned. Although the place lacks a Wi-Fi connection that is important for today’s people, communication is still available and possible. Signal strength varies however so expect interruptions. This isn’t a big deal though since a lounge is present to cater to the social needs of the guests inside.

Places to Explore

The Socorro Islands is one of the highlights of some itineraries available. This diving spot is perfect for people wanting to swim with various marine creatures. This includes hammerhead sharks, whales, and manta rays. At Baja California, you can have the chance to get close up to sea lions. Cabo Pulmo is also one place rich with exotic marine life.

The clear waters are surely perfect for picture-taking and documentation. These diving spots are also guaranteed to have deep waters. This allows for the divers to have more breathing room while exploring the rich marine life that the vast sea of Mexico has to offer.

Diving Deck and Exterior

A diving deck is always required in order to have a worthy and safe diving experience. Luckily, manufacturers of Rocio Del Mar managed to build a well-designed diving platform where guests can easily put on their diving gear, and they’re good to go. Nitrox, for an improved driving experience, is also available. Be mindful though that this add-on is only available for professional divers, those who have EANx certification in particular.

For vloggers and people who just want to document their trip, underwater photography is also possible. There are camera tables aimed at maintaining your underwater camera equipment.


The Rocio Del Mar offers a few varied itineraries and guests may have the ability to modify them with the consent of the management. Some marine species such as humpback whales can only be seen during a season so be sure to plan everything ahead to avoid any form of regrets.

As mentioned above, the package includes diving in a lot of famous diving spots like the Socorro Islands and Baja California. The majority of Sea of Cortez, in Particular, is famous for its coral views that can be clearly seen underwater all thanks to the crystalline-like water.

July to October is definitely the most recommended period to cruise the seas of Mexico because of the number of marine life species available around this time of the year. The weather is also always calm, which allows for more outdoor activities to take place. But either way, the crew is always there to ensure that their guests have a great time while on the trip.

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